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  1. 411 on SidWild

    It was the twitter rant where she went off on someone. Life is too short to put up with that crap.
  2. 411 on SidWild

    After doing further research, ummmm...going to pass. My tolerance for weird is on a different track. Her social media was the decision-maker. Thanks for the input.
  3. SidWild 303-359-5278 Colorado Companion Sid Wild certainly has a unique look. Curious if she has unique sessions or technique. Has anyone visited her?
  4. Sarah Swinning Colorado Massage There was a thin/athletic blonde from Boulder on BP before the federal change. She used to occasionally offer tandem sessions with Rylie. They advertised in the BP massage section and offered "Relaxing Tantra Massage" I'm curious what kind of sessions actually Sarah provided. Any info?
  5. BP advertising techniques that need to go away.

    The ladies with either pictures of money or dollar signs in their pics. Huge red flag for me. The ladies with a linger list of "don'ts" than reasons why I should intact them. The ladies with any reference to drugs in their pictures. Another red flag. The ladies with filthy rooms (usually hotel) pictures. Couldn't agree more about the filters thing. It's so dumb!
  6. Your First.....

    It was a newbie meets newbie at a cheap, dirty hotel. I should walked out as soon as the door opened. It was awful.
  7. What's your Unicorn?

    40+, curvy, married, brunette, classy, smart and discreet. In the hobby...40+, brunette, curvy, smart, classy & discreet. Basically, I don't care about the married thing within the confines of the hobby.
  8. Haven't done the hobby thing much lately. Any suggestions for a guy northeast of metro Denver?
  9. Back in the old days before CL changed & BP was shut down, there was a 40-something lady who went by the name of Kim. She said she offered massage. I visited her twice. The first time was a flop. She forgot the appointment & had to reschedule & promised to make it up to me. The "make up" appointment was great. When I tried to review her, she complained to TOB that it never happened. Guessing she wanted to keep a low profile. Anyone know what happened to her?
  10. The difference

    I'd say in many instances, it's all about attitude. A woman's curves can be so sexy while another woman with the same exact body can be totally unattractive. Positive, fun, smart, upbeat ladies are infinitely more attractive than grumpy, bitchy, negative ladies regardless of body type. Oddly enough, it goes well beyond this hobby thing too. Attitude is everything.
  11. All Time Favorites?

    My all time favorite was a little brunette south of DIA. Sexy, fun, patient, discreet.....but she has "retired". Another one was Leigh. Tall, curvy, great tits.
  12. 411 on Amiira

    I tried to schedule with her a while back from BP. She responded with a snotty comment and later apologized & said she "busy driving" when she came off with a crabby attitude. I moved on. Life is too short for that garbage.