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  1. New P411 ?

    Not to worry It's turns on an icon in the lower right part of your screen, that if you click it, immediately goes to the google search homepage. Helpful for clients (most likely) that use their work computers for P411 browsing!
  2. Emjewels2023 on PD

    Here you go: https://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/emerald-jewel-7202973932-75563 Freewheelin is correct.

    It's getting a bit trite to say this, but I feel this thread is a great example of meeting someone where they're at. Probably the best any one of us can do in this situation. Thanks for your story!
  4. Actual Massage Skills?

    Elara Love - among the best LMT's I've experienced.
  5. 411 - Riley

    TER ID: 359843 - legit, but not great reviews.
  6. 411 on Allie Raine

    Haven't seen her, but TER ID: 358938 Good reviews, seems like a real sweetheart.
  7. P411

    An extra week of membership.
  8. Manscaping service

    Waxing the City salons have all the services you will likely need. I have had good experiences with them. A day or two to recover from any nicks, then good to go!
  9. TNA Hacked??

    It was accurate - hopefully my PW was hashed; however given the original hack - I don't have much confidence in TNA's security. Thankfully only used the board for browsing.
  10. TNA Hacked??

    Received this email a few hours ago: My name/email redacted hi xxxxxx as you known tnaboard.com is down, what happened? we are a hacker team, we hack to get money. we hack tnaboard.com and get all the data, and we offered tnaboard.com admin to pay a small amount off BTC to keep the data safe, but he refused. now we will sell all the data on the dark web, and after that, we publish all the data online. including your data. here is an example from the data we have about you : xxxxxx xxxxxx@gmail.com joindate : 2015-10-22T20:14:06Z 02-05-1965 Colorado region : west Yikes!!!
  11. See also: https://boulder.rubratings.com/244999 Fun lady, real pictures - recommended.
  12. Rose - Sensual Massage in Boulder

    Legit, exactly as advertised. Fun lady!
  13. CrystalBliss

    Moved on - sadly. The best.
  14. 4111 on Kate (Wilder?)

    chalkyboi - I have never seen a provider with so many outstanding, single review endorsements on both TER and EM. Makes me wonder is someone is running a business of churning out such reviews for ladies willing to pay for them. Definitely a TOFTT situation.
  15. Sofia on Rubratings.

    Visited Sofia-8416 - as noted, not "Sofia of Colorado." Session exactly as advertised on RR, with exception of quite outdated photos.