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  2. Mr.Manson

    I'm a supporter of the death penalty, but as strange as it may seem it's almost always more expensive to execute someone than it is to house them for life. The endless appeals and other formalities eat up an enormous amount of resources. I support the death penalty because I think that if it's what the family wants, they should be able to get that closure. However, I also agree that it's not a detriment to criminals. If I had to choose between the death penalty and the rest of my life in prison you couldn't kill me fast enough. Prison is hell. Death is the easy way out.
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  4. Mel Tillis

    Hey, lighten up! In the real world I am a professional disability advocate and do more for the benefit of disabled people in a week than most people do in their entire lives. I spend much of each day with people in wheelchairs, on prosthetics, in mental fogs, dragging oxygen bottles, you name it. So maybe I'm just a little more comfortable joking about life and it's array of challenges than most people are, since the one thing that all disabled people can joke about is their disability. I loved Mel Tillis (yes, I am that old), and like I said earlier, my stuttered good bye was a homage to not only the man, but the character he created and fruitfully exploited. I said goodbye to him the same way he would have said it to me, with a stutter. So there, it's how I feel and f f f f fuck you if you don't like it. Jeeze, everybody is so damned judgmental around here.
  5. I agreed to pick her up

    I've driven for Uber and also ordered rides for myself and for providers, I con't imagine why you wouldn't be able to.
  6. I agreed to pick her up

    I guess I'm with Gregory on this - I love the opportunity to drive a lady about. I look upon it as a chance to get to know her better without being on the clock - free time and companionship, if you like. I have offered to take ladies who don't have cars on errands, and usually have an absolute gas, talking, laughing, just hanging out like we are on a real date. For me, it is just a real GFE extension. I remember one time I took my ATATF about thirty minutes away to a friend's house, where we picked up the friend (also a provider) and her little daughter, and then I ran them all back downtown. During the drive, my ATATF's old boyfriend called on the phone and I got to hear her tell the former BF that she couldn't talk, because she was with "her man." She also introduced me to the little daughter as "my boyfriend," and I just about died from happiness. BadBoy be in heaven. I am a very simple man.
  7. Hello TOB

    Hello TOB, I have been an active Hobbyist and user of this great site for a decade. Thanks to all the girls that have previously vouched for me, using the analog system. I'm hoping to streamline verification from now on. Thank you for all the reviews too. This is the best part of this site for me. Having been burned multiple time's I feel obligated to share my experiences as well. A Hoplite Steve
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  9. Mel Tillis

    I may have found a new artist to listen too! Good Stuff!
  10. I agreed to pick her up

    I felt like I had to reply to this topic because I have had the pleasure of giving many ladies a ride when other plans didn't work out. I do consider owning a car and being able to operate it legally a privilege not a right. From the time I obtained my drivers license I have given rides to friends less fortunate than myself. Every so often a lady does have a problem with transportation and I will tell them that if they are comfortable with me I will be glad to pick them up and drive them back afterwards. I am unable to order an Uber or a Lyft because both companies have me listed as a driver for them. This stems from me filling out a application for Uber, just so I could get a $20 credit on an expensive, addicting internet golf game. I don't know how Lyft obtained my information, but apparently I drive for them also. Many ladies decline my offer, which I understand because I am a stranger. Some girls do accept my offer though, I try and make them comfortable- my car is clean and in great running condition, I'm a safe driver, and I make sure I give them my address so they know where I'm taking them. Usually I will pick them up and drop them off a block from where they live because I don't need to know where they reside. Most of the time the girls transportation problems come up at last minute (shit happens), and at least they're letting me know they can't make it ( that another topic- ncns). If I am able that's when I tell the lady I will be glad to give them a ride- nsa. That brings me to my point- the time she is in my car and we are talking, getting to know one another is awesome. That is the special time that she is not asking me to pay for. Asking for anything for a simple will of good gesture is not the way I was brought up. I do have one great story of one sweet lady- her friends dropped her off at my house and parked down the street. After our session was over and she left, she came back and said her friends were gone. I invited her back in while she tried to contact her friends, apparently they drove to the other side of town. I told her she was welcome to wait at my place or I would be happy to give her a ride. She asked if I could give her a ride to meet her friends, so I give her a ride across town and her friends aren't there ( they weren't very good friends). She's upset and worried about inconveniencing me, I let her know it was not a problem and was enjoying getting to know her. She asked me if I could give her a ride home, which was on the complete other side of town, I said " sure I'm not going to leave you stranded". She offered to give me back a good portion of the donation I had given her, which I absolutely declined. We even stopped to get food at a drive thru, and had been in my car for at least 2 hours. We were getting close to her place and she asked me if I was still horny because she was, I said "hell yeah", I found a dark, inconspicuous to park. The session we had at my house was great, the experience we had in my car was indescribable but firmly imprinted in my memory. I know that offering and accepting rides from strangers is not usually a good idea but sometimes intimacy precludes uneasiness. Having a conversation in my car is very intimate to me, and I just hope to repay some of the kindness that the ladies have shown towards me.
  11. Am I wrong??

