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Found 11 results

  1. Hi! I’m still fairly new to this site. I had posted a forum not too long ago about how to use the platform as well new tips to the site! I can get all the help I need! Besides that, what’s going on Miami this week? Any events?
  2. I've canceled vacations to Florida, Oregon and California this year due to the COVID-19. Instead, I've spent a lot of day trips around the Rocky Mountains here in Colorado. I've seen parts of my home area (within 50 miles) that I never knew existed. I've fallen in love with Colorado all over again. Have you canceled bigger vacations like me and rediscovered your home area?
  3. Best food in Grand Junction

    Grand Junction, looking for some good food for dinner.
  4. Hey ladies my friend just flew into town and recently went through a nasty divorce. I know he's been depressed for a few months and hasn't had any "fun" at all in quite a while. He's gonna be with me this morning into the early afternoon and I would like to show him a good time. I know he wouldn't be comfortable if I just sent him somewhere or if i told him that I was setting him up with someone so I wanted to try to find two sexy friends to come over and hang out for a bit and from there well you know the rest. If any of y'all can help me out on this i would be very appreciative! PM me back he will be to my house by 9:30 and we have til around 3. Looking for an hour or two of company.
  5. Hello Ohio!

    Hello my fellow Ohionites! It seems many of you are in hibernation this winter. Come out and lets spice up this thread!
  6. Can't Wait to get in On the Fun

    Hi All, Just wanted to jump in on the obligatory I'm new here post! Fav'd a few providers and hoping to meet some of you soon! LC
  7. Hello Ladies & Gents! I am not new to this arena; been pretty much UTR for the past 6 yrs. [Snip} I almost jumped on here about a year ago, but lost my nerve after reading a couple of threads where some disrespectful and rude comments were made. After revisiting, I'm hoping that's more the exception than the norm. Anyway - feels somewhat alone out here at times, and I thought this might be a fun way to feel a little more connected...and if you would all be so kind, perhaps to get a few questions answered. I have seen a few gentlemen from this site, [Snip} I have been fortunate in that, 99.5% of everyone I've met has turned out to be quite enjoyable, and often a return visitor. So I'm wondering, are there some good ways to do some checking here, and feel comfortable with who you're meeting? I like the upgrades made to the site last year. It seems there is some sort of referral system besides the written reviews. Is that true? Also - why are ads free for every state except Colorado? Any input you can give is greatly appreciated! Look forward to hearing from you, and more opportunities to play this summer... Regards, Jasmine
  8. providers in the north metro area?

    Been searching for an ATF in the north metro area (westminster, broomfield, thornton or even boulder anywhere around there) ever since mine retired ).: If you're a lovely, open minded provider in the north metro area please message me ASAP. No offense to the providers every where else its just with the population influx driving downtown takes almost an hour for me. Not that some of you arent worth the drive I just need someone i can comfortably see twice a week if not more (; Happy Monday everyone.
  9. gag reflex??

    By any chance are there any lovely ladys that don't have a gag reflex or engage in face fucking? Pm me asap (;
  10. Ladies and gentlemen! Someone said it was stale around here, so what the hell. We have so many guys and gals here with such great senses of humor. I propose a battle of the sexes. Boys against girls! The rules: Except for this first post, NO TYPING. You can only post videos or photos or memes. Play on stereotypes all you want, but let's be clever, not deliberately mean. Watch what you post! Genitalia is not allowed! Ok ladies. Here's the first pillow blow, right across your kisser!
  11. Hello LV

    Mickayla May says hi...