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  2. I’ve gotta say I don’t GET IT, AT ALL.

    They are all callers who passed screening with me. If they used a bad number, didn’t actually book a time with me, or were just rude from the start I did not include them in my number of bookings. I do not believe right now that it is LE but I do believe it could be associates of (unknown) providers looking to keep other girls busy with crap bookings. I am not explicitly looking for any suggestions on solving the problem and there is no one thing anyone can say to make it all better again. However, awareness of there being such a large percentage of this happening is helpful to people who are also affected by it. Just spreading awareness
  3. In line with the other providers’ recent observations...what is the problem with the extreme and now near constant disrespect towards the women who are; pretty much bending over backwards; to accommodate clients who can’t be bothered to show up, be serious about their wish to see us, or even acknowledge that they are anything but more important than any of our silly little butts are? Really, what is making, and I did do actual maths here...92% of my appointments in the past 30 days not be happening? Obviously this is not for the guys who do what they say they intend to, although I am ready for a few of those guys to tell me that I’m too sensitive or something. But seriously, a number of us ladies are not only annoyed by the very ridiculous level of people doing this; we are actually being tricked into turning down other appts that could have happened. We are having trouble keeping our own lives together. We are so very out of ways to let it go. We are tired of being nice and ultra sweet to people who turn right around and make it clear to us that we are not really of any concern to them on a human level. We are tired beyond words of being told we are too upset by the people who are going out of their way to call us and do nothing but upsetting things. I am am aware that to a lot of you happy and unaffected hobby goers, the problem is that we should just simply change our occupations. I will probably HAVE TO, since 92% of my efforts being for absolutely no gain and additionally making me feel more and more worn out with every notification on my phone I hear. How can we be just light as a feather and completely trusting when it’s almost guaranteed that we will be left with screwed up schedules, NO NOTIFICATION of any kind ultimately, and the people causing this crap will forget they blew me the hell off within a week and try to act like it never happened soon enough after? ...Yes, I’m serious. People are forgetting that they royally screwed up our day and calling us back a week later. Happens all the time. And they are always just so hurt that we would say that they could ever do something like that...even when I have texts to prove it, they want to say they are attacked. The bottom line is that somethings gotta give. This kind of thoughtless, insulting and demoralizing nonsense is absolutely the worst I’ve seen in a decade and a half. It’s gotta give way to something remotely acceptable. This is just not right. Everyone knows it isn’t, and as far as I can see no one cares at all. Any theories on why we are being needlessly and problematic ally screwed with by almost every person who initiated contact with us all on their own? Any arguments from anyone as to why it could be anything other than someone making a choice to be a problem to a person they don’t know at all?
  4. family friendly or under the radar...?

    I feel kinda strongly about this dilemma that so many struggle with. Sure it’s my business how I deal with it as Laci said...but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to share. The thing that drives connection is vulnerability and the thing that drives disconnection is...Shame. It’s very displeasing to me that people are just so goddamned shocked if I share that my parents and nearly all my friends know what I do and are not excluding me from the “circle of trust” because of it. I moved a parent up here for the purpose of taking care of them day to day. I told her what my deal is before putting her in a position she had the right to not want to be around at all. I told my parents about this years ago after some creep in my home state tried to blackmail me into letting him stop by at any time. Ugh, fucking bastard even had the nerve to tell me “and you’ll always be ready to take my load and you better not need to shower first either.” Uh—yeah fckn right. My parents hated that guy a lot more than they hated anything I’ve ever done. They were just glad I felt that they loved me enough to share such a touchy situation with them and get help. When he did contact my dad to “out” me, I had already taken his power away and my dad said that he knew and that he’d be more than happy to take him (the creep) out if he ever came near me or called again. Shit felt good, I must say I think us ladies do such a very cool thing for anyone we agree to see, and that too many guys STILL treat their time with us as something they “struggle” with and consider a bad habit to be fought off internally. There are very few of y’all that truly “need to stop this shit” and rise above hobby stuff. The ones that do are more the type that can’t resist blowin ALL their money on it, can’t treat a woman with respect to save the world and are kinda addicted to causing stress to or hurting women, or who are otherwise chronically disruptive and can’t avoid causing all kinds of fallout from meeting with us. All kinds of good normal men consider this stuff a weakness, and being with a gentleman who won’t shut up about how guilty and shitty he feels about this is a complete fckn drag. Meanwhile the real issue is not even considered, and the real problems are brought on by the ones who are just too unbalanced and can’t do this in a healthier way no matter what they do. Unfortunately, you never seem to hear those guys say they need to stop hassling nice women and get some manners, they just tend to be fine with it including their unneeded bs at 3 am. I’m glad to see how some men care about being better people and not giving up on themselves altogether but that doesn’t mean I should have to feel like a poisonous person who would only be there ready to cause ruin and mayhem unless y’all beat this horrific addiction. Being in the position to HAVE TO PAY is not accurate, no one HAS TO do anything and the fact is someone CHOOSES to pay and usually the end goal is to AVOID BULLSHIT, plain and simple. No one put you guys in this position and I respect the ones who own their decisions and just admit they don’t want a girlfriend who has all these other needs they don’t wanna be expected to deal with. No shame in that. The only time anyone HAS TO PAY, is when you owe me and that’s a little too late to be second guessing yourself and examining your values to determine if you should be doing his (horrible and shameful) thing. It’s not nice for either of us to deal with and it’s not going to get us any closer to being considered normal rather than shameful. I don’t keep this from guys I date, my friends, my favorite waitress, nobody I can tell really. I only save the secrecy for cops, landlords, or my probation officer. One day maybe more people will be able to do this without lying to all the people that they are trying to be liked and loved by. Remember everyone, Shame is THE cause of disconnection.
  5. Big Clittys

