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  1. Strip Club Experience

    Well, this is a fantasy board. My fantasy is just more...involved.
  2. Best Impressions

    Damn, that sounds awesome! There is something for everyone, but I am in the camp of those that prefer a nicely prepared presentation like that. Some like the jeans and t-shirt approach, I prefer something more elegant.
  3. Best Impressions

    For the gents: What are the little extras that a lady has done during a session that really impressed you above the norm? Things like the way the incall was set up (mints on the pillow?) 😜
  4. Thoughts on provider pics

    Wow, that would definitely put a crimp in my enthusiasm!.. When I see professionally done photos, it is a major reassurance for me. Many selfies are too close in or blurred to get a feel for what the lady will look like in a session. Cleaner shots are also sexier in my opinion. Photoshop aside, I would much rather be with a lady with quality photos; the impression I get is that she is professional and is putting serious thought and effort into her presentation.
  5. Am I Too Prude…or Am I Too Naïve?

    I am similar, but for different reasons. Discussing specifics during an encounter makes it much too clinical. Discussing beforehand is much less stressful and lets our meeting flow more naturally. Additionally, for some reason I can never get into dirty talk. Every time I have tried I feel so foolish, it just doesn't feel right 😜
  6. Strip Club Experience

    Interlude: The opening notes for Enigma's 'Principles of Lust' take over the evening. As you recline, she takes your glass and steps into the kitchen to refill it with another. You hear her heels tapping on the kitchen floor and sigh with contentment. You watch her as she returns, places the cold drink in your hand, and bends down to kiss you. She kneels down again and neatly removes your pants, your boxers, and your socks. She folds them on the ground beside you under the lamp. Then, she smiles and quietly returns to the next room out of sight to change. The drink tastes great; you can feel it warming your temples. The movie playing in the background draws your attention as two women go down on each other on an executive desk: a lovely sight. On the nightstand next to you, you see that she has placed a few magazines for you to enjoy. Penthouse Letters draws your attention; you really love those! You are enjoying a story about a maid seducing the lord of the manor when you hear the door open to the other room. Red light frames her in a robe that is mostly lace with purple satin trim. Underneath, you can see hints of burgundy and Crimson. She saunters towards you and twirls to show off her outfit. Her legs are bare except for her red fur slippers that cover her toes. On each ear, she has a set of pearl teardrop earrings with a matching string of pearls draped on her neck. She slides behind you and rubs your shoulders to ease you further into your chair. You close your eyes and listen to the music for a while until she whispers to ask if you are ready for the VIP room...you are. She leads you into the next room which is lit by two lamps with red bulbs in them. Your eyes adjust to the warm glow and you see that she is leading you to a couch covered in a dark satin sheet. As you make yourself comfortable, the music closes and the next song begins...
  7. A survey for the gentlemen, hypothetical setup...

    I think I would have some serious reservations, but the idea of visiting a secluded park in the woods - that's pretty hot!
  8. Playlist Thoughts

    Nice- Gifts like that are a great idea!
  9. Strip Club Experience

    SCENE 4: The music is slower, but more urgent. Before, there was a playful, joyful character to her movements; now she becomes much more focused. She locks her eyes on yours and begins running her hands along the top of your thighs. You cup her breasts in your hands and pull her towards you. She begins rhythmicly massaging and caressing of your cock. You can barely restrain yourself as you arch into her; she leans in and presses you back into the chair. Your pants are quickly undone and drawn to your ankles, once again gently restraining you as she pins them underneath you. She runs her lips across your boxers creating a wonderful sensation. Sadly, that pair will have to disappear...no use trying to get lipstick out of silk... Her fingers tease you through the legs of your boxers and gently stroke your sack. Your boxers are pulled to join your trousers and the cool air makes you surge to attention. Her lips replace the cool with warm wetness and firmly clamp you between them. She elevates her pacing and rhythm; the sensations gradually grow in intensity and speed then slow as she senses your climax. She uses her hands to extend the depth of her throat as she takes you in. Madonna's breathy melody urges you on while her tongue is busy teasing you with little flicks. Soon, she is done playing: she increases pace and pressure without relenting. You can barely keep your eyes open as your body shakes with pleasure. Each jolt is stronger than the last, but she maintains her lips sealed to you and her tongue surging against you. She stays on you and gently strokes you in time with each shudder until you settle completely. As you relax, she gently slides off of you with a grin. She kisses you gently and steps away to prepare for the next act...
  10. Strip Club Experience

    I had no idea; sorry about that. On that note, you probably shouldn't read my next post. 😉
  11. A bonus

