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  1. Deposits Deposits Deposits!!!

    Well said! TOB and P411 are safe places to the trade. Should you choose a well-reviewed provider, most likly you will not have a problem, unless she feel like something is off. For those providers who are traveling in and out of Denver, time is very important, so if you are on the fence about seeing one of them be sure what you want. I have found other sites that are infested with scams. and or The websites even warn hobbyists to be aware of providers asking for deposits or giving gift cards. This is a BIG signal of a scam. I have found that Asain providers are almost never a problem. Though they do not ask for a deposit, all the communication is through text. What is at risk is getting a text weeks later from a random sex site, or a reminder to come back.
  2. Deposits

    I have been scammed too many times! It didn't matter if the provider wanted a Venmo, BC, Money app, Gift card. I have even waited outside forever, never to get a reply. The bottom line is if she is a known provider with references and has a good reputation it's okay. Normally, seeing my regular isn't a problem, she takes cash. I get scammed when seeing new providers and from out of state.
  3. Deposits Deposits Deposits!!!

    I have never had a problem with TOB providers. They know a reputation is on the line. You are taking your chance on other sites. Most require a deposit and over 60% of the time, for me it's been a scam. They give you an address but make you wait or don't give you a room number, apartment number.This scam can be run out of state. Never buy a gift card!
  4. Aaliyah of Denver

    Thought I'd add this in defense of Aaliyah. She is on another site like a lot of the providers, and her reviews are amazing. It could be at the time she didn't have much experience when this post was originally written. She is private and enjoys what she does. Not only a BDSM but an amazing GFE experence. See some of her reviews on Reviews for AaliyahAmes - Denver - (303) 625-9337 | PrivateDelights Denver Escorts | Read Reviews | PrivateDelights
  5. GFE vs PSE

    A quality provider is $300-$400 an 1 1.5 hrs. these days. Some of the girls I meet are lower just to increase volume. They are not bad providers, just like shopping at the grocery store" you pick" what and how much you want to spend depending on lots of factors. ( have fun with this ) Spending less gets less and sometimes quality. Is there a bigger demand for paying less? Sometime. How far will your COVID payout go? Depends! 1/2 hr. vs 1 hr. bottom line is you get what you pay for. Do the research and ask a lot of questions.
  6. RIP OFF/Scammer Posing as Me

    Sorry to hear someones got your number. I hear that with Verison you can get online and change a number every day, looking for a specific number that is available. It is very low of that person to use a provider's number not to mention pictures. Hope you are doing well through all this. Let us all know when you will be returning, especially me You have good reviews.
  7. Rising asset prices

    I remember Mickey's Big Mouth molt loved it.
  8. Rising asset prices

    I've noticed a big change in price. There are a lot more visitors from out of state. There is a scam that you shouldn't get caught up in. Its about buying a gift cards, Amazon, Apple pay for a deposit. Don't do it! Stick with local talent. I've never had a problem with this site, verification, or integrity of its providers. I try to turn these people to TOB, and if they are real they will do it.
  9. Follow the $$. This is third hand, but from one of our neighbors. A family who's grandfather had symptoms of COVID and passed. The hospital offered to pay for the entire stay if they could mark it as a COVID death. The numbers are huge in America because of the incentives the government has offered medical facilities for testing and report. It was also not recommended by the CDC to retest the dead people who were supposedly died of COVID. The doctors who took it upon themselves to do that testing, are finding lower numbers of Covid related deaths. Follow the money.
  10. GFE vs PSE

    This is good stuff. Got to say, most times the pictures are so good, when you show up and you get the PJ's with no makeup or hair done, its a let down. A fast in and out isn't always what a hobbyist is looking for. At lease a seasoned PSE provider takes the time to get ready be on stage, put on a show, knowing exactly what and how to get wild. Multiple positioning recognizing and edging her man to fully extend the experience. Even though its not filmed.
  11. GFE vs PSE

    Ya, must agree, for some $50-100 is about right.
  12. GFE vs PSE

    Okay, please tell me the difference between the two GFE vsPSE. What does that mean to you? GFE? Kissing, touching, rubbing, missionary, doggy, sideways, DATY, conversation ( gotta include that), massage, rub and tug, DFK, foot rub, skimpy lingerie ??? PSE ? Professional, movie star want to be, experienced, wild provider, Greek, swallow, ejaculate on face, toys, ASP that does everything and loves what she does, DP, orgy experienced, rough intercourses, hair pulling, ass slapping, Go fast, but last long time, edge, rimming. Asking for a PSE would mean you have to bring your game. There are a few professional porn makes on TOB who are they?
  13. Msog providers

    Spot on! I don’t use half the features of this great site offers, including reviews search as for specific words. I should review more often. I agree that reading the reviews from other hobbyists is 100% necessary for a Pleasurable outcome.. The first time I was offered MSOG I was shocked. Happy as hell. Having a thing for the puss I treat it with special care.
  14. Hooters

    Is Twin peaks Still open?
  15. Excitement at Shotgun Willie’s last night

    When I heard that I thought it was crazy. I’m glad the security guard was armed. I’ll stop in at Dandy Dan’s for a cold beer every once in a while, and their security is pretty good. But bit banger is right nothing beats a private and counter With a great provider.