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  1. Ladies beware... He will screen and act as if he has all intentions of showing up, until he wants your exact address and if he doesn’t receive it will then attempt to book from another number as if he will get it that way. Then he no-shows and asks yet again for an address claiming he is only late but needs your precise location. I don’t operate like that so then he has no choice but to “have an incident,” and continue the cycle a few weeks later thinking you won’t have the number saved. Bald head, mid 40s, will send a bunch of pics and hope you forgot a few weeks later. Something isn’t right when someone wants to know where you are and what time your up until but doesn’t show. Be safe. Ladies PM me.
  2. Cash App Tutorial

    Hey lady's, Not sure if everyone else is having nothing but issues a with bitcoin! What methods have you found that can cancel out edge and cash app. It’s been 90 days of HELL! I really need some assistance to keep my sanity at this point!
  3. Done with the games.

    Your so so right! Lame as ever! Your awesome 😎
  4. Done with the games.

    Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate the support of the wonderful members of TOB! I know we are still out there! I will keep swimming sugar! Thank you. Made my morning 🤍😌
  5. Done with the games.

    Good morning! And thank you for the advice. put in as a full disclaimer. Unfortunately I get to not responding or I get to blocking they get to wondering why. so hopefully now if the bio is read it’s clear. Who can empathize. My thinking was after reading it those who contacted would be the ones that had no games to play. It’s seemed to go 50-50. not sure if it’s a good thing that it helps to draw out the ill intending. do not like that they can browse without being a member it just open access to anyone. And will be found on Tob... great. BUT ARE YOU AFFILIATED or simply browsing? I was newbie friendly for a long time and it seemed as soon as I said I was going to stop that, was left with many gentleman shoulder shrugging not knowing where to start. So also OK if there’s some other form of verification. don’t want to turn anyone away who has good intentions and a good attitude. So in short it seems that at least they operate under less of a cover now. And can get a good feel as soon as possible, some more questions and my request ignored all around, asked details and specifics. At that point I’m out. Hoping it’s helpful in a way. I know to expect it that this is the world. Some people are just going to be a problem. But as long as there’s something to help myself have a quicker indicator, ( I never want to be rude or Rushy,) guess that's all one can ask! I’m still happy to be around. Won’t let them bring me down but want them to be aware I’m not for it and will terminate all contact with no issue. More time for respectful gentleman! That’s what I like 💋
  6. Done with the games.

    I know it’s the takeover! I guess on the upside it makes it exciting when someone books smoothly, is polite, and does things right? 🤷‍♀️ Right? And you got that right on the woman side. 😉 Thanks for the advice!
  7. Done with the games.

    Thanks sugar! Still worth it and the good still outweighs the bad. Won’t let them force me out haha! It’s gotten to be so often! But just seems SO MANY more people in general! This and everything / everywhere else. What can ya do! 💋
  8. Done with the games.

    Hey there. Ya know... I find I have the least trouble with p4 clientele. It used to be this was the platform, and this is still my favorite. But anyone can be a problem. It starts to be shocking when you DO have the handle and they still go from A-Z the range of issues. And You wouldn’t believe how many places I never had anything to do with that I guess grab our info from generators and made profiles. So those come too. Then there are people who you don’t know at all, from where they came! They just won’t self identify. So it varies Unfirtunately. I don’t like to say anything I don’t want to become a pest, and I don’t want anyone who’s behavior is not an issue to feel any kind of a way. I don’t even do forum usually. But when do you do something about it, (or try to,) other than complain?
  9. Done with the games.

    Hey ladies I guess at this one is for you. About a month a month and a half back I decided to write a section into my ad that basically explained the BS that I’m sick of dealing with and what I was going to do to attempt to eliminate some of the crap. I have found that it has assisted somewhat, but I have also found that some gentleman seem to have found thrill in my irritation... So while it’s slow down in a sense it’s still double tap. What are some methods that you used to eliminate wasting time with folks that are not serious? Screening methods, verification? I don’t understand. If you go out of your way to seek someone and you send them a message then be prepared to work. But I think that’s the end game for some guys clearly it really is exciting that is the end game to have a ball messing with someone’s time and livelihood. I would like to eliminate as much wasted time as possible as it leaves more time to play, which I have limited time for as it is. Thanks loves
  10. BOOBS! I need them!

    Hello ladies, and gentleman too. So I am hoping someone has some answers for me! For the past 10-12 years I have been dreaming of having my breast’s done. Coming from a family of large breasted women, it has been a wish and a dream for so long! I am finally ready to make it happen, but are surgeons willing to work with IN HOUSE financing, Advice? Where did you go? Thanks ladies! Gents feel free to chime in with any info YOU may have! Thanks ! Xoxo
  11. Colorado Springs

    Thank you so much 😊
  12. Colorado Springs

    Hi Hunter! I’ve admired your photos so stunning! I never thought to see where anyone really was too specifically! That’s exciting to know we’re so close! Thank you for the warm reception! ☺️❣️
  13. Colorado Springs

    Thank you Dita! 💗
  14. Colorado Springs

    Sounds like it’s my kind of party! 🙄😬
  15. Colorado Springs

    Well hello there, it is my pleasure!