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  1. Anyone else having this happen?

    For encounters involving multi hours or traveling beyond the metro area I do require deposit usually. But there's no way I can take them when I work in town, do mostly outs on short notice, to guys who can barely manage a greeting or to read any of my ad... let alone the minimal amount of leg work it would take to pay a deposit. These m************ think I'm some hot local single sitting by my phone wearing a tight fuzzy sweater waiting to connect with em. I am hot. I am local. I am single. But at no time Am i all three of the above at once. I'm being overestimated...
  2. Anyone else having this happen?

    You guys are the best! Used to be if I made a post like this there was a culture of victim blaming. We've come a long way haven't we?
  3. Anyone else having this happen?

    In two days. FIVE NCNS back to this weekend going this way for any other ladies? I've been sitting in this room with my thumb up my (expletive deleted) for a bit now. What's the damn deal? I's not even No-Show November yet! 😁
  4. It is SILLY how stuck-up cheap hotels are!

    My guess is that they do it to discourage riff raff (people who cant afford more than a day and people who are down to their last match) from staying there. Id imagine they assume that those types don't have the kind of cash that can be tied up for several days.
  5. It is SILLY how stuck-up cheap hotels are!

    So, I rented a room that was approx 50 per night for a couple days. Ya know, cause money was tight this week. I get there. And they want to hold 200 "for incidentals!" I'm talking a fairly run down place with weird smells and a couple of dubious people trying to befriend all their neighbors. They didn't sell ANYTHING or have a sundry. Carpet was threadbare. There was literally nothing left to ruin in this place. Pool was all but boarded up! I checked out today (they were up my butt at 11 am SHARP), and they tell me that it'll be returned to me in 5 to 7 business days. As if! Rented a new one for like 120 a day, and it's way nicer...has a pool and hottub which are clean. Very pretty and clean carpet. Smells wonderful. Has a happy hour that nice business travelers will attend and mingle. No cameras pointed at every single room door. Has a little store to buy stuff you forgot or grab a White Claw (no thanks). Their hold was like...15% of the amount the shitty place yanked from my account. Seriously like 30 or 40, that's it. And I can check out at NOON. Id much rather spend the money on the better room than have the shitty place holding that much to insure against the possibility I will somehow make the place shittier than it already is. Duh! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Here, y'all...have a free toothy grin!

    Oh I know it can't be easy to read about that shit. But we talked, I think it's all good now

    I remember the time when I very much depended upon receiving reviews to bring about a steady flow of biz. I wish I could still get them without being petrified of them being read by my SO and ruminated upon to the point of detriment. It's best at this point to just not provide any new gossip to mull over.
  8. Bad Provider vs Bad Client

    Bad Client: ignores boundaries, rushes me to move my ass immediately, is drunk or too high at go time, orders me to squirt and gets pissy when I (shocker) can't, is too rough and thinks that I'm defective for not caring for it, texts me constantly without rebooking, asks me if they can be the first of the day every time, doesn't believe me if I compliment them, gets caught by the wife and throws me under the bus, stares into my soul the whole time, tries to trade substances for service, really I could go on all day. Bad Providers: cold call their regulars without any kind of concern for discretion, untrustworthy when in other peoples environments/cash and dash type games, show up intoxicated, don't screen and don't protect client information, bad hygeine, pull clients into their serious drama, talk about their money problems in their ads, take too many calls or texts in session, use illegal substances in front of a client especially one who doesn't partake, make a client feel unsafe with her behavior or implying a threat of violence unprovoked, double booking clients, is a grouchy bitch most of the time...
  9. Ladies! I had a person reach out to me last night, and upon doing some digging, I'm very glad to have done so. PM me for a memo and pass on to other ladies privately. Always trust your gut! It's there for a reason!
  10. Dating while in the business...

    I have a serious SO...but man it took years and years to find this one and dating is never problem free for me. I had to be loud and adamant about a couple things: first, that we both have a voice and a safe space to feel how we do; and second, that there was no tolerance for treating one another with disrespect. Respect is required at all times and I've had to fight for it a couple times. It can be done but you have to really want it. I cannot imagine starting over yet again.
  11. FishnDude

    Oh No! I had not seen him in a long time, but he used to see me regularly and I am really saddened to hear this news:( All in All, not at all a bad guy. He helped me out once when I was in a serious jam and treated me kindly. Rip Dear...
  12. An Actual Connection?!?

    Not gonna lie, I LOVE when I'm with a "business partner" and this happens. It can actually be kinda depressing when I go a long time without that wow factor so I find it welcome. However, the very few times I tried to keep it going I found myself hurt in the end--so I try to just be thankful for it when it does happen and leave it where it is. I can never truly know what someone's intentions are and that means I am not really safe to try to pursue anything further.
  13. This is something f-ed up...and why?

    It looks like they did make an arrest? Three teens, all named in article, looking at a charge of first degree murder. I'm glad they got these people so quickly!
  14. Unbelievably Senseless random act of violence, one young woman killed for no reason. Completely innocent and crossed paths with some sack of shit The knowledge that someone out there has done this shit to someone ever; is so sad and scary. I really, REALLY--hope that the person responsible for this is caught and held accountable for this antisocial crap. I don't know HOW but they just have to catch him. There are some callous and cruel people out there and afaik, this one is on the loose still.
  15. When will we stop shooting our youths!

