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  2. Memorial weekend

    Sitting here with a friend thinking how lucky I am to have the friends that I have and to have known the friends that I've known who are no longer with us many of whom paid the ultimate price so that I can sit and relax with a friend now. The Memorial Day weekend is a time to appreciate those who have sacrificed for us and giving us the freedoms that we have. I thank God that we have had the strong men and women that we have had in the past and the ones that we have now and pray that God holds them in his hands. May each and everyone of you have all the joys you can have with your friends and family at this time
  3. Why Don't Asian Girls Shave Their Snatches?

    So how is this different from finding that the YL is a brunette and telling her that would not do and that you would be bringing a blonde hair coloring kit? I am just an Apprentice here but have had the pleasure of spending time with ladies with the full range of grooming styles and have loved them all. Just like the ladies themselves they are all beautiful and wonderously fascinating in their own unique ways. It is the exploration of this uniqueness that makes this hobby so compelling to me. Just my thoughts.
  4. Is perfume verboten?

    I wish I could, but a good portion of colognes on me give me the worst headaches and can literally make me sick-especially if they are too sweet or musky. I know that I am not the only one that is sensitive to this. Oh, and clients...NEVER put cologne "down there". A real quick way to not get some extra attention(if you know what I mean). xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  5. Today
  6. Coming up on a long weekend!

    I already started the weekend today by taking a very long hike with the dogs in the foothills. then had to give them a bath as they played in the mud and the stream. Having bbq with friends tomorrow as we are going camping and fishing in a private spot with great scenery and a hell of a fishin hole. I suppose they will need another bath. on Monday will go to memorial day services. I was in the service and had a few friends who died in line of duty. Need to pay my respects to all before and after me.
  7. Memorial weekend

    To The TOB Ladies, Be safe and have fun this memorial weekend. Hope all goes good well for all; hobbyists and providers. To my fellow Veterans providers and hobbyists let’s think of ours past and current brothers and sisters that made the ultimate sacrifice. “Give them one hell of last ride in his or her memory!” mic drop. 5x OIF VETERAN
  8. Coming up on a long weekend!

    Well said BR. May I use a quote from and old Marine " I am not a hero but I had the honor of walking beside a few," I will spend the day remembering friends and comrades whom are no longer with us. Semper fi
  9. Is perfume verboten?

    I would be more than happy to make this accommodation in regards to some of the requests I receive lol... Now I am curious what is the scent you prefer??? I personally love Chanel 5 and YSL black opium 😊
  10. Short end of the stick

    Thank you very very much 💋
  11. Coming up on a long weekend!

    Raine -- Words cannot express my sorrow for the loss of your Mother. The pain of loosing a parent never goes away, you just get use to not having them around. I think of mine every day. I just sent you a virtual hug. Be strong. BR
  12. Memorial day wkend is coming

    For those that have been lost 💙🇺🇸 Enjoy your weekend loves! XxKae Marie
  13. Is perfume verboten?

    Like any other booking requests, just speak to her prior to arrive and all should go smoothly. Just to make sure no one is allergic or anything. Gifting your preference is best form. XxKae Marie
  14. Negative Reviews

    I would write the review and the reason why was brought up by Badboy. Letting this slide takes business from the legit and professional ladies.
  15. All Time Favorites?

    Golden Corral gives great salad bar.
  16. Is perfume verboten?

    I know nothing of scent etiquette, except I know not to show up stinky. I do read on P411 profiles what the Lady might like and do on occasion take them their fav scent. I don't have a problem with leaving with their scent on me either. Good thread, honestly wish I had more class.
  17. Is perfume verboten?

    Sorry exclusive is not the right word. How about personal instead?
  18. Is perfume verboten?

    I don't want to miss an opportunity to get extra credit!
  19. Is perfume verboten?

    Good point and not a problem, but would the YL be willing to wear it. Smell is really an exclusive sense.
  20. Is perfume verboten?

    I think it would be amazing if you bought her your favorite perfume, but you should not expect a YL to buy it for you. That is an expense she should not have to take on.
  21. Hello Denver

    Welcome aboard.
  22. Was told not to bother old clients

    All I really want to know is, "Am I on your menu?" .... But you are correct. We always face YMMV, but there are a few things that I consider "must haves". If the lady is willing to respond after screening me, that's great. But more than once I've experienced that response being less than fully truthful.
  23. Is perfume verboten?

    I get that some hobbyists/sportsmen/dudes can’t risk it, but I don’t have that problem. I don’t see a p411 tag for it but I know that the ladies select a preference. I am assuming for gifts. So for the ladies can I request a perfume? (Yes I know that I can) is it rude? Can I select the flavor if its not on your list? Should i put it in my profile? Maybe I’m just getting old (in years not in spirit or maybe in spirit not in years) or still awkward after all of these years. But it would be like cranking it to eleven for me. Sent from my iPhone please excuse typos. My thumbs are fat and my eyesight sucks
  24. Memorial day wkend is coming

    I am ready! let the festivities begin
  25. Warming up N VEGAS

    Dry heat over humidity is preferred for me!
  26. How's everybody doin"?

    They’re predicting 100+ in S.Tx this weekend. ☀️🔥🔥🔥
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