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  1. Dynamic Duos

    Ssshhh! Not so loud every one will steal my, uh your, idea. Now quick we need a backhoe!
  2. Whatcha got cookin'

    So. Much. Candy. Can’t. Move.
  3. Finally Saying Hello

    Lol welcome Sasha! It's funny because I have seen you off and on for years... I honestly can't remember, but I always thought I met you on TOB which is why it became my mine source, but it would seem not. I wonder then where I came across your ad all that time ago. Ah to be young again. Either way I will see you soon and this time I think a Christmas present is in line. Any requests?
  4. Greatest movie scenes / quotes

    Well it's not a movie but my favorite line reading of all time is Tracy Morgan (Tracy Jordan) talking to Tina Fey (Liz Lemon) about buying his old high school and closing it down for revenge. Tina: "Damn it Tracy you can't just close down a whole school in an impoverished neighborhood! People depend on that for food and education and child care and life enrichment programs to help them get through their lives! And besides you can't take revenge on animals or inanimate objects; didn't you ever read Moby Dick?!" Tracy: " I actually haven't read that Liz Lemon. I'm not really much of a reader I am more of a masterbater." Or close enough to that.
  5. 411 on Snow Bunny

    Twice she's gone radio silence on me, once the other way around. First time hit her up like normal arranged for her to come to my place then she pushed it back and I said she is welcome all night just text me back when she knows what time will work. Never heard back. Second sent pic, handle, reference, names, email, everything short of my social and she replied that she was busy all night and would have to schedule for another day. Told her I would text back next time I had time to see a provider. Third time she seemed to remember me which was encouraging and she invited me over after a little but I declined due to the proximity issue. So idk she's hard to get a handle on, if I weren't preoccupied with my current favorite I would TOFTT but as of now my wallet is spoken for.
  6. 411 Summer Pink left

    Awesome then I'll get my chance. Thank you kindly Man Drew.
  7. Summer Pink Colorado Companion Always meant to meet up with her and actually had to throw a coin to choose her or Dot but then she just stopped posting. Just curious if she's still available anywhere or I missed my chance.
  8. 411 on Sasha_Fierce

    Last I saw her was... maybe 2 months ago. Same number as always, same place as always, still sexy. Dark brown curly hair and heavier eye makeup. I wanna say I’ve been seeing her for roughly... 8 years or so. She’s about the same as always.
  9. Sadie Hawkins Day

    Well lets see what we can stir up. Hosting in upscale private residence south of Denver. Save a horse come to The Ranch and ride this Cowboy! Hey ladies I know how much you need to relaxxx after a hard day. I offer many packages so whatever your looking for I am happy to provide including my package! I am drama free and I can be the secret husband you know you need;) I can take out the trash, do the dishes before they bother you, make dinner without you asking and draw a bubble bath so you can relax while I balance the bank accounts. See my reviews for more fun ideas (I love the Botanical Gardens and I can talk business with the best if you need a date for a corporate party) or maybe you can introduce me to my new favorite activity! Light screening, have 2 refs or a full credit report from all 3 bureaus. Don't be fooled pix real and recent Mountainrider stole mine. Outcall +50 I WILL NOT DO CFS DON'T ASK BB ONLY!!!
  10. Favorite Chick Flick?

    When We First Met. Adam Devine and a great cast of actors I hadn't seen before do some great set pieces to make this a really low key background flick that has a some great moments and fantastic chemistry across the board.
  11. Hazel

    Well I can't find anything that says danger from my limited Google-Fu but I can't find much of anything at all about her. Might be a new provider but I would guess it's a new phone number for an experienced provider just going by the pics. TOFTT my man. Or wait for someone who knows a lot more than me to check it out.
  12. 411 on Lillian LaRue?

    Looks legit and like those legs don't quite. Have fun and let us know how it goes!
  13. Providers asking for deposit

    Honestly I wouldn't mind if the provider was someone very well established and local; or through a means I could dispute should she no show although that's a paper trail a mile long; or if there were an escrow service to hold funds until both parties have met up with each other and mutually agree. I mean honestly I totally get where you ladies are coming from given the insane amount of total weirdos who flake out or deliberately screw with you because they can't admit that they need therapy but there's stress on our end too. I actually do think there's a lot of merit to the idea but I think it should be a two lane street we can both use to our advantage. Until I see someone I respect like Laci or CSG or one of the well established providers here endorse the practice I will assume it's a scam tho.
  14. Fun, quirkey, unique Thanksgiving traditions

    It's not all that strange but it's been a tradition in my family that everyone brings two dinner items that they are the best at making. My oldest sister is MacN7Cheese and All Berry Cheesecake. Next sister is Double Dare Deviled Eggs and Pumpkin Rolls. Third sis is Scotch Steamed Pepper Veggies and Mean Green Bean Casserole. I make Truffle Spinich Smooshed Spuds and LasEggNa (Eggplant Lasagna). My brother makes Jameson and Pabst Blue Ribbon appear lol. And we're supposed to pass off turkey duty every year but as soon as the sisters started having kids that became my job. I don't mind especially since they have to wrangle the kids all morning and now I can make a mean Beer Blasted Bacon Bondage Extra Stuffed Turkey to boot. It's a very wholesome and loving reminder of how much we really do care for each other, until the spouse not on kid duty from every pair gets "not my responsibility" drunk and then it's on like Donkey Kong.
  15. Making Love vs. Sex

    Oh there's definitely some love-like encounters I've run into but I would hesitate to call it the genuine article of making love. There's a certain intimacy that I don't think can really be duplicated in a long term relationship; it comes from knowing someone so well you act without realizing it because you have both subconsciously changed so many little habits adapting to each other that you're irrevocably different than the person you were before the relationship started. I don't know any service offered that can match a change in who you are and it's never felt quite the same either. Granted I don't tend to repeat often except one provider who I've been meeting up with regularly for, oh jeez, coming up on 8 years minus two stints in relationships so call it 5 total. I should really get her something nice for Christmas. I don't know exactly what sets the"speed limit" for the encounter honestly. I have never really thought that closely about how I approach an encounter honestly but thinking it over I would say it very much hinges on time and mood. I will use differing criteria based on those two factors mostly. If I have the time to spare and nothing planned then usually I look for a GFE style multi hour cerebrally stimulating slow and friendly style where you can let the conversation flow naturally and at least get a handle on their sense of humor and pick-up a few hints on how to really get the most out of the experience for both of us. Reviews are closely read and those that spend more vocabulary on the provider than what she was doing are weighed much more heavily in the decision. If I have one thing and one thing only on my mind than I use the pictures and provider description to select mostly and a review is skimmed and more about checking services, photo accuracy and punctuality. Being physically gifted and enjoying dirty talk or some more risque activities will probably be the deciding factor on provider for these sessions. I suppose it's like comparing sparkling wine to champagne: the ingredients are the same and the process is almost identical but there's just a little something that can't be replaced. Either way it's much better than drinking alone.