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  1. Introducing Myself Again

    🎶 A body like yours Oughta be in jail 'Cause it's on the verge of bein' obscene Move over baby. Gimme the keys I'm gonna try to tame your little red love machine. 🎶 Wrong song, but definitely a theme going here. Welcome, Nikki. Enjoy!
  2. Netflix recommendations

    Not anymore. FX pulled in from Netflix at the end of last year. SOA is available on Hulu.
  3. Netflix recommendations

    Lots of great suggestions everyone. Plenty to catch up on during the cold winter months. I’m currently watching Snowfall on Hulu...a really good FX series about the beginning of the crack cocaine epidemic in south central LA and the role the CIA and the Nicaraguan Contras played. Well done, but sometimes hard to watch. There are no “good guys” here but you find yourself sympathizing with different characters...WTF.
  4. Netflix recommendations

    Ozark Narcos (subtitled because much of it is in Spanish, but an excellent series, worth the extra reading...and now I know lots of naughty words in Spanish ...go figure) Longmire
  5. High Plains Honor Flight - Public Service Announcement

    First and foremost SixtiesDude, thank you for your service. I was just a kid at the end of the Vietnam war but I had a neighbor who’s name is on the wall. I grew up near DC and over the years have visited all of the memorials dedicated to the countless number of service men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. I’ve attended the Memorial Day service at Arlington National Cemetery several times and can’t help but crying every time. For anyone who has never been there, go. It will teach you a thing about honor and service. About ten years ago, I found my neighbors name on the Vietnam Memorial wall. Seeing his name was powerful and seeing all the offerings that people leave at the wall in memory of family and friends is sobering. There is a museum set up displaying all the items that have been left over the years...again, if you haven’t been there, go. Vietnam was a politically unpopular war, but the men and women who served and those who gave their lives deserve our honor and our thanks. Great post, my friend.
  6. RIP Eddie Money

    Lost another today. Eddie Money passed this morning from cancer. Saw him open for Heart way back in the early ‘80s. Now I love the Wilson sisters, but gotta say, Eddie outperformed them that night. RIP Eddie
  7. Kid in a candy store

    Nothing to be afraid of here my friend. Unless you're underage or 110, I don't think you need to worry on tob. There are some amazing ladies here who are very welcoming to anyone who is a respectful gentleman. Hell, I think even the 110 year old would do okay. If you're worried about your weight, check out the "Big Guys need love too" forum . Some of the responses there may give you an idea of where to start looking. Toss your fears aside and dive in. The water's fine!
  8. Popeyes chicken sammich?

    Hate to say it, but if there's a boycott going on, it's not a very effective one. Chick-fil-A was just ranked the number one fast food restaurant in America. I understand that some people refuse to go to Chick-fil-A because of their politics, but that aside, they do make a good chicken sandwich and the customer service is far above many others. And last time I checked, we still have the freedom to choose which groups and political platforms we support in this country. May not agree with them, but I will always respect their rights to choose. Even though I'm not saying I agree with Chick-fil-A, I expect some backlash for this post. That's okay, it's your right and I respect that too.
  9. Some of you ladies need to hear this

    Agree 100%. Early on I saw someone who told me she does not provide references when I asked. I found that really odd because everyone else has always been so willing. Makes sense on so many levels to me. Keep doing what you do ladies!
  10. Climbing for beginners?

    Welcome to our outdoor playground. No shortage of trails and rocks to climb. The list from Bad Boy is excellent, done most of them myself. if you’re looking to try some rock climbing, check these out. The Flatirons in Boulder is a good entry level climb. No ropes or gear needed on a some of it. Enjoy!
  11. Kid in a candy store

    Welcome to the party! Never a dull moment here and enough great options to keep you occupied for a long time.
  12. What do you do after the deed is done?

    Pick me! Pick me!
  13. What do you do after the deed is done?

    The deed isn’t really done without the cuddling. IMHO.
  14. BBFS Providers

    I’ll narrow your search for you. I think you can cross every lady who responded to your question off your list...and probably 99% of everyone else.