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  1. BS

    It’s still more about stress level for me than age. If I’m not stressed most bs doesn’t bother me I just ignore it or laugh it off. Because of my work some days I’m very stressed and any type of bs means I’m going to be calling you out on it.
  2. I was thinking of Japan. https://apple.news/AWMkY6EQ9TO-PvVKwLbg4uw ”The media are calling it sekkusu shinai shokogun, or “celibacy syndrome”—an alarming trend that has the Japanese government funneling tax dollars into speed dating and matchmaking services over fears of an impending economic collapse.”
  3. Mile High Exxxotica 2018 Schedule Released

    No offense taken, I was just joking; hence the laughing emoji.
  4. Mile High Exxxotica 2018 Schedule Released

    JR are you referring to Denver Comic Con or Exxotica? Because I've been to every Denver Comic Con and last year this was true.
  5. Not as much as this cannon. They work the same too, just because you aim it somewhere doesn't mean it goes as planned.
  6. Oh I forgot about the lemon ones! Doesn’t change my one and only thin mints answer but they run a close second.
  7. Thin Mints I like others but if I could only have one that’s the one.
  8. Hi im Nina

    Hi! Wecome, have fun stay safe.
  9. Introduction and Backpage question

    hmmm... ya where have I noticed someone like that before? <------------- 2009 If you feel I've slighted you some how then I apologize. However a general rule is just that, it generalizes a situation. There will always be exceptions to that rule hence the name general rule obviously you are one of them. I also stated that it's my rule that I use and it's served me fine for 9 years so I'll continue to follow my own advise. I don't review every provider I see either and I've had multiple reviews removed because that provider left the business or no longer wishes reviews and has done what was needed to have their reviews removed from TOB. Everyone has their own comfort level of risk they're willing to take when they're deciding to see someone and they use their gut accordingly.
  10. quick question

    It really is just a local board, however if you look through the forums some of them get a little attention but I'm sure there are better boards to use in those locations.
  11. Introduction and Backpage question

    While this is true for you it's also the exception to a general rule of most experience hobbyists have more then 2 reviews. You take those chances when you decide to throw out reviews just like typically most will disregard some overly glowing reviews and a bad review or two. You're looking for a pattern by experienced reviewers on how a normal session should play out.
  12. Introduction and Backpage question

    My rule of thumb is any reviewer that has 2 or less reviews I throw those out. Not only for the reason they could be fake/self review also for the fact that reviewer could be new and how they feel about their experience verses how I might feel are usually different.
  13. Newbie how to get started

    A number of us fall into this situation. Go P411 if you don't mind spending the money for just a few meetings a year or build a reputation with the local ladies and a board presence. Sure there's an unwritten rule of after 6 months they disregard your references but they all run their businesses differently. With a board presence and reviews some ease up on this unwritten rule depending on how you act with regards to their preferred method of screening. Otherwise just stick with newbie friendly providers, just because they're newbie friendly doesn't change their review reputation (how they're viewed in reviews is more important than newbie friendly or not). It just means they're willing to put up with a lot of the hassle to do the screening they need to feel safe since your a newbie.
  14. pictures

    My personal opinion on galleries are use professional photos and put in a gallery of selfies that you update every so often. These are the best galleries from the ladies that do this. The professional photo's almost always look great and some new selfie updates every month or two really compliments the professional shots. We should all know that the professional shoots are usually done with the best outfits, lighting, poses and usually some type of filter or some photo shop involved. The selfies often contain more of your personality and since they're updated it's easy to track the possible style you're into at the time. After reading this it could be inferred on updating pro shots too, They're expensive we all know that keep them as long as they're representative.
  15. 411 on Bella

    Waited too long to edit the above comment. Yes the TOB reviews are a bit of a leap but the physical descriptions match and the locations all line up with her P411. The ECCIE review links to her p411.