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  1. Question for providers as well as gents.

    Thanks for starting this thread Leyla, very informative. No offense guys but I would think that clients might be less willing to admit to stds than providers....
  2. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    I've loved Asian ladies since college when I was dating my 18yo Japanese high school girlfriend. Are these girls offices ladies friendly? please PM me....
  3. Best DATY in Colorado

    Wow, I think I would be the dark horse in this race. Like the winner in this year's Kentucky Derby, Rich Strike. Haven't had good DATY in over a decade. I would be so ravenous, my sweetheart would be overwhelmed with delicious O's.
  4. TOB vs. TNA - the men & the admins.

    Hi Leyla, I'm sorry to hear of your of issues with TNA. You certainly don't deserve that! From my short exposure to this site I think the men on this forum are much more gentlemanly than those losers in TNA. I've seen your listing & reviews and can't wait to meet you someday. Jimmy
  5. I'm a noobie here and just had my first date with Stevie_Raye. I submitted a review right after that which was denied. Admin stated that I needed a "TOB Reference" before I could submit the review. I got the reference and will see if admin accepts the review now.