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  1. Goodbye MassageRepublic

    My friendgirl actually just said she eats on there in Texas. So yes it is good in Texas.
  2. Goodbye MassageRepublic

    I been on slixa since my Florida days. Back in 2013 Sad that people are just now finding out about it. In my opinion it only jumps in Florida anyways.
  3. Okay Okies...I need your help

    I go between crest and Wal-Mart. Depends on what your looking for. We also have the Mexican store on me 23rd & meridian. I go there also.. Welcome to OKC Have Fun Be Safe Pm me if you need anything
  4. Sooo Slowwww

    You basically telling her to be cheap.
  5. Hello OKC???

    I'm in OKC born and raised in Guthrie. Stay in OKC near TINKER AIR FORCE.. Let's meet ERICA JADE
  6. Choose your hotel chain carefully

    How the hell will they know? This is very interesting
  7. Choose your hotel chain carefully

    That shit is stereotype.. I definitely be at the bar. I like to have a drink or two. And I have been staying at Marriott along time. Guess it's time for a switch up. I usually don't stay at hotels without a Bar and ATM😴
  8. Gonna be a great week!

    Needed This positive Post... Thanks laci
  9. All these fucking guys playing games. Ya. On tob go figure

    She just had a whole conversation with herself before we got a chance to respond..
  10. Oklahomies ❀

    I'm in SA ready to go home to Whataburger.. jeez I miss it...πŸ€—
  11. Jacksonville, FL

    Jacksonville is trash... But I do know of someone give me a minute.
  12. The new Gaylord by DIA

    Yes Yes Yes but I know how to get in without paying all that... PM me
  13. New here

    Welcome love have fun and be safe... Denver has wonderful food. I also will try all suggestions listed...
  14. Snapchat Verification

    I went a tour last year at this time exact time with my friend girl. She picked up her friend girl during our tour, because of how she screen and carry herself I didn't want to pick her up and I was missed. Anyway my first mind was right. While we was leaving one city going to the next. She FaceTime a client after they had been snap chatting. Long story short he was a cop. Since he knew she was in the car with two other females I was paranoid.. She kept calling our phones saying if you just bring my ID they say they will let me go!😭😭 We hit the highway. So yes I know girls who make plenty off of social media. But I also know girl that got busted off of it also. Don't let the be the only way you verify.
  15. Providers asking for deposit

    I have gotten many deposits from gentleman in Colorado, who profile's is like yours. A year old no REVIEWS Or Reference? Having an account on TOB with no recent Reviews or Reference yes some will require a deposit. Your considered not VeRiFiEd. We just want to stay safe. I use it as a verification and a promise for You to show up. As I don't live in Colorado but fly in 3-5 times a month. I have plenty of REVIEWS and half of them have sent me deposits to come see them. So I guess it depends on if you really want to see that Lady. Do Your Research. And get REVIEWS or Reference and you can by pass the deposit phase. Just my 2 cent