    Came here just to see that be the first response, again.
  6. Second chance?

    I've had this scenario play out in my dealings a little too much for my liking, and it's not that the whole world is against me or that I'm a bad provider...but I recognize when it happens that usually *I* WAS THE PROBLEM. Between that and a few occasions of HORRIBLE AND UNLUCKY malfeasance from the universe/some mischievous dick creator who loves to watch the world he made burn in places we can't reach...well it made for a BRUTAL summer for this lady <------. Lord knows that id have gone belly up by nowwithout having some wonderful and understanding people around who were exceedingly nice enough to deal with my absolute inability to get to one f-ing thing on time this past summer... ...but Seriously. If you are a guy who had to wait around on my arrival the past few months, even if you only saw me that once over it...yall simply don't know just how much of a difference it made in my life to have that empathy bestowed upon me from you fellas. It was a huge blessing, and just thank you! I can assure all who have been affected by my spotty timekeeping, that I would not have been at all inclined to turn down an appointment or not make it to ya lickety split for any reason that wasn't just totally unwelcome and bothersome for me to deal with. Things happen...and to me they happen way too much to be fine with it. I have too many people in my camp, and most of them are pretty self centered or can jail me unless I hold my cheeks open for their ease of fucking that ass. I want em gone and to stay gone. But we just can't always make that happen. Thankfully, I have seen a significant turn of circumstances since it got chillier out, and all you patient guys mean a lot to a haphazard cupcake like myself. I'd say consider granting the lady ONE more chance to prove she isn't a total dunce.
  7. Geez, Can't Handle Rejection?

    This right here. I get calls every day from people who saw that my ad says out only. Yet decided that I must just be waiting for him to call since I am not sharing my luxury in call with all the other peasants who only get to have outs. The funniset part is that they always seem so full of disbelief when I reiterate that what my ad said is actually true; not some mind game for him to try to get the answer he'd prefer me to have.... When I DO rent an incall, hell that's when I get asked to go to Boulder immediately and then followed up by a trip to Greeley or Nederland or Elizabeth or Whatever is sufficiently far to make it clear to me that the universe enjoys a good laugh at times :-p I mean, I'll do it but really...
  8. Geez, Can't Handle Rejection?

    Last night, I had someone message me for a last minute and when I asked my usual "Name and Age, Pls?" I get a response that he'd rather not, and when his number came back--much to my shock--a burner, I informed him that my instructions were not options and he couldn't just choose to ignore them and see me. Naturally his response was that he knew that and just didn't care. He just wanted me to fully and immediately trust him and go be alone with him, while making it clear he had none of the same good faith towards me. When I basically told him he was wasting our time, he said something like "well you're a cum dumpster and my life is more meaningful so sorry you feel that way..." Wut. Teh. Fack. Trust me when I say this : there are some people you just shouldn't go near. Not some, actually, but plenty. I don't want to be at the mercy of someone who truly feels that I am less of a life form than him just cause I'm not a breeder and provide this service. He called ME, yet wasn't friendly enough to even make up a name because he really believed he was above it. Nah thanks!
  9. Getting Stood Up

    I got stood up for a real life date twice in the past 7 days. Made me feel like total crap. I'm sorry you are dealing with the flakes right now, they seem to be particularly bad here :/
  10. Weird behavior?

