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  1. Wow how things have changed! I have literally been a part of TOB since 2012 and never used the forum! Sad because now I'm trying and Im confused ha! Wish me luck! Missing my Tennessee folks today <3 

  2. Hello Everyone! New to TOB!

    Welcome to TOB! Hope you love it!
  3. Website!

    I think you did fine by posting. Ive never seen anything like that at all so it was new to me. Although it does look quite like a scam. Nothing wrong with being too cautious. Always play safe on both sides
  4. hi friends

    Welcome to TOB & Colorado! Hope you enjoy
  5. Hi Can I introduce myself?

    Welcome to TOB mona
  6. Is karma the real deal?

    Nice to meet you all In depth research is the best tool. Looking forward to what the Springs has to offer. Good luck to you all & play safe as always. Karma
  7. A Colorado Springs trend or ....

    I've just moved here from Tennessee & I never had this issue there. I don't know what the deal is either, half of the people ask the same questions when the answers are right there on the ad lol. I think I'm getting the hang of how things are here, although I don't like it much. What is EB?