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  1. Favorite rendention of your favorite Christmas Carol

    Wam, Last Christmas is by far the best Christmas song
  2. The difference

    It’s all very subjective. I guarantee my Idea of a top end curvy girl is a BBW to most. Either way I love them both... a lot!
  3. Deal killers and the opposite

    Thick thighs are a major turn on. Skinny chicken legs dont’t do it for me.
  4. Just Wanted To Say Hello

    Callie your intelligence shines through as always! You are one of a kind.
  5. Visual turn ons

    Thick thighs, big hanging breasts, long hair. believe it or not cellulite turns me on to no end.
  6. Why don't providers work out?

    I usually hope the ladies show up thicker than their pics.
  7. Going rate quattro large +

    I can't imagine seeing some one for only a half hour, seems rude to some extent IMHO
  8. Recommended doubles?

    Callie Vane and Dixe Doll. They are not petite but they ARE amazing!
  9. Rack or Stacks?

    It sooooo hard to choose. Throw in some thick thighs and I can't even get past the question, much less answer it.
  10. Hotel or Outcall?

    Hotels always make me uncomfortable
  11. First time poster, please be gentle! So does any know anything about Cassidy in Thornton from BP? Cassidy 303-961-6957 Colorado Escort I've seen her adds forever but never a review on here. She seems worth visiting but there just isn't much info on her that I can find to make me comfortable in taking the plunge.
  12. My favorite provider pic...

    Any pic with Callie, Dixie or Lucy's boobs!