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Found 13 results

  1. Hi y'all. I'm Delphine X. I actually signed up for TOB wayyyy back in 2018 in the fall out of NS closing down (RIP), but never used it much. I just reactivated my acct and am excited to get started on here and participate in the rich community you all have going on. Just saying hello! Xx Delphine
  2. Just wanted to introduce Myself. My name is Summer and i am New to TOB. I plan to visit Colorado, Las Vegas and Az often. I love travel so much that I decided the month of September to take a month long trip through the Mountains. My tour schedule is on my website ! I hope to meet many of you. Summer
  3. Tyson's Corner

    First time in DC, staying at Tyson's Corner. Any locals on this board? Nikki
  4. Tyson's Corner

    First time in DC, staying at Tyson's Corner. Any locals on this board? Nikki
  5. Christmas Day activities

    Christmas Day activities? I wanted to put this out here for the visiting TOB ladies. My dinner guest has cancelled. If you would to enjoy a wonderful home cooked meal. PM and bring a decent red wine, this is about sharing a meal together than alone. Merry Christmas to ALL.. Thank you, 1hapyfellar
  6. I’m somewhat confused about this. Every day about half of all the inquiries I get are unable because DTC is just too far away. That I can understand. Out of the other half of inquiries, half of them ask what part of DTC. I tell them and some say they can’t get to that side today. I think we’re talking a 10 minute difference.... maybe these guys are in a super rush? Or is DTC just really that widespread? I have never in any other city been asked to break down the location fractions even smaller.
  7. Hey guys - just joined TOB Last night but I’m definitely not new to the hobby . Anywho - what fun things are there to do in the DTC area ?! or is all the fun Located downtown ?! anywhoooo can’t wait to meet some new people here !!
  8. An Introduction *Salt Lake City*

    Greetings! In the past my "real life" career has taken me to SLC and i've had the pleasure of wonderful company during what little free time I have had there (i do not "tour" per se but almost always have been there often in combination with a business trip- although always amenable to a Fly Me to You I miss the former AHB board and the friends i have made there and reaching out here to reconnect if any have gravitated here that i have missed...esp with my fall travels out that way. xoxo Mel
  9. tabitha thompson

    coming to visit my favorite place.. where is a good location to stay that is best to visit me? kiss you soon!
  10. Has anyone seen this APlus Bunnies lady? She has been in Denver for a while but no reviews at all (except TER).
  11. Hello LV

    Mickayla May says hi...
  12. 1st DENVER Visit! Next Month...

    I'm super excited to finally visit The Mile-High City. Where/what must I absolutely go/visit to enjoy the quintessential "Denver Experience"?
  13. in for a little visit

    hello hello, it's Sasha, i've been away for a bit (moved to the sunshine state), but am in town for a short while and definitely wanted to say "hey" and see what fun was taking place