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Found 8 results

  1. Gun Shy after a Bad Experience

    I've been in the hobby for almost 10 years now and in the past have been very active. Nowadays it's very few and far between and have always done plenty of research and chosen well reviewed providers but recently had a terrible experience. Read enough reviews and you'll see it's kind of common-place, even for well established providers: the rushed 1/2 hour when you donated for an hour. This is truly one of the worst things a provider can do to a client. Most of the time, the actual main-event is secondary to the experience as a whole. As a client and as a man, we want to feel desired and attractive and feel worth the providers time. Many men don't have that validation at home and spend several $$$ in donations to feel that from a beautiful, sexy and kind woman. So for a provider to rush through 1/2 hour of companionship when the donation was paid for an hour, goes beyond feeling ripped-off money-wise, but is quite the blow to confidence and ego (the very thing we want to help by spending time w/ a hot companion). Figured since I don't like to write negative reviews, I'll ask the forum for advice. Like I said I did my research and the provider was well-established with only one negative review and most hour reviews specified msog. I was kind and respectful upon entering but got rushed vibes 5-10 minutes in. She explained that there would only be one round and as disappointed as I was, I didn't argue or put up a fuss. I tried to last longer than I normally would in a msog environment, but was quickly told to stop slowing myself down and to just finish. Afterwards she handed me towel, put on clothes and lied on the other bed and played with her phone. I felt so low, like I was nothing - and on top of that, ended up paying more than her advertised 1/2 an hour. I wasn't rude at any point and not sure if she was having an off-day or what ... Instead of being on Cloud 9 on my drive home, I felt like shit. Like some desperate creep who couldn't even get the attention when paying for it ... and then you feel distrustful and angry. I've had many amazing experiences with amazing women and I'm telling myself that not everyone is like that ... but so hard to get it out of your head. Makes me hesitant to see other providers. And of course today, a provider I tried to initially contact texted me telling me she was coming into town and on top of that sent me a couple of unsolicited photos of herself. Of course I want to see her but after getting my wallet and ego bruised so recently, I'm gun-shy to see someone else so quickly. Have you had this happen to you? What do you do to get yourself back on the horse? I know I could always see a provider I've already had a great experience with, but my favorites have mostly retired (that and I love new girls and new experiences, just not bad ones) Any advice?
  2. Don't waste you time. Super cute con-artist girl meets you at hotel lobby. Claims she gotta pay for the next night (I met her in the morning) and needs some of the donation up front (first red flag). Claims she is in room #blah blah and you can go up and wait while she pays for the room because she doesn't want to go to the front desk with client (second red flag). She says you can hols her phone and purse as collateral. I let all this play out until right here... she was super cute, and I wanted to see where this was going! Purse seemed lite, so I quickly looked in and it was empty. I tried the phone and it was powered off and would not turn on. I looked at her and said "Nice try." At this point she gets all serious and says she is going to scream bloody murder right there in the lobby of the Hilton if I don't give her some cash. I called her bluff and said "Do it." She thought for a second and then smiled at me and said "Well I guess we can't win them all, eh?" We parted ways and I dodged a potential uncomfortable situation. I see her ad all the time on Skipthegames, so she must be killing it with her scam. Pics are attached (not her, they are captured from some Russian site) and latest ad is here: Telephone number she is using is: 719-501-0761 I am sure she changes it up with the situation, and probably has some muscle backing her up. So I wanted to get the message out to all my Springs hobbyists to stay away from her. Happy hunting
  3. Heads up! There is a blackmail scam going around where they claim that they have you on webcam stealing/watching porn and demand payment, lest they tell your friends/family/employer. Basically, if you've ever been caught up in a website breach, they have enough info to make it sound legit. Expect these type of emails to keep coming, just turning into other "embarrassing" topics over time. For example, on a different board, person said that they got a phone call from a burner number threatening them for torrenting files using breached data as "proof" that they know who this is and what they did. Usual warnings: don't use same password everywhere, use a password manager so that you can use random passwords and not have to remember them, and be savvy when getting these.
  4. Ladies beware... He will screen and act as if he has all intentions of showing up, until he wants your exact address and if he doesn’t receive it will then attempt to book from another number as if he will get it that way. Then he no-shows and asks yet again for an address claiming he is only late but needs your precise location. I don’t operate like that so then he has no choice but to “have an incident,” and continue the cycle a few weeks later thinking you won’t have the number saved. Bald head, mid 40s, will send a bunch of pics and hope you forgot a few weeks later. Something isn’t right when someone wants to know where you are and what time your up until but doesn’t show. Be safe. Ladies PM me.
  5. Zoey 720-340-8702 Colorado Escort Posting this as a warning to watch out for this Cash and Dash scam artist. I hope this is in the correct section. Mods, feel free to move it if necessary. The service provider in the following ad is a scammer. I requested for an outcall and she was very communicative and made her way to my place pretty much on time. She didnt look anything like the photos, but she was not bad overall so I went ahead with it. [snip] she said that she has to go to her car and give the money to her 'man' as proof that she's met someone legit.[snip] tried to ease my discomfort by saying that she'd leave her handbag in my room while she was away.[snip] I saw her drive off in a waiting car. I'm posting this a couple of weeks late but I hope this helps avoid any future scams from this cell number.
  6. Interesting Email Offer

    I received this offer as an email from Emily Morse. If any providers out there are interested, I also have some swampland in Florida I will sell you: Can you offer my client: Companion??? Are you Charming, Conversationalist, Adventurous and do you have Sense Of Humor?? If you are, this job is for you.? ?Time: 11:45 pm - 4 am, Date: December 17th/18th. The donation for 2 nights is $3,000?, $1,500 for each night? My client is willing to book a spot by sending you $300 down payment in Check/Money Order,? sent to you? via USPS? before the date?. The client will also send along with your down payment the money i will use to make reservation for a 5 star hotel, hire? a chauffeur, arrange for spa services and other logistics to make the hangout exquisite so when you receive the Check/Money Order, you will deduct your $300 down payment and send the remaining balance for making the mentioned arrangement. Since the client offered to pay the down payment via Check/Money Order, it would have been easier if its sent to me but as a Freelance Escort recruiter, dispatching escorts to different clients in different cities and States, I stay basically in hotels and don't know the city or state i would be precisely when the client sends the Check/Money Order, this is the reason the client is sending the check to you and not me. On the first night which is the 8th, your remaining donation of $2,700 will be paid to you in cash. If interested, kindly fill out your details for USPS to deliver the Check/Money Order below. 1. Full Names: 2. Street Address: 3. Apartment #: 4. City: 5. State: 6. Zip-Code 7. Phone # All donations are for time and companionship only. Anything else that occurs is between two consenting adult. By contacting you, i am not affiliated with any form of law enforcement. Sincerely yours, Emily.
  7. Ashley 702-850-2448 Colorado Escort Okay so normally I'd be like this is way to good to be true, a girl that's THAT hot but going to her website it looks somewhat legit with "testimonials". I don't know, I googled her number and didn't get anything, googled her pics on her website and didn't trace back to anything. I'm in fort collins at the moment and I've always been weary of hobbying up here as well. What do you guys think?
  8. ***warning scam***

    It is nice to nip this one in the bud but the following ad/phone number is a scam: (682) 628-6781 She wanted to do a web session and to charge a fee for doing so. I have never come across this before. Upon stating "No" she be came very agitated and aggressive and I decided to hang up. Don't say I did not warn you!