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  1. Roadtrip

    Perhaps Omaha, Salt Lake LOOOOOOOONG drive K.C Mo.
  2. Educating Clients Using This Platform

    I am curious ....... what information did you use to come up with 90% ?????????????
  3. Chik-Fil-A

    Spicy Chicken deluxe. Their shakes are pretty good,
  4. Have U Been 2 the GFE/ATF Mountaintop?

    Isn't there a rule about not feeding trolls??????????????????????????????
  5. I did not see her and I did not buy Mr Number. I admit I was tempted, as the lady in question was using a couple photos that are of a lady I knew at one time.
  6. I tried to visit a lady on STG (last resort} in Pueblo. I had some strong reservations and then she told me that the only way I could see her reviews was to get on "Mr. Number" and then search her number. That is a paid app that used to be free. Has anyone here used this?
  7. Lingerie or Topless Massage no Ending, is there a market for it?

    I might be a player depending on cost and massage quality ..... and location.
  8. Screening…..

    Personally, I tend to ignore "advice" from pro johns that have no reviews here.
  9. Pueblo

    I will be in Pueblo area mid May and would like to perhaps meet a lady for some fun. The listings here are pretty scant for the Pueblo area, and nothing I can find on STG has been able to easy my worries about ladies on that site. Any suggestions or otr ladies there? Ladies please message IF you are available there.
  10. Interest Rates

    Pay your credit card bill every month and interest has no impact.
  11. Ummmm ....... I'll pass.

    THAT does not require AI. Any portrait photographer with an up to date Photo Shop can do that.
  12. Ummmm ....... I'll pass.

    While I have concerns about AI generated photos, It appears that AI was used to generate the background on the photos in question.
  13. Scary Distressing incident, please advise!

    It is possible that the butt fungus that did this to you is already a felon ...... I suspect that you could do a search of public records and find out. IF he is, he is not permitted to have any kind of weapon unless Colorado has gone woke on that too. To be a felon in possession of a weapon in most places results in an express trip to the local corrections facility. Unfortunately you likely would have to explain how you came to be aware of his firearm.
  14. Law enforcement

    The law allows such practice, for a street operation common sense and self preservation obviously command a different approach.
  15. Law enforcement

    It is amazing to me how little so many folks know about what L.E. can and cannot do. They can lie to you (are you a cop) they can pay deposites, in some states they can have sex with a provider to bolster a case. They can use a different phone number and they will even do what is necessary to "pass" the L.E. test at the first of a meeting. MOST of the folks on sites like this know this, those on other sites do not.