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  1. Lacey Wings on Tryst

    She's older than her pics but legit and fun.
  2. Prophylactic wisdom

    Generally I'll go with the Trojan ribbed for her pleasure, or Lifestyles. I'm curious to try the Crown condoms as I've heard those are the ones used in adult films.
  3. Proper etiquette?

    I've had good luck with reaching out, asking about availability, then asking "What else should I know?" I'll normally get the information I need easily without having to mention anything about companionship or time.
  4. I was going to mention Ruby Hill as, and in town. I've heard Eldora is good to go take a lesson for first timers as well. Good luck!
  5. I've used Square Cash before. And I agree with the earlier posts...if you're going to use it, change the privacy settings. I have no clue why you want the world to know how much you're paying for rent or tacos.
  6. Trip to Denver

    There are several providers who are "Newbie friendly." Something doesn't seem right on this one...
  7. Which one?

    Incall. What does make it easier is if you start with a body rub for your first couple, then work your way up.
  8. Pool hall

    Zanzibar on Larimer Street is a good option too. BadBoy's plan to take the light rail applies to this place as well.
  9. Looking for provider

    I was thinking the same thing. Now I need to know how he did that, as it's far beyond the normal Google search I'm guessing.
  10. Looking for provider

    Did you Google "Iowa Tantra" or "Des Moines Tantra?". That may provide some results to help you out in your search.
  11. Should I review?

    I agree with the group here. Respect her wishes, and ask for a positive reference if you must.
  12. Where to keep the supplies?

    For me, it doesn't make a difference. If there's a toy you'd like to be part of the session, it's good to see it so I know it's an option.
  13. 411 on Jordan2

    I had the same wishful thoughts. The whole Littleton/Lakewood thing made me pass.
  14. Should we give second chances.

    I gave a second chance to a girl who was known to have timing issues, It ended up being worth it, and was a great session. From the other posts, that seems to be the exception though.