    Excellent! Good for you!
  12. Strip Club Experience

    SCENE 3: Her strip tease evolves into a full-on lap dance. She rises from her knees and teases the buttons of her blouse in time to the lyrics. Each time she undoes a button, her body quivers with excitement. She turns away from you and let's the blouse slide off of her shoulders to your lap. Gently, she eases back into your lap. You can faintly smell the Doir Ja'Dore you gave her last time as she slides over you. Her blouse rustles under her as it lubricates the space in between you with soft strokes. You feel her warm skin pulsing against you when you place your hands on her hips just above her silk garter belt. You love the feel of her stockings against your legs and the way they show off her stunning curves: This is heaven. She pivots in your lap and straddles you in the sturdy armchair. The balconett bra she is wearing displays her breasts like little truffles in ruffled baskets; her dark nipples are left exposed and are erect with pleasure. The smell of her perfume now commands your attention as you lean in to nuzzle her cleavage. Your hands tuck into the small of her back and pull her into you while she gently grinds against your lap. Her hands clasp your cheeks and gently comb the hair back at your temples with manicured red fingernails. Her fingers meet behind your head and guide your lips first to one nipple, then another. As the song keeps urging you, you pull at the clasp at the back of her bra and the tops of her garters, but she playfully arches away. She teases you by taking your hands in hers and sucking your fingers, slowly bringing one after another into her mouth. Her lipstick is Crimson and leaves red marks on your knuckles, but you know you will get a hot shower after this so you don't care. You probably wouldn't care even if there was no shower... She pulls your shirt off of your shoulders and down to your wrists to gently restrain you. Her breath warms your neck as she begins to kiss a trail along your exposed shoulders across to your collarbone. Her hands return to your shoulders and down to fondle your chest and abs. She kisses and sucks your ears with her breasts pressed against you; the heat between you is making you restless and you arch into her. Suddenly, she stretches her body to its full length and slides down your lap to the floor at your feet. Her hands pause at your lap and tug your belt from its buckle; your belt is quickly whipped away and set aside. She returns to her feet and spins before you, sending her hair out in a gorgeous arc. She quick-steps back to the pole and leans heavily into it while she extends her hips back towards you. When she bends, you are thrilled to see that her thong is crotchless; it parts slightly as she presses towards you. She twirls to the beat and slides up and down the pole with her eyes locked on yours. Her hands guide your gaze as she gropes all the curves of her body and rocks her hips to the music As she leans back against the pole, she tucks her hands behind her and unclasps her bra. She quickly turns as the straps fall from her shoulders and expose her naked back to you. With her hands on her breasts, she struts around the pole and let's the bra float to the ground at her feet. Her hands fall to her hips with a smile and a wink. Her stilettos strut back to you and then around you. Behind you, she kisses your neck and moans as her hands slide down your chest and back to your jaw. Her teeth pull your earlobe and you tilt your head to follow her lead. She circles back in front of you by your feet and kneels, forcing your legs apart with her hands. She frees your hands from your shirtsleeves and presses them to her breasts. The music shifts and Madonna begins urging you to 'Justify My Love'
  13. Playlist Thoughts

    If you like, feel free to try this playlist out and let me know if it works for you. If you have a similar playlist, please share below!
  14. Playlist Thoughts

    The following is the playlist I have developed for sessions. It contains a mix of songs I personally find most erotic, arranged to the rythmn of the 'perfect' hour-long meeting. Total time ( not counting the first two) is about 59 minutes. The first two are played enroute to her incall; these two really get me in the mood and help work out the nerves. I press play 10 minutes before our arranged appointment: Gett Off (Prince) 4:31 #1 Crush (Garbage) 4:36 The next song is quieter, more sensual, and makes good background music for introductions over a glass of wine: Red Light Special (TLC) 5:04 Now, the next set: The best song to start off a dance set, followed by two outstanding lap dance songs. These songs are playful, then teasing, then downright hot! Pour Some Sugar on Me (Def Leopard) 4:52 Buttons (The Pussycat Dolls) 3:45 Justify My Love (Madonna) 5:00 If you need an interlude after round one, this song is excellent for body rubs, dining at the Y, and outfit changes (my favorite) At just over ten minutes, you know you are about half way through the session when the drum beat returns after a piano solo. Principles of Lust (Enigma) 11:43 Round 2 (20 minutes left) Another round of striptease, lap dance, and hot fun! Poison (Alice Cooper) 4:31 Say it Right (Nelly Furtado) 3:43 Closer (Nine Inch Nails) 6:13 Last, You have a cool-down and final parting theme: That's the Way Love Goes (Janet Jackson) 4:25
  15. Strip Club Experience

    Scene 2: The sound kicks in as she enters the room: Last time, she treated you to a sexy nurse costume - this evening she is dressed for business in a sexy blouse and pencil skirt, somewhere between a sexy secretary and a naughty librarian. You were thinking of requesting a cheerleader or French maid theme, but she reminds you of the hot girl that just started working in HR at work. Upon seeing her in silk and pinstripes, you know you made the right choice. She begins her routine in time with the kick drum and saunters toward you in a pair of stilettos that are anything but 'office appropriate'. She dances in front of you in a tight circle using the pole for balance. Her swaying hips accentuate the curves of her legs as you tap your fingers in time with the music. You watch and sip on your drink hoping she will come closer. Slowly, she first lets her hair down then seductively frees the top buttons on her blouse. You can see lace covering a hint of cleavage that takes your breath away. As she teases her way towards you, her hands glide from her breasts down her waist to her hips. She turns around and arches her back while you run your hands up her legs to the hem of her skirt. You are pleased to find that she is wearing the thigh-high stockings you asked for as your fingers graze her inner thighs. Her hands mover to her lower back and ease the clasp of her skirt, exposing the pull of the zipper. You gently tug the zipper as her hips shift left and right and the skirt flows to her ankles. She is wearing the matching lace thong and garter belt you requested and lets slip your fingertips under them for a moment before she deftly kicks the skirt to the side and returns to circle the pole a few turns. You are treated to glimpses of more lace as her hips dip below the hem of her blouse. She leans her shoulders against the pole and stares mischievously at you while running her hands through her hair, pulling it together in a pile on top of her head before letting it fall back to her shoulders. She lowers herself down the pole to the floor and crawls towards you like cat. She runs her hands up your legs as her breasts graze your knees. As she draws closer, her hands undo the buttons on your shirt, one after another. After parting your shirt to each side, she places her hands of your thighs and kneels at your feet. The music changes tempo and the Pussycat Dolls begin singing 'Buttons'.