    I leave it at, "Thank you for your inquiry, but I am not interested". That should suffice. Good luck.
  12. Fuckin Broncos...

    I watch football for entertainment, not a PSA on social issues. What they do on their own time is fine, but just don't be a distraction on the field.
  13. Fuckin Broncos...

    Here let's try this. Can we all agree on the following because this circular argument is old. 1.) employers are within their bounds by demanding a code of conduct by their employees. you can't bring guns to work in most cases, right? 2.) the president is abusing his powers by stepping into the matter and making demands 3.) the protest, as quoted by those partaking and ones running it now, is NOT about disrespecting the flag but instead a disappointment in this country at its failure to acknowledge or even demand police be held accountable for their negligent actions 4.) those guys -and really anyone for that matter-, short of their employer saying otherwise because of a penalty and even then they do not have to because a penalty is in place and it's really if they choose to accept the punishment or fall in does not have to stand as it is not a government mandate or law, but a choice, and a freedom to oppose it is protected by the 1st amendment 5.) everyone is entitled to their opinion 6.) no one seemed to give a shit when teams didn't even come out for the national anthem, nor do they stop at home and demanded everyone stand and salute, or stands at attention when at concession stands 7.) the NFL has been politicized long before this
  14. Mel Tillis

    One of my favorite current singers stutters, she did a talk on it a few years back.
  15. Mel Tillis

    Memorization is part of it, but a major part is that music uses different parts of the brain.
  16. Fuckin Broncos...

    1) The employer (NFL, team owner, or even coach) has a right to demand that employees (players, coachs, etc) stand during the anthem when representing the franchise. 2) I have the right to not partake of their product if they fail to do so.
  17. I agreed to pick her up

    This is a $hitshow from start to end. It was destined to end in wasted time and annoyance for everyone. Here's why 1) plan was constantly changing. Creating uncertainty and anxiety for everyone 2) undisclosed expectations. If you are not clear from the beginning don't be surprised when things don't turn out the way you expected 3) picking her up? Such a bad idea especially given the description. Your spider sense should have gone off. You must be willing to walk away. Instead you did everything you could to keep moving towards failure.
  18. Fuckin Broncos...

    Personally I don’t think Kaep is more than a mid tier QB but Brock is starting in Denver and people ask how that’s a thing. Cutler was brought out of retirement. The Browns are...the Browns. Hell even Chicago has no idea what to do in QB terms. We can argue the merits of a starter all day. I agree with you that it’s your right to disagree. I actually said so in my previous post and will continue to argue that. I just wish as many people angry about people not standing would be equally as angry as to what prompted the protest. Like I said though, all the demands for players to stand, even by our president, are in direct conflict of the 1st amendment. Please voice your concerns and option but don’t demand anything from others. And I’m not arguing “if the employer tells you to abide.”
  19. I'm baaaack!

    Oh how I've missed all of you fun and beautiful people! What's been going on? What's the gossip? What's the word? Give me all the naughty details! XoXo LICKS & KISSES!
  20. Mel Tillis

  21. Fuckin Broncos...

    I'm not saying Osweiler or any other unemployed quarterback is better than Kaepernick. I'm saying that in my opinion, Kaepernick is no better of a quarterback than Osweiler or any other backup quarterbacks. The Broncos brought Osweiler back in because they culd get him for the league minimum. Kaepernick is demanding starter money...something that is turning off the teams. Some teams may not be hiring him because of his stance. He made his choice and now he has to live with it. Just as Kaepernick and any other player has the right to kneel during the National Anthem, I have the right to say to say it is disrepectful.
  22. Am I wrong??

    tell them straight up.....better to know than to wonder
  23. SMILF

    Yes,they run 30 min.
  24. Mel Tillis

  25. Fuckin Broncos...

    I only have 1 tat, and I didn't even cry
  26. Fuckin Broncos...

    Damn, Fishin'Dude, I pictured you as much older, and maybe not quite so handsome. What a surprise. Love your tats. BTW, I also stand for the National Anthem, and think it is great that you do too, but it's a personal thing that I don't try and impose on other people, just like my religion, and my morals, and my politics. We used to have a very interesting country where we could each express our opinions without trying to force them on others, then we got the Twit in Chief, who believes that only he ever has the correct opinion, and shit has ever since been constantly in the fan.
  27. I agreed to pick her up

    Yummy! Feeding me Dishes That aren't found here is a great way to get in my Skirt
  28. SMILF

    I’ve got it in my list of shows but have yet to start it. The episode me are only 30mins, right? I can’t do an hour of that and Shameless.
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