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  1. Weird behavior?

    This city has a vibe to it that I'd prefer not to feel, and I'm 100% unable to leave. While Ive met wonderful and amazing people here...I've also talked to, met, and almost met some folks who just chilled me to the bone and reminded me that you must ALWAYS play your hand close here or you will pay dearly.
  2. What does being respectful mean to you?

    You're a lucky Gal Audrey... these days, respect has been shown to me in ways such as...contacting me at 4 am, then ignoring me when I quickly return the call--scheduling with me, letting me shower and dress and walk out the door...all for the pleasure of being told "no address until you send me a pic to prove you're real (stupid)."---and I am starting to see new trends in respect like being shorted 10 bucks several times by several different people 5 times in like a week. Sometimes they even show their respect by asking me to tell them as graphically as possible what my "merchandise" looks like so they can decide whether I am hot enough to make 10 bucks less than my rate... I have grown to DEEPLY appreciate the people who don't approach with "you better not be ugly lolz...." ...because as soon as I see some text that says haha or lol at the end of it, I know that I will never lay eyes on the person who sent it. Because, ya know, LOLZ I need to be less stingy with my pics so they'll MAYBE think I'm nicer and tell me how they stroke it to the pic they tricked outta me (hypothetically )... For me at this point, I would feel plenty respected if things were just to go back to where they were about 3-4 years ago...when the vast majority of the gentlemen I dealt with were eager to talk to me on an even keel and didn't act so put out when I needed to take a couple swigs from my Big Gulp between being told to "suck on that like you mean it." Respect for me is basic friendliness, common courtesy, a framework built on mutual appreciation, and being true to your word. I know those guys are still out there, and I miss them more days than not...but nevertheless, keep up the awesome stuff and treating us like we're people just like you are it does mean the world to me and I do notice it and purr accordingly
  3. so i passed the pet food factory on i-70 today.....

    Oh lord that shit mill does stink. Based on that smell alone my precious cat will never eat their products again...but I still let her deposit her poop into their litter. She's happy cause she gets better cat food out of it and behaves better. But seriously, I have it on good authority that crappy pet food is made from old meat packages from grocery stores...thrown in the wood chipper packaging and all. I bet the Purina factory smell like ass garbage because it's basically a landfill formed into inoffensive looking nuggets for our pets to eat. I can see why my last pet ran away...
  4. Why do you do this???

    Doh. I love how I NEVER, and I mean n.e.v.e.r.--am the one to initiate contact with some dude who presumes to cut me down and say I'm throwing my life away by "shaking down" guys who shouldn't HAVE TO be forced to be "taxed" for their basic human rights---such as nsa pussoi. Because I'm better than that. My favorite answer is something like how I'm actually not above it and OMG I'M SUCH A SCREWUP WAHHHHHH! THAT makes them back away not so slowly...sometimes you just gotta make em think you're crazier than them.
  5. Why do you do this???

    I believe signing it Chad is what really tied it all together neatly...or blew it all apart in the biggest clusterfuck ever. Whatever. (Mic drop)
  6. Why do you do this???

    My curse seems to be the email. It goes a little something like this: Hi Trystan, Now, I KNOW you say call or text only, but I decided email works for me, since I am way too high on the social ladder to give a lowly whore like yourself my phone number... You would only tell my wife and she would ruin everything with consequences. Not on my wish list, I'm sure you understand. I KNOW you bitches say no explicit discussion and no pic requests. However I like to know what all this $ you want EXACTLY. So, let me know if you are down for (insert activity that I don't do and never have) and also condoms make my dick turn into a narwhal so no need to bring em...but I'm married so I'm 100% clean and you better be too and if you aren't , well then you better be honest about it. No herps had better show up on my junk. My wife would probably kill you... One last I Know your ad contains all the info I could hope for but what are your rates and what discounts d I qualify for since I noticed you had ONE bad review? Also, are you okay with letting me snort things off your tits? Hopefully we can work together, if you are good enough for my taste and can be in Fort Collins in about 45 min wearing (insert ludicrously detailed outfit demand). My kids will be sleeping upstairs so try not to be so obvious since my neighbors are so fond of me and think I'm a more upstanding citizen than you could ever be. See ya soon, booboo kittyfuck! Chad
  7. You're reviews are great, and that's ALL I know.

    Bella it's because you're a bitch. And a shitstarter. And a BSC hooktard go back to your corner now... 😹
  8. You're reviews are great, and that's ALL I know.

