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  1. Biden for 2024

    I had a high school teacher (biology) that was ranting about global cooling and some of the students were concerned about some looming extinction event for a field mouse and the instructor said that ALL species would eventually go extinct, even humans. Natural selection at its' best.
  2. Useless reviews

    I suspect that IF the lady was LE the client would not be writing a review ....... that would just be more evidence that would be used against him if it went to court.
  3. Immature Adults these days...

  4. Increasing Threats, Harrassment and Solicitations

    I do photography (and other activities not related to here) and when I saw your profile pictures I tried to imagine have you as a model. IF I had decided to pull the trigger on that thought, my call or email would have been " I have seen your profile and I find you very attractive. I would love to set a session with you that would include photography. Would you be interested in such a session. Thanks for reading this, I hope to hear from you soon". I did not send this but would that be considered harassment or threatening?
  5. 411 on smokkeshow

    The link goes to an empty page.
  6. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    during the 2 + years I was writing my thesis I was "encouraged" by several P.H.D. s to slant my research toward a segment that pay a great deal in research grants but would make very little impact on what I was researching. I lost a lot of respect for academia during that time.
  7. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    I certainly was not demeaning you.
  8. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    So taking part in a PUBLIC FORUM and expressing a dissenting opinion is driving men from this group???? I suspect that it is more likely that the providers here that become plain toxic when some man dares disagrees with them. In no way did I question the O.P's feelings, OR her statements. I questioned the obvious. BTW just how will learning that animals have different accents help insure their survival?
  9. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    Federal Grants | Office of Financial Aid | University of La Verne
  10. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    What is "sad" is the amount of tax payer money spent on this "study" and the fact that this "Doctor" has a following of students whose advanced studies will be trying to identify other animals dialects. Just more proof that too many people are educated far beyod their intelligence.
  11. issue with provider

    Based on the way this site has morphed, I will not and have not used my handle here when seeing a lady for quite some time. I ALWAYS use a hobby phone and email account. I screen through p411 and generally only see ladies there. IF they happen to be TOB all the better, but that is not a requirement.
  12. issue with provider

    So this is all his fault????????
  13. that is what I get when I post before coffee.
  14. Why is blonde not possible?????