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  1. question ???

  2. question ???

    I know this site is majority Denver or Colorado , but I was just seeing If anyone knows any good advertising sites for TN , ive got tons for all of the main and major cities but it seems like down here in TN area is really lacking on a good classifieds page
  3. quick question

    thanks for all your help
  4. where can i post reviews

    is there any where I can post my reviews from other sites to my profile here?
  5. new in town

    what all links can I put to my profile I tried to put one for my reviews on ecccie but it didn't allow me to do that
  6. quick question

    so I'm new here and Denver is my first city to ever hear of TOB in is this the place it is most useful to use it at ? or should I continue using along my travels ? are there and other specific destinations TOB is popular in such as it is here? or iis it mostly just for Colorado id appreciate any helpful hints thanks XoXo
  7. new in town

    thanks so much you guys (:
  8. new in town

    just visitin unless I find a reason to relocate here lol , I need to get onto p411 too I could use some pointers on that . when I first got to town I was out by the airport but now I'm realizing that its pretty out of the way of everyone and every thing lol
  9. Introduction and Backpage question

    depending on what site the reviews are on depends whether they can be faked or not sites that require legitimate ID verification and things like that would be harder to fake reviews I assume
  10. new in town

    hey I'm completely new here , to this city and this board . Where I'm from we use others . With that being said a few tips or pointers from some experienced users on location and other basics would be greatly appreciated xoxo Rebecca Snow xoxo