    What you said about the lack of punishments for anything definitely has strength. I would elaborate on that statement by saying that in addition to some people who need to be punished severely facing little or no punishment, that too many personal issues we face have been turned into crimes and are over severely punished. There's lots of disproportional crime punishment ratios as far as severity goes. Lots and lots of discretionary judgment given to people on the bench when they hand out a sentence. I could think of a few right off the top of my head: 1) addictions, petty offenses That are basically a symptom of untreated mental illness such as trespassing or vagrancy in and of itself. I myself, a long ago, had a drug use issue, and the way it played out was not in causative or linear fashion. I used one drug, regularly, didn't drive on it, didn't sell it, didn't steal to be able to pay for it. Didn't get lit and start hitting my family. None of that shit whatsoever. It wasn't OK for me to be addicted necessarily, but my personal relationship with it was as close to a victimless crimes it could've gotten. Until I was found in possession of it in the traffic stop. Ultimately I spent YEARS on probation. Paid very heavy fines. Court ordered rehab which I flunked out of multiple times for nothing but TARDINESS. Three tardies and they discharge. Group meetings were a joke. Inpatient accommodations With the places that Arapahoe county contracts with are damn near impossible to Get a bed with. court ordered treatment is not treatment. It's monitoring and control and set up to fail. Do that a couple of times and even if you don't have a dirty UA on file next stop is several months in the county jail. A county jail that not only booked its own former sheriff into it for drugs and prostitution while his name was at the top of the building, County jail that people have literally been medically neglected in until they were dead as a door nail for preventable shit. The place is filthy, food is NASTY, people have died from not receiving insulin in there, For alcohol withdrawals which could've been prevented with a couple of Gatorade's and sleeping pill. From a heart attack because someone needed an EKG and the guard basically said boo-hoo If you don't like the accommodation don't make the reservation while they laughed. So what that meant for me was for the offense of being a personal use only drug user, and being caught in possession with it on the first offense, it snowballed into me being locked up in a place where my life literally did not matter to the people Who call the shots. It took me years to get off of that probation and at the very end my new probation officer who knew nothing about me tried to get me revoked at the very end and thrown in for another 18 months over some paperwork. It took an expensive attorney to save me. I needed to stop, but the 18th judicial district most definitely didn't care if I ever dropped my addiction. Everything that they did in response to catching me with that stuff only shoved me closer to the edge of a cliff. If it weren't for a little bit of luck in a couple of really good friends along with a reasonable man sitting on the bench at my revocation hearing, I would've done a total of two years in jail for that one thing. I've been off probation for years now and I am considered a convicted felon even though it was a deferred judgment I completed the terms and they drop the charge. I still pay for that shit anytime I apply for a job or an apartment or a gun. And in the same world that we live in here's another one: 2)another recent guest of that same facility; was a evil and unimaginably violent sack of shit named Alex Ewing. Most know him as the Aurora Hammer Killer. He bludgeon several people to death with a hammer, but not before tying up families and raping all the females in front of the rest of the family first. Awful awful stuff. Guys like him are the reason why I can't completely want the death penalty outlawed. He most certainly deserved it if anybody ever did. His guilt was locked in because DNA technology. 100% did it. Instead it took like two years for him to be extradited here from Nevada, and he managed to land just a couple of days after Colorado repealed the death penalty again. That wasn't luck. That was strategy and bullshit. They brought him back here and he spent a few months sitting in that county jail probably in his very own cell, as Colorado taxpayers paid for him to stay alive. He was convicted and sentenced to life without parole of course but who can state a strong case for keeping that rotten fuck alive after conviction? Just his smirk alone should be enough for them to have wanted to get rid of him forever. Meanwhile, people who have untreated mental illness and keep getting picked up and thrown in jail for trespassing and minor shoplifting offenses or possession of a drug here and there will be released right back onto the street where they will sleep outside because we don't have the money to build more shelter space or get them a bed in the hospital so that they can address their chronic mental illnesses? For the money that we spend it to keep somebody like Alec Ewing alive forever And stress-free, we could probably put a few people in a full-blown apartment that are sleeping outside and just a little off balance. 3) plenty of kids have done unspeakable things and Get locked up for no more than the rest of their childhood and then released with no life skills and little or no community supervision or parole. Kids who killed their parents because they didn't buy them something that they wanted. Not tried as adult and off the paper walking the street by 21. Convicted child molesters who were given probation no jail time because the kid they assaulted was too young to testify against them and maybe he was abused himself as a child or something. That guy goes on to snatch somebody else's kid and have his way with them and then kill them because they are old enough to talk. It's happened way more than once. 4)poor black men who are shot unarmed. Or beaten savagely for speaking up when they weren't given any due process and pulled over for no reason. Jail sucks, but the ultimate price is a death caused by a racist cop who had qualified immunity. He shouldn't have been qualified. 5) and of course, all these damn Asshole youngsters stealing cars and the cops will not do shit about it. Whatever your walk of life is, whatever your age is; You steal someone's car they bust their ass to maintain and pay for and it's their only form of transportation and can't get another one; that offender should always always go to jail. Fairly high bond amount Or even no bond if they've done it a bunch. Mandatory jail time for anything other than maybe unauthorized use. If you steal someone's car you should be locked the hell up for a while. Every time. There have been instances in this area where the owner a vehicle confronted someone trying to steal it or cut the cat converter off instead of running off the thieves pulled out a gun and shot the owner of the vehicle. Or that one guy who ended up shooting the youth that was stealing his car killing the kid, and now his family is rallying for the victim of the theft Catch a first-degree murder charge. The kid wasn't a divine cherub Is much more likely are the 12-year-olds stealing cars is just a bad seed. Way more often than not a punishment for a crime is either life-threateningly sever or nowhere close to jjstuce. Rather criminals walk in the street right now And not enough stuff gets punished...tgeyre too busy making an example of someone who used a drug Behind closed doors and has never stolen nothing. The imbalance is pretty staggering