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  1. Ladies remember.

    Some people definitely are trying. By the 5th idiot of the day I definitely have to remind myself not to start cursing at them & acting like an idiot myself. Can I also say that I just LOVE your name??! Lol Makes me feel all excited in that cutesy girly way to see another Demi posting xD
  2. Ladies, you are not alone.

    So thoughtful of you! <3 This could possibly mean an entire lifestyle change for ladies out there who don't have a well established presence & those who rely on touring. That would definitely be a big change. :/ *Positive Vibes*
  3. Listing gone forever?

    Thank you!
  4. Listing gone forever?

    Just wondering if the listings are permanently gone or what happened?
  5. Western Slope & Rockies area???

    I know that Denver has some alteratihe's but what about for those of us on the western slope or in the Rockies?? I've been telling the few who asked me to try TOB. Does anyone know of/use any other sites on the western slope or in the rockies?
  6. Watch out girls! Don’t be tricked like I was!

    I had a similar experience, he tried to book and pay with PayPal, before we booked he sent 25 so I could see if it would clear. Two months later I think it cleared. I've also had two other numbers go so far as to book and then reschedule and THEN mention paypal as well. I believe it is the same guy. I was looking through my phone history and saw that this guy has been texting/calling since I first started, and several times said some shady stuff. Finally saved all the numbers in my contacts and blacklisted. Be careful!
  7. No more BP

    This is all just speculation, but it seems to me like this bill was drawn up specifically to shut down backpage & snag the CEO. The last several years there have been a lot of legal matters involving backpage, including charges & trials against the CEO. The government has had a helluva time trying to nix the advertisement on backpage.
  8. Longest Orgasm: 30 Minutes

    Hahaha this is why I love TOB's forum.
  9. What is your life philosophy?

    It's funny how once you accept who you are & where you are in life, only then you are able to change it.
  10. Bored & lonely in Grand Junction, CO! 

  11. Question for the providers

    I can honestly say that I have not. Attitude is everything! My perception of visual attraction is heavily influenced by personality & attitude. It's crazy how hot someone can be up until they open their mouth... And then they never look the same again
  12. What do you do when . . .

    I would just like to note that in a situation like this, where it was neither really good nor really bad, sticking to the bare basic facts is best when writing a review. Leave out your distaste of dirty feet perhaps, but mention that the location could use some tidying up, for example. If you keep the review objective, the impact of it on her career will be fairly neutral. Plus, sometimes it is helpful to us ladies to see exactly how we can improve, or to bring to light something that we may have overlooked.
  13. Ready for winter?

    THANK YOU! That's been my thoughts exactly since I first had to drive in the snow/ice in the.
  14. Ready for winter?

    Imagine the nipples in that scene!! Personally I don't know if I could do it. Maybe with a hot tub outside the steam would be awesome
  15. Ready for winter?

    Are you guys ready for winter? On my side of the state, it looks like winter is going to come fast and hard. We literally went from upper 90's to 40's & 50's within a couple days time. I believe we hit the 30's the same week that we were in the 90's. Gotta love Colorado right? At least it keeps things exciting Personally, I am so so done with the outrageous summer heat that we get on this side of the mountain(s).( I miss living closer to the rockies I wasn't made for the desert. ) Plus, the cold is a good excuse to cuddle up & warm up