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  1. Would you do this if you got caught?

    That "tat" looks awfully photoshopped. The text is very uniform, almost laser print quality. Also, the "red" is very consistent.

    Female kiss mutilation is not just in the middle east:)
  3. How does this suggestion sound?

    This IS called a hobby. By definition, a hobby is something done in ones' leisure time. If you want to save time, collect clocks and watches
  4. Collecting

    I seem to be collecting aches and pains .......... only a few are self inflicted
  5. Missing escorting after retirement....

    ONE of my regrets about this hobby is I was never able to make my schedule work so I could see you.
  6. Walked away without even knocking

    Are you sure it was a male voice?????? Maybe a butch or............ I would have booked it if I had heard any other voices. MAYBE you dodged a sting??
  7. Help about losing the erection

    Musical disaster .... playing one of your favorite pieces and your organ fails
  8. Balls really are tasty

    I worked my way through college on a cattle ranch in south east Colorado, Every fall we would round up the 500 - 600 head of cattle, with about 100 calves. We branded all and castrated the males. We kept the balls in a wash tub and at the end of the day we cooked several on shovels over the branding fire. WE split up the remainder for personal consumption. I enjoyed them most filleted, breaded with buttermilk and crackers. Great with horseradish or dip of your choice. I can't fine fresh, uncooked oysters anymore.
  9. Labor Day

    Staying home and putting some ribs in the smoker. Will likely take the fifth wheel and side by side out next week and try to find the moose near Creed. Always wanted to photograph moose
  10. DILF’s

    When I saw "dilf" I was thinking "daughter". That is what I get for thinking.
  11. Hey Guys, New to Colorado, Loving TOB :)

    I simply must get to Denver again ...... you are stunning.
  12. I stumbled across this back page like site ,, any one have any insights? seems like a collection of rip off opportunities.
  13. How often do they "go to the office" I feel a week is too long to wait.
  14. 411 on Madison

  15. Liar liar pants on fire

    I love to fly fish (catching is different). I am just as happy to be butt deep in a nice deep pool (away from the worlds butt heads) and ndever worry about a catch no reason to lie about that.