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  1. Black mail & Being Outted

    Jasmine, there are some real dirt bags in this world and it sounds like you’ve run into one of them. I don’t have any advice off the top of my head, but I think you’re taking the right first step reaching out to people here. Take Laci up on her offer. Call and talk to her and any other trusted ladies on tob. Hang in there. and Laci, thank you for being there for so many of the ladies. Have not had the opportunity to meet you, but more and more I’m learning that you are a true gem in this community.
  2. Musings of an old man

    It can be harder to make a connection these days, but when you do, it can be pretty amazing and it makes the effort soooo worthwhile. and a good king always appreciates his beautiful queen.
  3. Musings of an old man

    easytimes, Your story sounds a lot like my first two months on tob. Until you get some references it can be hard to meet anyone and you can’t get references without meeting someone. But hang in there my friend, patience and persistence will pay off. Search for a reputable, “newbie friendly” lady and see where it goes. There are some great ones here. Most importantly, be a gentleman and use complete, intelligent sentences when you communicate with her. Good luck.
  4. How Old is too Old?

    I think I saw something like that in a review the other day. Not exactly a screaming endorsement of services provided.
  5. Question about Prescreening

    couldn't agree more, sir.
  6. Question about Prescreening

    Fair enough, sir. Perhaps a poor choice of words on my part. I guess that was more directed at someone I spoke with the other day, with limited reviews and almost no history that got all pissy when I didn't want to book immediately. I too have had great meetings with a couple of well reviewed providers that did very little screening. Point taken.
  7. Question about Prescreening

    Yep, I usually try to do that. I won't contact someone if I don't think it can happen with the next week or so. Thanks.
  8. Question about Prescreening

    My schedule is often busy and unpredictable so whenever I can I like to get prescreened with one of the fine ladies on tob so that when I have a free hour or two, I'm not starting from ground zero. I've had a range of responses, mostly positive, some downright rude. My first contact is always a polite and well thought out introduction, offering to send references and asking what her requirements are. If she has a website, I have read it...not just looked at the pictures. I reached out to someone this morning to ask about prescreening. I let her know up front that I was not able to meet today. We had a very nice exchange of messages. I sent her the required information and within a couple of hours, received a very nice message saying that she was looking forward to meeting me. I am very much looking forward to meeting her as well. I even got a message from one of my references saying she had been contacted about me...(I love the way this works when you're dealing with reputable people.) On the flip side, I've also gotten called a time waster and other colorful names, or better yet, get ghosted...nothing but crickets...when I ask about screening, but do not want to schedule "right now". Personally, it throws up a huge red flag when someone wants to skip past the screening and just have me come on over. I may be relatively new here, but I've learned that's usually not a good idea and it speaks volumes about the provider. If she is that unconcerned about who she invites over, it's probably best not to be one of them. Now I understand that most of the ladies are bombarded with messages all day long, many of which don't amount to anything. I'm not talking about sending endless messages. So my question is, do I need to change my approach, refine it a little or keep doing what I'm doing? I'm happy with my overall results, but always open to improving. Thoughts and constructive criticism are welcome.
  9. Another etiquette question for the ladies

    I will always address a lady by name until we have met face to face. Once there is some familiarity, I’ll go with terms of endearment. Follow up correspondence is likely to begin with “good morning, beautiful”, etc.
  10. Dress Code for Men

    depends on the hotel.
  11. It all spends the same!

    True that outside the US, the $100 is the most counterfeited bill, but inside our borders, it's actually the $20. But I've seen these signs too.
  12. Happy thoughts

    Sold my road bike a few years back, but still enjoy riding the trails on the dirt bike. Two weeks ago rode from Rampart range to Woodland Park and back. Exhausted and covered with mud, it was a great day. I love the smell of 2-stroke exhaust in the morning!
  13. Where has Reese Reynolds gone off to?

    Good question. Her last posted ad said “return in June”. She’s late. Hoping she hasn’t found greener pastures elsewhere.
  14. Generations

    Glad I could add to your "acquired knowledge", Miss Waters.
  15. Generations

    I think every generation from the dawn of time until now has had it's thinkers and enterprising leaders, along with it's lazy bottom feeders. As far as "smarter", only if you consider "acquired knowledge". We know far more than our cavemen (and women) ancestors, but it was one pretty smart neanderthal who came up with the idea of making a round wheel for his sled instead of dragging his kill back to the cave. But the more things change, the more they stay the same.