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  1. Are very long fingernails sexy?

    No interest for me..... but I understand nails, or hair, or make-up are not supposed to be about or for me.
  2. Best Local Denver restaurants

    Buckhorn Exchange
  3. raw meat, is where it begins

  4. BS

    I find that as I age my allergies to stupid people and pain seem to get worse. Unfortunately, there is not any medical help for this, and Jose and jack just seem to intensify the allergy to stupid
  5. Stood up twice in one day

    That does indeed generate a low pressure area, BUT better than having a session with a mental no show. I have had a few ncns only one bothered to call and explain. Shake the dust off your boots, you have LOTS of options in Denver area, party on.
  6. I wish Michael Jackson was still alive

    Sorry, not my cup of tea ...... while we are wishing, I WISH Ann Margret was 30 again.
  7. More strange hooker math...

    IF I were interested, I would simply book 2 hours????? Maybe there is a multi hour discount????? I am certain there is a method to her madness, I just can't see what it might be.
  8. Contributions

    tribute placed in the open, splayed out for easy confirmation in place prior to the arrival of the lady. Dealing with verified ladies and ladies as classy Melissa, greatly reduces the cash and dash issue. I never discuss $$$ and activities. I get that info from my research.
  9. Gabriel (303) 860-2896

    I Googled the phone number and there is a TOB profile with 3 reviews, two are no recommend
  10. years on TOB

    This activity has it's risks. That has been stated here many times. IF your fear is paralyzing, then you must find a way to deal. IMHO if you ever go to an appointment without some nervousness or apprehension, you will likely end up getting careless and into a tough spot. If you just don't partake, you will likely miss a nice experience. Kinda like riding a motorcycle. If you ever get on a bike and aren't just a bit afraid, your are going to get hurt. The first appointment is the toughest.
  11. Miss MandiMason 💖 Relocated in ABQ•

    Welcome to New Mexico.
  12. p411 down?

    seems to be my experience as well. Folks talk about a government shut down like that's a bad thing???
  13. 411 on justjenny

    Oh my.
  14. New to Denver! :)

    well, guess I need to plan a trip to Denver.
  15. What's In Your Toolbox?

    yes, I will peruse the web site if there is one, but I have seen dozens with nothing more than a post (and solid reviews) here, and until recently just a page on p411. The loss of service descriptions on p411 has put more importance on reviews. Often I will use pm on p411 and request my future date review my profile and be CERTAIN that the things I enjoy (require) do not fall outside her comfort level.