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  1. Warm drinks for snowy days?

    Hi everyone! I'm curious about what the favorite drinks are to sip on during snowy/chilly days? Any fun suggestions of warm drinks to have available during appointments for a provider, other than the usual coffee or Earl Grey?
  2. Most desired toys?

    I am looking to revamp my toybox and am interested to see what additions would be most desired.
  3. Double trouble

    What have been some of the most enjoyable pairings of providers? Is it common for providers to entertain jointly? I have previously savored 3way delights but as of recently haven't yet linked up with any other amazing providers.
  4. Teamwork

    Hello TOB Lovelys! I've previously had another provider that I worked with occasionally, since we have stopped linking up I have found myself searching for another local provider who is interested in linking up occasionally to provide double sessions. Please reach out to me via TOB messaging. Thanks, I appreciate your time dolls!
  5. Weather related

    I am curious if the weather effects hobbyists desires? Does the frost and cold bring a greater desire for incall or outcall services?
  6. How far down...

    I am curious how far down the list hobbyists go when looking at provider ads. Is it all that important to be the top ad?
  7. Boulder steakhouses?

    I recommend The Boulder ChopHouse
  8. Landrys seafood in DTC

    I am visiting the DTC area and wondering if this fabulous LOOKING place is as fabulous tasting? Has anyone tried them? Any recommendations of other deliciousness in this area?
  9. On the background - music and television.

    Thank you! I'm going to look for it now. Xoxo
  10. On the background - music and television.

    I often play smooth jazz music while entertaining clients. Recently I have begun putting on adult movies instead of playing music during sessions. I haven't received any feedback about the change, or what is preferred. I am curious about what hobbyists generally prefer as their ambience while in appointments? Thanks! Xoxo
  11. I often have requests to visit some of the ski towns and Colorado Springs. I would like to know, from hobbyists and providers, where they find the most fun. I enjoy the Boulder area very much (which is where I regularly work), but this summer there's been an EXPLOSION of providers in this area. I'm interested in traveling more, but am curious as to where's best to stay. Any comments or suggestions to me are greatly welcomed! Thanks! Xoxo
  12. i'm new in town

    Welcome! :*
  13. Review Ettiquette

    Are there many TOB reviewers who see providers and do not review them? Is it rude to specifically request a review from a client?