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  1. Your First.....

    My first was a beautiful Aussie girl named Tiny Tori in Co Sorings. She was an absolute gem. I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction into this. It was a sad, sad day when she left town.
  2. Accents?

    I have to agree with Nina. Have not had the pleasure of meeting Nina, but several years ago I met with another beautiful Aussie woman who was also in Co Springs. I would have been happy to listen to her talk for the entire hour.
  3. Come out, come out, wherever you are!!!

    I’m one of these new guys and I’m trying to be patient while I work on some references. I joined at the end of March, right before the s**t hit the fan and the fallout sucks from this end too. I’ve contacted a few well known ladies here, some of who used to advertise as newbie friendly, only to be told that without references they won’t see me. I get it and I’ve politely said “thanks, I’ll try again when I have some.” Have also received no response from some. Can’t blame them, I’m sure they see more than their share of crap every day. I am persistent, if nothing else so I will continue to work at it until I either succeed or reach the “meh, it’s not worth it” state. Constructive advice is appreciated.
  4. 411 on this lil spinner

    Searched her number and found a bunch of reviews on another site. I’m new here so I’m not sure if I can name the site here or post a link. Latest ones were from Dec 2017. Most agree that she is gorgeous, but service leaves a bit to be desired. Mechanical and business like. Too bad. Maybe things have changed...who knows.
  5. 411 on "Simply Asian Violet"

    Following up for anyone who cares. Scheduled a visit with Violet a couple of weeks ago. Very sweet woman, a pleasure to spend time with. Tried to post a review, but it was rejected. She has a new profile here on tob, maybe I should have linked to her older one that has reviews from a few years ago. some gems hiding among the muck. Violet gets a thumbs up.
  6. The new protocol?

    That’s sound advice. Never been one to take unnecessary risks and so far, exercising caution and letting the big head do the thinking has worked well.
  7. The new protocol?

    That’s exactly the kind of advice and wisdom I’m looking for. I take it that’s a vote for investing in a service like p411. I don’t know a lot about it yet, but is the idea that they basically do a background check and give you a 👍 or👎 and providers are able to trust their process in making a decision to see a client? That makes a lot more sense that giving my personal information to everyone. Thank you, Laci!
  8. The new protocol?

    Great thread. Thanks to all who have given advice. As a new member on the board as of three weeks ago, I have many of the same questions about navigating the murky waters of finding out about services and costs. It’s much easier when there is a personal website to go to, but when there isn’t, how do you best approach the subject? No problem being a gentleman to the fine ladies here, (my mama raised me right), I can compose a polite introduction message or speak intelligently on the phone, so I’ve been able to at least get a response from people I’ve contacted. But with the new state of things, what kind of information should I be willing to offer for verification? I know at some point I should look into p411, but I’m still in that dabbling phase, so I’m not 100% committed yet. Again, with the shake up, do I need to be “all in” or “all out”?
  9. More changes

    Hi everyone. I've been "lurking" for a while and finally joined three weeks ago. Sure picked an interesting time to jump in! Just when I thought I had figured it out, it's back to square one. I'll try to be smart and will gladly accept any input on how to navigate in this new world as a newbie.
  10. 411 on "Simply Asian Violet"

    Appreciate the info. I’m hoping to set something up with her next week.
  11. 411 on "Simply Asian Violet"

    Those are the reviews I found. Thanks for the help. Anyone actually seen her?
  12. 411 on "Simply Asian Violet"

    Link to ad.
  13. 411 on "Simply Asian Violet"

    Asian Violet 720-282-6977 Colorado Body Rubs Newbie here seeking info on this lovely lady. It's BP so that throws up a flag, but I thought I'd ask if any of you fine gentlemen here have seen her or know anything about her. Found some reivews on here that might be her, but they are from several years ago. Thanks!