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  1. Gentlemen , is this necessary to wait......

    I have only cancelled with ladies 3- 4times. All but one was on the same day the appointment. Once, I was on my way to meet a lady in the Security area because I had been broadsided in Pueblo. Once, my S.O decided to go with me at the last minuet and once my flight turned back for maintenance. Each time was something that was beyond my control and I had no option but to pull the plug. The last time I cancelled, I had about 4 days notice, and notified the lady as soon as I knew. I know this is bad juju for you or any other lady, at least from where I stand, I would not have made the appointment if I didn't want to see her. Heck, I have even gone ahead with a "prior appointment" when another, more intriguing lady responded after an appointment was made.
  2. What's in Your Glass?

    FILTERED water with lemon
  3. Halloween

    I remember a couple epic parties that were held with providers and clients. One was at a Chinese theatre, and was Halloween, one was at a now gone motel at Bellview& Quebec .
  4. any polygamist here?

    One does not have to be a polygamist to have one spouse too many.
  5. signs of trafficking?????

    I am not one to frequent a provider younger than 28 ........ just my preference. Want nothing to do with younger than that.
  6. After reading and interacting in another thread, I started thinking. When an AMP advertises "new girls or young new girls here now, might this be a "clue" about possible trafficking? Perhaps I am reading too much into the ad, but everything I have read about trafficking, the victims are often moved around. Just wondering about what oothers think about this. I, for one, will be much more observant. For what it's worth, I rarely patronize an amp.
  7. stings

    I have met many honest cops ........ too bad a few bad ones get them all painted. Sorry for your negative experiences. The title "judge" explains your observation.
  8. stings

    I agree with what you are saying but officers can not enforce selectively. IF all they catch are traffickers, they are good, but if/when an "adult" gets snared in their traps, they must take action. When it comes to prostitution, there is no catch and release, at least not by the police.
  9. stings

    I agree with both the ladies here, BUT unless/until this "hobby" is legalized, what we do here is a crime. so, it is a misdemeanor, but it is still not legal. The officers are bound by law, and oath, to enforce ALL the laws of the government that employs them. The clients must endeavor to avoid any provider that is not of legal age or that is not doing this by choice. (not sure I think financial need is a valid reason for the choice) All these board are proof that morality can not be legislated, but humane dignity should not be crushed by clients and traffickers. Ladies here (or anywhere) should be a level of respect that is afforded to any civilian.
  10. So That's What That Means.....

    After viewing your profile, those things mean whatever you want them to.
  11. So this happened

    Hey darling ...... sorry about your illness, and get well soon. According to your surgeon, that's enough out of you for awhile
  12. Hello Albuquerque!

    Eccie and p411 are where you will find the most activity. I use p4111 almost exclusively and have yet to regret being a life member
  13. Deposits

    Should and do are two different things entirely. In my 10 plus years in this pastime, I have canceled exactly twice and had one no show 'cause I rolled a car on the way to an appointment. I will take a pass on a deposit.
  14. 14ers with my dogs

    When I read the title, I was shocked, .......then I read the responses and realized you were talking about mountains.