    It is at absolute fucking zero. Unfortunately that gets me called abrasive or a bitch or whatever they are calling people these days who dare react appropriately to being shat upon. I may be not as liked but I am no ass kisser, and I firmly believe that in order to be mentally sound a woman must maintain her sexual dignity and NOT be pummeled into submission by defective and low-stooping jackasses. WE ARE WORTH BEING TREATED WITH HUMANITY. Crazy concept, I know! Thanks dear. I am a sweetheart but too many confuse that with pliable or non confrontational.
  9. You're reviews are great, and that's ALL I know.

    Leo helps. What a fox.
  10. You're reviews are great, and that's ALL I know.

    Thanks for pointing it out, and on the heels of yet another cancellation after I was strung along for hours and questioned about all kinds of shit just to amuse someone I'll never meet. As far as I can tell, it's just a thing I'm supposed to accept and not say anything about, lest my biggest cheerleader take delight in telling me in a roundabout way that they're counting and watching and I should just stop talking. Noted and acknowledged. Thanks for the pep talk, you can always be counted upon when I don't quite feel ridiculed enough for a day.
  11. You're reviews are great, and that's ALL I know.

    Despite my topic of discussion, I agree. I have met some once in a lifetime men here, terrific people I can't imagine having possibly never met otherwise...
  12. You're reviews are great, and that's ALL I know.

    I feel like there has to be some kind of solution that doesn't involve going full bitch or whatever else makes people feel "attacked." The blacklist is a helpful thing but it's just not enough and I've added more in the past month than ever. While this or any occupation comes with its share of fuckery, it has become an out of control thing and I don't feel it's just a spike as much as a shift in the entire environment of provider/client dynamics. I've even had a couple significant incidents with p411 and a highly visible board poster lately and it makes everything more drab to feel as if no matter how much we try to hold people's hands...they just don't care and have no intentions of being pleasant to deal with. I, as many of you ladies may feel--just want to be a pleasure to be around for those who are not a total vampire to our energy. I personally would find a LOT of enjoyment if there were not currently an 80-85% chance that my next caller will just ignore all boundaries and suck the fun out of what should be a f-ING blast. When someone calls and think they are perfectly entitled to ask me about a bunch of acronyms or whether I'm willing to dress like Hermione from Harry Potter so they can "make sure they know exactly what they're getting..." or better yet, tell me they want a "pump and dump" and that I'm out now my mind to charge my quite reasonable rates...not only does it break all kinds of etiquette things we as a workforce have agreed is acceptable, but when the ad wasn't even read it just tells me that this party truly doesn't give a flying f*** if I'm comfortable with them AT ALL. THAT is more than a spike, that's them having decided that we are NHI and that they can shit on providers because of that. There HAS to be some kind of way to mitigate that shift in the atmosphere ...just don't know what yet. All I know is that we all deserve to be treated better and can DO better somehow. None of us should have to be told to get a real job or that we are too mean anytime we insist on basic human consideration. Maybe one day that will be more within reach.
  13. You're reviews are great, and that's ALL I know.

    I can't throw my phone at the wall, cause I'd never have the $ to replace it the way it has become way common to have several days of this assclownery and nothing else whatsoever. But yes, for more than hobby related reasons, I wanna rage out on my phone while "Die Muthafuckas" serenades my catharsis in the background... ...I have an s5. So It goes.
  14. ... according to this review taken from August of 2015 you're a one-armed trapeze artist with a love for salsa dancing and have medium sized nipples." ... clearly this person took the time and energy to read every single word of my reviews and came prepared to break them down and asked me all kinds of questions about details of them. You see, the next thing that comes out of their mouth is a line or two that makes it clear as day that they neither read the title the info or the content of my ad. After four straight days of answering my phone and being asked for an in-call or what my rates are I, or pretty much all the other information supplied in the ad...I am calling foul. I can't be the only one this is happening to, and I sure as hell can't be the only one who is straight up Peeved when somebody calls them takes up their time and after three or four minutes of asking me if I bleach my anus or am I a natural redhead and why did that one guy say whatever he said... turns out to be somebody who needs I can't even meet... solely because they did not take one second to read any of the details of how to actually get with me. I'm taking the position that if you're going to ask me to explain myself for my reviews or answer intense personal questions in Rapid Fire, that I don't want to hear one question pertaining to an in call location I clearly stated I do not have, or my rates. One should take minimal measures to only contact a stranger at 430 am when there is ANYTHING they can do for ya... Please feel free to ask me if I'm out of my mind...especially if you have asked me before if I can be in your garden tub in 9 minutes from now. Hint: the answer to both questions is the same
  15. Oops wrong name

    I usually go by my real first name after the first meeting if I'm comfortable. Figure if I find myself in a LE mess that it might help if the guy and I actually know one another's names.