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  1. Hotel reservations

    I just checked My cousin and his wife in to a hotel at home and I had no problem at all... But it was a little bit more up scale than a choice. I have heard this before but it wasn't choice hotels.
  2. Pimps

    The Really do. Even got babies by the dude. My only thing is after you gave him all your money and you decide to leave or he fire you. Then what? Cause I ain't no refunds. I have friends that can't function without a pimp. I can't begin to make y'all understand. Shit I don't understand🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
  3. GFE Means...

    GFE has never been daty, fiv, bb, this is the problem now. When I started out years ago it was cuddling. Now clients want a lot of un safe shit.
  4. Tucson Az

    Will keep my ears opens babe. Let me make a couple of phone calls.
  5. Providers offering Webcam services

    I used to use all the webcam sites until my friend girl was recorded and put on Pornhub.
  6. Helloo Colorado

    Welcome Love Have Lots of Fun 😘
  7. This is only good for Colorado. And slow as it has been there, shit is all I can say
  8. Fall is almost here! Favorite things about fall!

    The Leaves, Cocoa, Big Sweaters With No Panties...
  9. Hey Vegas, I'm back in the saddle again

    Welcome back. Be Safe Have Fun
  10. Show Some Luv Dallas

    Hello I'm From OKC Work Denver A lot. In Houston Right Now. Always past thru Dallas and Just Left Austin.
  11. New to the hobby

    Welcome baby I love Colorado its so much to see and do. Shit they Dave & Busters is the biggest I ever seen. Enjoy yourself play safe and have Fun.
  12. Eros is whack

    I see women on there butt naked. But I put my chocolate Boobs up there and they take my pictures down. But I have been a eros member for 10 years. Honestly it seems if the people with newer accounts are having the worst luck with them. I agree customer sucks Now. It only jumps in certain cities anyway babe. FYI where it cost $100 or more to post
  13. Memorial Weekend

    Back 2 Florida For Me. Beaches, Sun, Sand, And so many Beautiful Women 2 Look At😁😉 Good Food 2
  14. Colorado Springs

    Welcome Baby Have Fun, Play Safe
  15. Colorado Springs locations

    Because they think we gone sit there a week or two and hope they call. 🤦