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  1. Ready for winter?

    Are you guys ready for winter? On my side of the state, it looks like winter is going to come fast and hard. We literally went from upper 90's to 40's & 50's within a couple days time. I believe we hit the 30's the same week that we were in the 90's. Gotta love Colorado right? At least it keeps things exciting Personally, I am so so done with the outrageous summer heat that we get on this side of the mountain(s).( I miss living closer to the rockies I wasn't made for the desert. ) Plus, the cold is a good excuse to cuddle up & warm up
  2. Selling our information

    I think most of those sites are just trying to lure people onto their website so they can make money from ad revenue everytime someone clicks on an ad or pop-up. They know that people will be searching the web for our numbers/names so they know they will get traffic from our info. I hear that Google Ads can be a nice cushion for pocket money, and some of these sites make it almost impossible to click on anything in the site that doesn't lead to an ad.
  3. Selling our information

    It is a total pain (& waste of time considering how quickly they exploit any of our new ads/posts/ect.) to remove your profile or ad from those junk sites. I think there is some law regarding plagiarism that is loopholed by citing it under "entertainment purposes." But if you do request your info be removed, there is sometimes a note about a copyright law. Anywho, free advertising all the way! Sometimes I will be checking out different advertising venues and catch myself feeling disapointed when I have to start from scratch, rather than just claim my profile that was taken from one of my current ads.
  4. Why don't providers work out?

    Wow this post has a lot of activity. Most popular post I've seen here for a while. If just got on there to say that we get lots of exercise at work Also that I am in avid fan of yoga and I think it's time we all breath & lighten up. Namaste!
  5. Do you ladies read reviews too?

    Yes definitely read the reviews. Just to keep up with times given the business I'm in haha. I like to stay up to date on what's going on, the reviews are the #1 way to.
  6. Changing seasons...

    This sounds a little crazy but if you know me, you know my love of stockings! There are these really long, warm version of leg warmers that I can finally pull out to wear they are for ballet dancers and such. Plus the fun furry leg warmers (as seen in my pics)
  7. What do you like to wear in a session?

    I love stockings, thigh highs, any type of leg lingerie is my thing.
  8. I have yes, but I think the hardest part of the stigma is not having anyone to gripe to or share how my day at work was with.
  9. Earning in the sex industry

    I think that the idea of hetero men being as successful as hetero women are in this industry is a plausible idea. Actually, when I think about it, I can think of more female friends that are constantly on the prowl than I can men. Deeply engrained gender norms, stereotypes and stigmas are the real deciding factor here. There is so much about that situation that is in direct opposition to norms, values and beliefs that help build our culture, society and even everyday interactions
  10. Sometimes I confuse things…

    Hahaha that was pretty good.
  11. What to do

    I once had an experience where he ended up at the wrong place, but the right room. We sorted it out and laughed about it later, but I advise to always trust the gut feeling!
  12. Moving to verified only

    Hey there everyone! Was wondering if other providers have any advice on moving towards "verified only." In a sense, limiting my availability and am in sort of a vacation/retirement limbo. Any advice on how to make this transition?
  13. Favorite in Session?

    The TV drives me nuts as well. Personally I like slower dubstep songs. It is a little more generic, plus I find lyrics can be distracting. Blue Foundation - Eyes on Fire Bassnectar- Butterfly
  14. Western Slope

  15. Reason not to repeat

    From my own experience, I think that the first visit can be awkward, rocky and impersonal. Granted, it can be difficult for some people to strike a balance and maintain a professional relationship. I had a bad experience with one man who ended up being quite manipulative but also claimed to be taken advantage of. In the end, I realized that what he was looking for was simply unrealistic and lacked the boundary that defines a professional, business relationship. I learned that it has to be up to me to maintain boundaries in order to avoid a whole load of problems for either party. (This includes refraining from asking for "favors"). I think that over time there is a level of trust and familiarity that is impossible to accomplish in one or two visits. And I am much more fun and sexy when I'm comfortable.