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  1. Luscious Lily Tryst

    Excuse me, I'm not sure what is going on here. These messages, this thread, is from 2021 and I joined recently June 2023.. This is puzzling how this got on my name. Can someone please fill me in on wth is going on?? I don't live in Texas. I'm not visiting there. Colorado, yes. What number did you contact? Again, what in the heck is going on. I don't have any probs on P411 or Tryst , where you should reach me instead of here. Ill remove myself, if need be. Cuz this is not cool.
  2. Immature Adults these days...

    Sounds like she forgot what customer service is all about. This is a business and should be conducted as one. You mentioned her being an established provider. Possibly jaded by the job? Who knows but it should not fall upon the innocent. Sorry you had that experience. Better luck in the future.
  3. Hello! Im Lily and Im new to TOB Just learning how to navigate it all. Be sure to say hello! Im excited to be here!