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Found 5 results

  1. Fake Iphone location

    First off I'm not on the forums a lot so I apologize if this topic has been discussed already. I did try to search the forums but I couldn't find this specific topic. Without going into too much detail as to why, there are times when I need to be able to fake the GPS location of my iphone so it does not show where I really am. Does anyone here have any experience with the current apps that do this? I notice there are several apps that claim to do this so I wanted some advice before I invest in one.
  2. quick question

    so I'm new here and Denver is my first city to ever hear of TOB in is this the place it is most useful to use it at ? or should I continue using along my travels ? are there and other specific destinations TOB is popular in such as it is here? or iis it mostly just for Colorado id appreciate any helpful hints thanks XoXo
  3. Incall....

    Ok everyone so I need all your help. I want to widen my business and start offering incall but here's my problem.... I don't want to use a hotel because I've had problems in the past... My credit is far from perfect in fact it is super boo boo 💩 (Like seriously I'd cry if I told you the actual number) I've tried sublets but they aren't working (credit check, background check, employment check, hair follicle, Dna sample, urine sample, blood type, fingerprints and so forth, lol) What can I do to get a good place to set up for a comfortable incall location that's safe? Hilarious answers are absolutely approved but I'd like some serious ones too if available. Please feel free to PM me as well, I absolutely have no life besides you awesome people so I'll answer at anytime of the night. Love everyone! Cali Rose 🌹
  4. Ads - Search functionality

    Hello Mr. Admin, Something I wanted to share. When I try to do a search other than city. There is no 'error message" regarding if file not found. When I try to search by age, location, service type filters for example. Nothing happens.... can this be investigated, please. Thanks, 1hapyfeller
  5. western slope grrr...

    I am mostly local provider on the western slope. I've noticed a lot of posts asking why there aren't many over here, and why people don't travel here and what not. So, there actually is a lot of providers right now if you are looking in the right places-- problem is, most of them are traveling straight through and onto other parts of the US. Another issue is that there aren't many "verified" girls out here. No one is willing to review or verify you! I don't know what the deal is. So it's very hard to get a good reputation. Another issue is location. Finding my own location can be very very difficult after being around for a couple months. There are a few LE issues as well-- not necessarily confirmed LE issues...Just encounters and conversations where it is clear that they are LE. Finally, there are TONS of flakes & hardly any prebookings that *actually* go through. The reliable ones just aren't around enough to maintain. Yet...I would rather deal with all these issues than deal with the big city issues. So, guys (and ladies), what are your complaints about this area regarding providers? (Always looking to improve.)