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Found 6 results

  1. What music do you listen to?

    Hey peeps, tell me what you are listening to right now. I am all about Iron Maiden's new album
  2. Feels like the first time

    Do you have a song that you wish you could listen to for the very first time all over again? If so, which is it and why? I’ll go first, I can never make my mind up or ever just choose one thing, but a song I always go back to is Learning To Fly - Pink Floyd , I’m one of those daydreamers who loves songs that makes me feel like I’m floating/ethereal, and this song just does it for me, it speaks to my soul on another level
  3. Hey guys, it’s my first time being in denver during the Spring season, I was curious if anyone (now that it’s warming up) could make any recommendations for any bars/lounges with a neat atmosphere, outside patio area, or that hosts live music in the dtc area? but don’t mind if it’s in another neighborhood. Thank you in advance, hope everyone’s enjoying this weather!
  4. Personally I think most men see the television turned on as a distraction during sessions but some providers keep them open for some reason. Any ladies here who want to share probable reasons? Music on the other hand definitely can enhance the overall experience depending ofcourse on what type, how loud and the preferences of both parties. At first I did not care about music because I just want to indulge in the "natural sounds" created until I get to appreciate it later on. In my experience, I would say the best mood music would be instrumental EDM trance. Props to Hailey Bee for that:) Any other preference ladies and gents of TOB?
  5. Playlist Thoughts

    The following is the playlist I have developed for sessions. It contains a mix of songs I personally find most erotic, arranged to the rythmn of the 'perfect' hour-long meeting. Total time ( not counting the first two) is about 59 minutes. The first two are played enroute to her incall; these two really get me in the mood and help work out the nerves. I press play 10 minutes before our arranged appointment: Gett Off (Prince) 4:31 #1 Crush (Garbage) 4:36 The next song is quieter, more sensual, and makes good background music for introductions over a glass of wine: Red Light Special (TLC) 5:04 Now, the next set: The best song to start off a dance set, followed by two outstanding lap dance songs. These songs are playful, then teasing, then downright hot! Pour Some Sugar on Me (Def Leopard) 4:52 Buttons (The Pussycat Dolls) 3:45 Justify My Love (Madonna) 5:00 If you need an interlude after round one, this song is excellent for body rubs, dining at the Y, and outfit changes (my favorite) At just over ten minutes, you know you are about half way through the session when the drum beat returns after a piano solo. Principles of Lust (Enigma) 11:43 Round 2 (20 minutes left) Another round of striptease, lap dance, and hot fun! Poison (Alice Cooper) 4:31 Say it Right (Nelly Furtado) 3:43 Closer (Nine Inch Nails) 6:13 Last, You have a cool-down and final parting theme: That's the Way Love Goes (Janet Jackson) 4:25
  6. So we have discussed favorite artists, best mood music, etc. But what is your anthem, the song that best captures your situation in this sporting world? To get it started, mine happens to be "Time the Avenger" by Pretenders, my favorite band. In my opinion Crissy Hynde was the greatest woman rocker, ever. They performed so long ago that no actual live video footage was ever created, so you don't get to see how great she was when performing this song. I never tire of listening to the smoking guitar jam at the end. The video below is actually just from a record, but it is the first number on my workout tape every morning, reminding me of the "tick, tick, tick, tick." Nobody's perfect Not even a perfect stranger But oh what a gal She was such a perfect stranger And you're the best in your field In your office with your girls And desk and leather chair Thought that time was on your side But now it's time the avenger Nobody's permanent Everything's on loan here Even your wife and kids Could be gone next year And with what you have left You'll be forever under pressure To support her And a lover who looks strangely Like time the avenger Time, time, hear the bells chime Over the harbor and the city Time, one more vodka and lime To help paralyze that tiny little tick, tick, tick, tick Nobody's perfect Not even a perfect gent When your property took the a train I wonder where your manners went You were standing at the station In your briefcase Was your aftershave and underwear Can you hear the whistle blow? Sounds like time the avenger Time, time, hear the bells chime Over the harbor and the city Time to kill another bottle of wine To help paralyze that tiny little tick, tick, tick, tick