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  1. Football season is here

    I don't want to see coach (Optimus) Prime fail, but I'm not a fan of the brutal way he overhauled the team. Only 10 scholarship players from last year are still on the roster. Sanders brought in 68 new scholarship players including 9 from Jackson State. It use to be a college coach had to play with the players he inherited and build a team with solid recruiting. But Sanders got to bring in a whole new team and is praised for the miraculous turnaround. But the Buffs will do well, on name recognition alone players will want to play in Boulder for Neon Deion. I know he said he will not leave the Buffs for the NFL. But I'm sure Jackson State thought he would stay longer than 3 seasons. (After all God called Deion collect to tell him to re-build Jackson State.) So I would not be suprised if Deion left for the NFL after a couple of seasons in Boulder. Did you notice the Oregon students did not rush the field after the win? If CU students rush the field after every home win that just waters it down and makes it not special anymore. Does the University have to replace the goal posts after every home win? I'm sure that would get expensive. But enough football NHL pre-season has started, so my attention will shift.

    I thought twice about posting this, because I don't want to yuck anybody's yum. I know the point of this story is the generosity of someone unfortunate who has very little. But this story mad me a little sad. It appears that she would rather have drugs than food. She essentially (All be it maybe not interntionally) sold you her cheeseburger for drugs. I know technically she didn't sell it to you because she said you did not owe her anything. But for all intent and purposes, she sold it to you when she said you could give her money to buy drugs. Maybe instead of money you could give her some food more nutritious than McDonald's? She might not accept it, I have had my own experience trying to give a homeless person food. They got angry and said they wanted cash. But I hope she is doing well, and she is able to resolve the issue of whoever is out to get her. And I hope she can stay warm with the colder weather approaching.
  3. Football season is here

    The reason I call CSU the little guy is because they play in the Mountain West and not one of the 5 power conferences. I would assume that this effects recruiting. I always hear CU fans complain about having to play CSU. That they have nothing to gain and everything to lose. Like they are a division II school so I'm glad you mentioned enrollment. But currently CSU has 28 players from Colorado on it's roster and CU only has 11. I always thought of CSU as the local team, and CU as a national team. That's good to hear that next year's game is in Ft. Collins I did not know that. All I can say is finally, they have not played CU there since 1996. But since then they have played in Boulder 5 times. You can say the nuetral site games were for higher capacity, but those games never sold out the entire stadium. I always felt it was a compromise by CU so they would not have to go to Ft. Collins. I won't defend the late hit by Blackburn on Huter that was bad. But that blindside block in the 2nd OT was a bad call and ending up costing the game for CSU. But it should not have come to that. CU had to go 98 yards in a little over a minute and make a 2- pt conversion to even tie. CSU had more yards and time of possession, but in the end it was not enough to win. I understand most of the people here are CU fans (And probably alumni) so I don't mean to ruffle feathers. The sunglasses comment was in jest, but I do stand by it. Wearing sunglasses when it's dark functionality makes no sense.
  4. Football season is here

    I just wanted to give a shout out to Colorado State for a valiant effort against the Buffs. I know they are not the sexy team in this state, but I was pulling for them in this game. CU has all the hype, the media coverage and celebs on their side. Heck the championship trophy was on campus yesterday. I like rooting for the little guy. Kind of like rooting for the Jamaican bobsled team. It always bothered me that CU will not play the Rams in Ft. Collins. (It only seems fair) I always hear from CU fans that this game is not a rivalry, yet the students rushed the field after the game. Well congrats to CU they will need to play much better to beat Oregon. One more hot take, unless you are Corey Hart wearing sunglasses at night looks silly. But I did notice coach Sanders took off the shades when his team starting losing.
  5. Hoosiers

    Good list, but "Glory"? The civil war movie? Or did you mean "Blades of Glory"? "Hoosiers" is good, I always liked Dennis Hopper's arc in that movie. But I have to admit I'm a little dissapointed that in a movie titled "Hoosiers" there was not a Bobby Knight cameo. Maybe he could of been an assistant coach at South Bend Central. My favourite fictional sports movie is "The Love Guru", followed by "Gus". But I prefer sports documentaries or docudramas.
  6. Football season is here

    I'm not really much of a football fan, but it does mean that hockey season is just around the corner. I think Nebraska's problem was they wore white uniforms today. Labor day was last week, and everybody knows you don't wear white after Labor day. I do want everybody's favourite team to win. But win or lose I hope all the players have fun. I wonder if coach Sanders brings orange slices for halftime. That was the best part of the game for me. Does Shedeur have a nickname? Since his dad is "Prime Time" I was thinking he could be "Day Time"
  7. Has anyone truly found their purpose in life…

    "Be excellent to each other." -Wyld Stallyns STATION -Station Oh and Mr Owl is full of crap. He totally bit into that Tootsie Pop after 3 licks. (That commercial always bugged me as a kid)

    That is interesting, I never thought of what's in it for me when I write a review. I always thought the purpose was to help providers by word of mouth, and help other prospective clients know what to expect. We should not need to incentivize clients to write reviews. Maybe providers read client's reviews when they are trying to book with them? Then your reviews might help (or hurt) your chances of booking with them. That might be a good incentive for some. Just a thought, I might be way off base.

    I personally have had a few providers tell me they have read exaggerated reviews about themselves on this site and others. I don't know how commen it is and which ones are exaggerated, but I do think it still happens. Probably not as much as pre-Fosta when the reviews were much more explicit.
  10. RIP Margaritaville

    I'm not a huge Parrot Head, but RIP Jimmy Buffett. I remember having a misunderstanding with someone who was talking about Warren Buffett, and I thought they were talking about Jimmy. I hope you have a cheeseburger wherever you are.
  11. Ben & Jerry’s For Biden

    Chocolate chip act
  12. Ball Busting - Swing away

    I have had providers tell me stories of clients that request this, so some guys like it. The Jack Ass guys didn't seem to mind. As far as child birth I think the fruits of your labor (no pun intended) makes the pain worth it and why women are willing to do it again and again. There is not much upside to being kicked in the nuts.
  13. Useless reviews

    I just had this happen to me as well. (For the first time) I admit I don't post many reviews, but I never had one denied until now. I added more detail until my review was a couple of paragraphs long. It was denied a second time. I was advised by the admin to look at other reviews of providers with less then 10 reviews in the past 12 months. (I thought it might be a new policy but now I see it's not) And I noticed they were much shorter in length, but had all the abbreviations and acronyms. I just am not comfortable submitting a review like that. I then submitted a review on Private Delights with no issue. I hate to say it, but if you have less then 10 reviews here, I won't submit a review for you. (Maybe on Private Delights) I understand that might mean ladies might not want to see me, but I need to stay true to what I am comfortable with.
  14. Interesting comment, I'm curious when you say turn the family situation into a "Chinatown" what exactly do you mean? Are you referring to the film "Chinatown" where Faye Dunaway's character reveals her sister is also her daughter? Or are you making reference to Jack Nicholson (who plays Jake in the movie) who in real life discovered the women he thought was his sister was actually his mom. And the woman he thought was his mom was actually his grandmother.
  15. More Funnies

    This is kind of an old joke that I was thinking about the other day. (Don't ask me why) You can stop me if you've heard it. This elderly couple are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, and the wife wants to make the night special. So when the couple are getting ready to go to bed, the wife goes into the bathroom and takes off all of her clothes. Then she ties a cape around her neck and jumps into the bedroom and exclaims "Super Pussy!" The husband replies "I'll take the soup." You might need to read this aloud to get the joke.