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  1. Providers Ghosting Potential Clients

    Most of the time messages will literally just get lost somewhere in my inbox and after some odd amount of time has passed, im unsure about texting back at that point. Persistence is key (of course to a point!)
  2. HOT TUB

    I loooove hot tubs, jetted tubs, you name it. However-- I usually spend a good deal of time picking out my outfit, and sometimes it's hard work just to get it all on & in the right place soo Im not sure if I'd like to start a session that way-- maybe sometime in the middle of after wards. Or of course, plan ahead of time to get nto the hot tub & anticipate a little time between drying off and play so I can get my lingerie & stuff on. (It's a must for me-- otherwise I just don't "feel" right.)
  3. I'm not trying to add photos to a listing, just to my profile and when I choose a file to upload it acts like it's going to work, the blue bar fills up all the way but then alas no photos are uploaded, not in the new galley, not in my entire collection of photos that I only I see-- what do I do? I've tried in mobile version and desktop site but neither works. I do not have a desktop PC nor a laptop in working order at the moment.
  4. Favorite Nipple

    So the left nipple then right?
  5. Price of adds

    Did the price to post a listing increase? Will the price be increasing more anytime soon? (And on a side note, does this have to do with the minimum wage hike on the 1st? O.o)
  6. I am trying to share my reviews with someone and I've used the link to my public profile and the link to my last listing and neither will work for them. They say that everytime it either asks them to log in or it brings them to the main home screen.
  7. Hotel reservations

    There's a lot of places around here that have that same policy. Makes things difficult sometimes for sure! Recently, some places here have alternatively started requiring deposits only for locals.
  8. Netflix recommendations

    Its been ages since I had Netflix so I’m not sure if it’s still there but if you ever get the chance the documentary “The House I Live In” is great, big eye opener.
  9. Expectations

    Haha *ringer not finger lol
  10. Expectations

    The only time I look at my phone is if it is ringing over and over again --- then I know it's something serious. Once my girlfriend hadn't received my text saying I'm good and she was literally at the door ready to bust in when I finally answered after she'd called 8 times in a row. Other than that I try to turn my finger off and ignore it. What's frustrating is when someone gives me attitude because it took me a few hours to reply to them via text-- sorry but unless you want me just glued to my phone during your time, don't expect me to be able to text back within 5 minutes.
  11. Advice for new gentlemen?

    As far as making contact, message her on here and then follow up with a text message, mentioning something like "this is ___ from TOB" That will help get her attention in case she doesn't check TOB daily & helps you stand out in a text message in an inbox full of "Hey! How are you?"
  12. Would you rather? The game!

    Gents- When knocking on the door to an unfortunate appointment who would you rather have waiting on the other side? Your mother-in-law OR your (female) boss Ladies- When answering the door to an unfortunate appointment who would you rather have waiting on the other side? Your elementary school teacher or your best friends ex
  13. Eco-friendly sex?

    I think there would be an easier(and less gross) solution to this if said girlfriend so desired a child haha.
  14. What's the oddest place you've done it???

    -On a big rock (a boulder maybe? ) -In the middle of (albeit a secluded part of) a paved hiking trail -on Huntington Beach in Cali