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  1. 411 on Arianna

    Very real very fun. Her reviews on TNA and PD accurate
  2. 411 on Lana Sins

    Run as in don't walk.
  3. 411 on Lana Sins

    I read all of them....just one wasn't entirely happy but still gave her 5 stars and recommended. Guess he got the low mileage of the YMMV.......My review submitted. The boys in the NW ain't lying! No
  4. 411 on Lana Sins

    As depicted and Forest run!
  5. Kayla Sexton is in Dallas. She is on theother site .oh2home or something like that...
  6. Natasha from MB

    Read a few things on TNA that gave me pause.....I'm passing
  7. Natali-BANNED?

    Robert DeNiro in Ronin, "if there is any doubt, then there is no doubt". I TRY to keep this mantra in mind...doesn't always work but when I do heed it, things almost always turn out for the better. Glad things worked out. 60/40 I would have stayed home.
  8. Dead Head Alert!

    Damn do I ever miss them. If you didn't see them (with Jerry) then you have truly missed out on one of the most iconic American rock and roll experiences. I'll be running to the store soon!
  9. Red Dawn 3???

    Should we be heading to the mountains and start digging in?... Wolverines!!!!
  10. Red Dawn 3???

    Anyone but me wondering about the new bevy of Russian gals showing up in Denver?
  11. Gianna Perez 411

    Thanks JOS! Not sure how you were misleading...jury still deliberating on GP....
  12. Gianna Perez 411

    Gianna Perez, 619-289-1501 Colorado Escort Im sure you've seen her posts here in addition to her p411. Interested if anyone has any additional info....I've seen the reviews and am somewhat to very skeptical of their pedigree. I'm hoping to get some information from some more reputed and established gents....feel free to PM me.. Thanks, T
  13. Alex or Lisa, both seem tgtbt

    Ditto! A review would be great as the number of them have been lacking...
  14. Info on Monica Star

    Still not much info? Anyone, anyone, Bueller?