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Found 8 results

  1. Greeting everyone ! I’m Chanel and I’m newer to the area. lets get ready.
  2. Was told this am my number shows up somewhere as a no show and what confuses me is that I’ve never not shown up (when they actually let you know where to go etc) it’s hard to get references when your the new guy.... how did you all go about it?
  3. New member

    How do I become a TOB member? I just started here and don't have any reference.
  4. Slow response time?

    The system seem very slow to respond this morning after the down time. Is anyone else experiencing the same slow response expecially on the Forums?
  5. quick question

    so I'm new here and Denver is my first city to ever hear of TOB in is this the place it is most useful to use it at ? or should I continue using along my travels ? are there and other specific destinations TOB is popular in such as it is here? or iis it mostly just for Colorado id appreciate any helpful hints thanks XoXo
  6. Maybe I'm doing something wrong here. I'm normally okay with tech. And the title above, Who knows what I want to ask... I keep reading on various boards about using Twitter to make connections, but for the life of me, I don't know an easy way to tell who is in what city. I tend to follow ladies in cities I visit, but it's not always clear where they are located. Q. Ladies/Gents that travel, is there an easy way to determine who is in town that you follow on your twitter feed? I use the different regional boards and p411 for the most part. But I like to read into personality by scanning ladies posts and/or tweets. Maybe that is the only thing to do for now. Years ago I used Dopplr to track when people I knew where in the same town as me. Maybe I need to find an app like that.
  7. Hello, Everyone I was wondering... What are everyone's thoughts on adding a bit of hospitality to the provider/hobbyist experience? I love baking, but thought it might send an odd signal to have fresh cookies sitting out for hobbyists. Any opinions on this? Are there any other providers that like to bake or is there something important about keeping personal enjoyments private?
  8. I'm New To TOB

    I'm new to TOB I would like to say hello to every one here. I hope we become friends! Xo JR