    This city has a vibe to it that I'd prefer not to feel, and I'm 100% unable to leave. While Ive met wonderful and amazing people here...I've also talked to, met, and almost met some folks who just chilled me to the bone and reminded me that you must ALWAYS play your hand close here or you will pay dearly.
  11. What does being respectful mean to you?

    You're a lucky Gal Audrey... these days, respect has been shown to me in ways such as...contacting me at 4 am, then ignoring me when I quickly return the call--scheduling with me, letting me shower and dress and walk out the door...all for the pleasure of being told "no address until you send me a pic to prove you're real (stupid)."---and I am starting to see new trends in respect like being shorted 10 bucks several times by several different people 5 times in like a week. Sometimes they even show their respect by asking me to tell them as graphically as possible what my "merchandise" looks like so they can decide whether I am hot enough to make 10 bucks less than my rate... I have grown to DEEPLY appreciate the people who don't approach with "you better not be ugly lolz...." ...because as soon as I see some text that says haha or lol at the end of it, I know that I will never lay eyes on the person who sent it. Because, ya know, LOLZ I need to be less stingy with my pics so they'll MAYBE think I'm nicer and tell me how they stroke it to the pic they tricked outta me (hypothetically )... For me at this point, I would feel plenty respected if things were just to go back to where they were about 3-4 years ago...when the vast majority of the gentlemen I dealt with were eager to talk to me on an even keel and didn't act so put out when I needed to take a couple swigs from my Big Gulp between being told to "suck on that like you mean it." Respect for me is basic friendliness, common courtesy, a framework built on mutual appreciation, and being true to your word. I know those guys are still out there, and I miss them more days than not...but nevertheless, keep up the awesome stuff and treating us like we're people just like you are it does mean the world to me and I do notice it and purr accordingly
  12. so i passed the pet food factory on i-70 today.....

    Oh lord that shit mill does stink. Based on that smell alone my precious cat will never eat their products again...but I still let her deposit her poop into their litter. She's happy cause she gets better cat food out of it and behaves better. But seriously, I have it on good authority that crappy pet food is made from old meat packages from grocery stores...thrown in the wood chipper packaging and all. I bet the Purina factory smell like ass garbage because it's basically a landfill formed into inoffensive looking nuggets for our pets to eat. I can see why my last pet ran away...
  13. Why do you do this???

    Doh. I love how I NEVER, and I mean n.e.v.e.r.--am the one to initiate contact with some dude who presumes to cut me down and say I'm throwing my life away by "shaking down" guys who shouldn't HAVE TO be forced to be "taxed" for their basic human rights---such as nsa pussoi. Because I'm better than that. My favorite answer is something like how I'm actually not above it and OMG I'M SUCH A SCREWUP WAHHHHHH! THAT makes them back away not so slowly...sometimes you just gotta make em think you're crazier than them.
  14. Why do you do this???

    I believe signing it Chad is what really tied it all together neatly...or blew it all apart in the biggest clusterfuck ever. Whatever. (Mic drop)
  15. Why do you do this???

    My curse seems to be the email. It goes a little something like this: Hi Trystan, Now, I KNOW you say call or text only, but I decided email works for me, since I am way too high on the social ladder to give a lowly whore like yourself my phone number... You would only tell my wife and she would ruin everything with consequences. Not on my wish list, I'm sure you understand. I KNOW you bitches say no explicit discussion and no pic requests. However I like to know what all this $ you want EXACTLY. So, let me know if you are down for (insert activity that I don't do and never have) and also condoms make my dick turn into a narwhal so no need to bring em...but I'm married so I'm 100% clean and you better be too and if you aren't , well then you better be honest about it. No herps had better show up on my junk. My wife would probably kill you... One last I Know your ad contains all the info I could hope for but what are your rates and what discounts d I qualify for since I noticed you had ONE bad review? Also, are you okay with letting me snort things off your tits? Hopefully we can work together, if you are good enough for my taste and can be in Fort Collins in about 45 min wearing (insert ludicrously detailed outfit demand). My kids will be sleeping upstairs so try not to be so obvious since my neighbors are so fond of me and think I'm a more upstanding citizen than you could ever be. See ya soon, booboo kittyfuck! Chad