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  1. New to the board and the hobby

    Welcome to TOB .. Ive been here a bit and love the reviews. They are really helpful.
  2. How much sex should I be having and at what age?

    Yep! I agree. The older you get the slower you go, the more money you have, but it all doesn't happen if the drive is not in your pants. All I have to say is, Thank GOD for testosterone! Yes, Im very horny and can keep it up with the best 20yo male.. That's why I asked, how much is too much???... If I was just old and didn't have any help, I would just be fat with no life. I love banging chicks long and hard also putting them in multiple positions, kissing when they are cool with it ect. I practice the same trust and concern as a provider.. One has to know who you are with to be save and stay clean!!
  3. How much sex should I be having and at what age?

    Funny thing is, my doctor hasn't said anything about my caffeine intake or my over active sex life.
  4. Fun things to do in Denver?

    Okay I was warned about my librarian picture. too much darth vader. Cowboys are a thing in Colorado... We are in the WEST ya know. Most other states might think we are in the dark ages. Growing corn and all.. Some of us drive actual cars. We drinking a lot of BEER here.. SabrinLynn do you know what it is like to ride a cowboy, I mean a bronco? lol
  5. Fun things to do in Denver?

    I agree! There are other ways to get the job done, directly or indirectly, all she would have to do is bat her eyes, shake aa booty or just have to use your suave personality. Event if you work in a library one has the ability to get her AC fixed. lol
  6. Have you ever...

    hey if its to fart. The feeling of letting it rip is like no other.. Especially if you have been holding it in for a awhile.
  7. Fun things to do in Denver?

    I like the AC activities. Daty all day please. Sometimes you have to call a service guy over and get things fixed up.
  8. How much sex should I be having and at what age?

    Lotion can come in many forms.. Just ask Mary.. Something about Mary
  9. How much sex should I be having and at what age?

    Bad Boy, Thank you for your response. Just to get it straight, I am 51yo my wife is 42yo currently. Someone got there faces messed up along the way, during the story. The question is more of a rhetorical one. The amusement is in the answers. Although, some topics are boring and others are serious regarding provider services. This was different and fun. Sex is everywhere and happening all the time. Thanks everyone for thinking about it for a split moment and not taking it so seriously. JavaJ
  10. How much sex should I be having and at what age?

    Funny I still like eggs..
  11. How much sex should I be having and at what age?

    Damn you are right! I love eggs!! Especially around Easter. That lucky BUNNY goes humpidy hump hump...
  12. How much sex should I be having and at what age? Okay everyone, there ate a lot of variables. I suppose it doesn't matter, what age bracket you are in. I'm in the 46-50 that why I'm asking. I like sex 3-5 times a week. Because, I am in the lower /older bracket , I can reflect on my past and compare what is normal for me. For me a active safe sex life has been strong all the way through. II gotta say it 's been a lot in all the brackets. (Weekly/ Monthly) The question is what is normal? Some people do not even like to get naked let alone touch each other. When I met my younger wife of 9 years, we fucked all the time 6-8 times a day, rarely coming out of the bed room. she was 23 at the time, and very flexible.. This site is a good place to see what my fellow peeps have to say, and who enjoys the feeling from the tease "beginning", the middle - hump and pump to the final finally "O" ,and how much . Lets not exclude those of you who masturbate, a little or a lot, and not to be confused to touching that ends in ejaculation. Those of you who grew up during the Bill Clinton/ Monica Lewinski era. You know what I'm talking about. 13-18yo 19-25yo 26-35yo 36-45yo 46-50yo
  13. Condoms - Yes or No?

    No question about it..
  14. Have you ever...

    Gotta love those fruit SMOOTHIES.. lol I was with a provider that had a pussy fart, on me. I know that was uncontrollable, kind of like a Greek session going all farts.. It kind of messes with your concentration.
  15. New to the area

    Welcome Luna to the mile high city..