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  1. 411 - Sara Sweet (tryst)

    I second that.. might be a typo error??
  2. Pretty Woman

    It can happen... as it did for me in July, 2015.. I think it had to do with the immediate connection. Not just the primary reason being there. We both got to know each other over time. Nice having that connection, better than I could experience with women outside of the TOB world. If it happens it happens.
  3. Day off.. too much snow

    What happen to the day's of Sex orgies? Eat, drink and sex ... ??? Rest, then do it again and again!
  4. Day off.. too much snow

    So.. here we are homebound and unless you have a snowmobile for two. I think we'll be looking out the window or seeing all the lovely women of TOB online. Be safe.. question is what will you do today to keep yourself entertained?
  5. Hey Friends..I wanna Get Nosey :)

    Chrissy.. Nice to hear that your doing well. In fact I thought of you, it's been 4 years this April. When I gave up smoking cigarettes. Glad your doing well. Welcome back.
  6. Leena... Beth... is awesome, her primary focus is Chess along with winning. I think she found purpose at the orphanage ! While still naive at least when she arrived for Las Vegas Open. The mom and the guy (looks like a little kid) are too much attention getters! Anyway. I watch it in small doses or moves if you will. Hey ! Have a Happy Thanksgiving with family, friends, Love one's ! Have fun and pray for those we've lost. Take Care, mark aka 1hapyfeller
  7. Anyone have luck with the sugar daddy sites?

    Locanto is free, plenty of SB, most are scammers and want money for gas up front thru Paypal, CashApp, etc. There are some on Instagram looking for daddy situation. Same experience as Locanto girls, it's really a numbers game. Men can post ads for free at Locanto, some providers will contact you directly. again. be wary of the money situation.
  8. Rising asset prices

    I agree with gh0138, jdjd1989, running with scissors and lex7. Price increases only mean less hobbyist, which mean fewer providers. It's changed so much from 2019 when the younger ones started asking for gift cards or cashapp. Only to cheat us out of deposit money. I'm going to get in trouble with my next comment, it really doesn't depend how much you spend from $100 -$500 it's still the same outcome. Do we walk away happy or do we walk away unhappy. Lots of still work for living, just like the providers who post here. It's more competitive and wanting PSE or Kinky stuff is almost impossible to get. Then when you do the service is at the highest going rate. I don't want to spend $350 for vanilla fun, do you? Yes its about what the hobbyist can afford.
  9. 411 on Brenda

    Brenda 740-276-6550 Georgia Companion Also Text me 832-267‑8051 https://adultsearch.com/georgia/atlanta/female-escorts/1830318
  10. Late Friday afternoon, I thought I see what is happening at that website, Long story, short they went down for almost 72 hours. You can click on photos, howver the last three digits (for example715-321-1*** are now missing. The website name change to Escort Index. In their FAQ, they mention they only index photos of escorts and nothing else. I tried checking out the site location. Couldn't find any info.
  11. something to lighten the mood around here...

    Now I know what to do next! Funny stuff bored as hell at home working today! Someone mentioned looking for a "cowgirl to sit on his face!," He thought that was a fetish. Sound's like fun to me. Stay safe, take care with your favorite provider.. 1hapyfeller
  12. Am I looking for a massage girl, a domme, or a sugar baby?

    Everybody! Just what I needed bored as hell ! Working from home.. Thanks for the cheerfull Monday funnies! Made the day almost as bearable as cowgirl at the y sounds like a good lunch treat! Ha ha
  13. Is this normal protocol for a provider?

    Danni, Thank you for the positive comments about the reality all of may face from time to time. It's just the circumstance of enjoying the company of the provider(s).
  14. 411 on Kendra2cute

    Ilovewomen, Thank you I appreciate it, the site is filled with lots of scammers. Especially if the guy is older (like me) within a couple of days. Or as long as a 2-3 weeks. The "I need help line." also how the person on the other end. Doesn't agree to video call (99%). When I inquired with Kendra I ask if she wants to play in the afternoons or the weekends. I did check some of the local sites and have never seen her photo posted. Only one I didn't look at was ERO's. Thanks again to both Laci French and you. Stay safe and take care. +
  15. Kendra2cute Colorado Other I found this Kendra2cute posting on Locanto, Serious hook up. All I know she advertised as 29. Her post on Locanto is a week old. Does anyone know of this site? Appreciate it. Thanks 1hapyfellar