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  1. Hi Las Vegas

    Hey girl heyyy
  2. P411 forgot something...

    It works for me on my iPod
  3. Ah the memories

    Love this thread I loved visiting my grandparents when they lived in florida! We would go walk on the beach after eating at a seafood restaurant, I would go swimming in the pool at their complex and always try to get my grandpa wet even though he hated water...we would go out for ice cream and he would always get pistachio! He was an old school New Yorker who retired in Flawwda (pronounced with ny accent lol) which is the typical retirement destination for a lot of old folks on the east coast!
  4. Choose your hotel chain carefully

    Okay so I mostly do Outcall to play it safe but should I intentionally go sit at a bar by myself just to see what happens? I look like a pretty regular girl but will they still discriminate? Probably.. like should I check in to a Marriott without luggage and put my laptop and phones all over the room and put toys and lube all over the room and ask for extra towels and sheets and not let house keeping in my room, just to see what happens??!! like wtf. I can be a regular business women (which I technically am), doing my work on my laptop and phones, enjoying my dildos, everyone asks for extra towels, and might just want some damn privacy from the hotel staff putting their stinky selves in my room??!! this shit is crrrrrraaaaazzzzzyyy who thinks I should do this as a test??! Lmao
  5. Happy Holidays

    Officially Happy New Year everyone! Let 2019 be fantastic and full of new opportunities
  6. Hello Vegas friends lets get this vegas forum in full swing! xoxo
  7. World Series of POKER in Vegas

    Who is coming this year in 2019?!
  8. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays all you sexy mofos!! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year I believe in Christmas miracles! Do you??
  9. New to Tob

    Been enjoying TOB so far! happy Holidays everyone
  10. New to Tob

    Oh thank you!
  11. Okay too much lol the joke is supposed to be an innuendo not explicit
  12. The Trials of a Newbie - Chapter 2

    Big boy pants lmao
  13. Lol providers love to eat
  14. Happy November Vegas World

    Happy holidays! xoxo
  15. Welcome me

    Thank you Sabrina xoxo