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  1. Taking a break...for now.

  2. Taking a break...for now. Wow! Ladies and gents, I’m touched at the response and support you’ve all given me. I feel that I should share a bit of the story. In the scheme of things, this could have been a lot worse, but by the grace of God it wasn’t. That said, when you wake up at four in the morning with intense chest pain and unable to take a deep breath, you fear the worst. In my case, I have a blood clot in my shoulder and a very small piece broke free and landed in my lung. I am fortunate to live minutes from an ambulance station and a great hospital so with the help of some amazing medical professionals I am here to tell the story. But like I stated in my first post, it definitely makes you think about everything. My path to recovery is relatively simple, so I am blessed. I’ll be on blood thinners for a while and as long as this wasn’t caused by an underlying issue, I’ll be good as new in a few months. My physicians best guess is that this was caused by an impact I took on my shoulder a few weeks back...probably caused damage to the veins. Again, thank you all for the amazing support and well wishes. Way more than I expected.
  3. Taking a break...for now.

    Thank you Jez. I was a lurker for a long time before joining tob, so I am somewhat familiar with what you endured. Let me say that you are my hero and a true rock star. I was always impressed with the attitude you put forward during a time that quite honestly sucked. Kudos, girl! My journey back to health will be a walk in the park compared to yours. Thank you again for being an inspiration to so many.
  4. Taking a break...for now.

    Thanks, Chrissy. Sounds like a good plan. I’m still young enough that I should have a lot of days to play out...and that’s a good thing because my unfinished bucket list is still pretty long. Fortunately this was just an eye opener and I should be good as new fairly soon.
  5. Taking a break...for now.

    Hunter, the pleasure has been all mine. You are truly one of the most amazing women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in or out of the hobby. One regret in all this is not having gotten together with you more often, but I’ll never consider that out of the question. In the meantime, I’ll start working on Better Call Saul. You’re the best! 😘
  6. Taking a break...for now.

    There’s nothing like staring your own mortality in the face to get you to thinking. I recently had this meeting. I’m happy to say I am fortunate to have good doctors who were able to diagnose and treat the issue early, so I should make a full recovery and be back to my old self...good or bad. That said, an incident like this makes one rethink ones priorities. I have met some wonderful ladies here and have had some good conversation with some of the gentlemen of tob and I do not regret a minute of it. But in light of recent events, I am choosing to take a step back from the hobby and focus on my health and the things that make a difference in this world. I want to thank all the wonderful ladies who made my time here so enjoyable and apologize to the ones who I have contacted but not had the chance to meet yet. Please be patient with me and accept my call/message if and when I return. My best to you all and I wish you all the Merriest Christmas holiday season. Be safe out there! Ryan (TFT)
  7. Snapchat Verification

    Like I said, “great marketing tool for business.”
  8. Snapchat Verification

    I love technology, but find most social media to be a complete waste of time. Give me real conversation and face to face interaction any day of the week. I hear all the talk of how “connected we are” as a society. I call BS, the iPhone generation consists of the most socially awkward people I’ve ever met in my life. They can text and send Snapchat messages all day long, but can’t carry on a conversation to save their soul. Damn, I’m starting to sound like my father! 😲 Social media is a great marketing tool for my business, but off hours I’d rather look you in the eyes and hear your voice. okay, stepping down off my soapbox now.
  9. President Hickey?

    Gotta say, I’d have to give him some serious consideration. Again, don’t agree with him on everything but in my opinion he did a pretty respectable job as gov in Colorado. My initial thought is he’s a better choice than we had on the ballot in 2016, from either party.

    I’m with you my friend. I disagreed with a lot of his policy (not all), but have a ton of respect for the man. He’s the kind of guy I’d love to sit down with, have a beer and a good long conversation. Just don’t get me started on the affordable care act...good idea in principle, but never carried out properly. When healthcare premiums become more than your mortgage (truth), I fail to see the affordability in that. But alas, that’s best kept for a different thread.

    I tend to lean more to the conservative side of the fence, especially where fiscal policy is concerned. I am an independent and consider the far right and the far left equally as dangerous to the well being of the country. Unfortunately there are too many of each holding office today and they are so entrenched in their ideology that dialogue and compromise are not an option...hence, nothing gets done. All that said, as a country we need to return to a time of respect for differing opinions before we tear ourselves apart. The following clip aired over the weekend on 60 minutes. It’s Bill Clinton reading a letter that George Bush left in the Oval Office for him. This is exactly the kind of respect we all need to show. RIP President Bush. Job well done.
  12. Dog humor....

    Well done, Bob Richards. All my rep points to you!
  13. denver? what areas to avoid?

    Yes, please. This is perfect. I’ve had a couple of ladies do this and it sure helps. Makes me look like I belong and know where I am. I hate walking into a hotel lobby and having to look around to find the elevator.
  14. My take on GEORGE.

    Yes, and they’re hiding alien remains at Area 51 and the moon landing was fake. Any other good conspiracy theories you care to share with us?
  15. Requests?

    Can’t say I have and perhaps it’s best if I don’t . 😂😂