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  1. Today’s burning question- Do cats fart?

    I knew that was coming. Set my up, didn’t I?
  2. Today’s burning question- Do cats fart?

    Yes they do. Sometimes it’s only the cat and I in the room and I know it wasn’t me! 🙀
  3. Clothing preference when on appointment

    Interesting strategy. You may be onto something there.😂
  4. Clothing preference when on appointment

    Well now that you have my outfit request, we’ll need to set up a date.
  5. Clothing preference when on appointment

    Unfortunately I can’t unsee this. 😱
  6. Clothing preference when on appointment

    You never know.
  7. Clothing preference when on appointment

    And if the appointment doesn’t work out, you still get paid for fixing the ice maker.
  8. Clothing preference when on appointment

    Well now you’ve got my attention! 😏
  9. Protocol?

    Done that too. If I’ve never been there I like to do a drive by and scope out the area first so I don’t look quite so lost when I get out of my car.
  10. Clothing preference when on appointment

    Get yourself a pair of maintenance worker coveralls and a tool belt. You’ll walk right in without a second look...unless the ice maker’s are you with tools? 😂😂😂. Hell that might be a fun outfit to start the session with depending on what’s in your tool belt.
  11. Cuddles and pets. Late night thoughts.

    My family had a 95 pound German Shepherd when I was a kid. Anytime someone would come to the house she would position herself between us (the kids) and our guest and never took her eyes off them.. Most protective dog I’ve ever seen. Had two Labs fifteen years ago, a chocolate and a yellow. Raised them from pups and lost them at 11 and 12 years. I cried like a baby. It’s like losing a family member. Down to one cat now and as much of a pain in the ass as she is, there’s nothing like having her curl up on my lap and fall asleep purring. Pets are the best therapy money can buy!
  12. Protocol?

    My rule of thumb is to arrive no more than five minutes early and send a text saying “I just parked, please let me know when you’re ready for me.” Depending on the location, I may stop a block away for discretion...don’t want to be sitting in my car in her driveway for too long. It’s worked so far.
  13. Ladies reaching out...

    And that’s the way it should be. Making a connection with your partner makes everything else so much more fun. And it’s pretty easy to recognize it if it’s fake.
  14. How long was your blackout?

    Only when connected to wi-fi. Still dead on cellular. What good is an unlimited data plan if I can’t see tob?
  15. Sadie Hawkins Day

    I’m thinking it will be!