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  1. 411 on Nikki Nichole

    I think her reviews speak for themselves.
  2. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    Seems like a great resource. 10 am - 5 pm. Perfect!
  3. Football season is here

    I've been told my great-grandfather played for Nebraska around 1894.
  4. Football season is here

    I made $70 betting on the Buffs over TCU. Love Prime Time and what he is doing for the Buffs! I've been a fan of his since he was on the 49ers and I was watching them win. He's an admirable coach, I love the message he puts out there. SKO BUFFS!
  5. Is Tryst taking over?

    I hope providers stay with TOB. I like to use the reviews to make sure a provider isn't a scam. I won't see a provider without reviews either on TOB of PD. Thanks for sticking around here ladies!
  6. What is going on in city? Anything I should know?

    100%, it is not for everyone, but I can't wait for Phish Dick's to roll around!
  7. What is going on in city? Anything I should know?

    The Phish run at Dicks is the place to be over Labor Day weekend!
  8. Increasing Threats, Harrassment and Solicitations

    I was visiting a female provider who mentioned that Denver is the worst for providers. They must have been dealing with this kind of thing too. I'm sorry it is happening. Not sure why our lovely city is filled with shitheads.
  9. 411 on smokkeshow

    Interesting. Looks like it was deleted. I found another profile for her:
  10. smokkeshow Colorado Companion Has anyone had an experience with Smokeshow? She has a few positive reviews but then further Googling came up with some red flags. Has anyone seen her?
  11. Ryan West 720-662-5678 Colorado Companion Any info on Ryan West? Denver, CO area provider.
  12. Lacie Loveless 720-325-4902 Colorado Companion Interested if anyone has had an experience with Lacie Loveless in Denver, 720-325-4902.
  13. 411 BanginBritt

    I've seen her and think she's great. Pics could be old or improved, but she's 100% worth the visit. I thought she was cool and fun.
  14. Question for providers as well as gents.

    I prefer covered. Safer IMO.
  15. To Review or not To Review

    I waited an hour outside a hotel once. Texted multiple times upon arrival after confirming with the provider an hour or so before the appointment. Never got another response from her that day. Then a week or two later she reached out asking if I wanted to book a visit. Told her to F-off in the text, but didn't review her.