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  1. Question for providers as well as gents.

    A main reason, among others, I hate social media in general and deleted my twitter account. But please don't hesitate to post here based on a potential negative comment. I think most of us can see through the bs. Just keep being you!
  2. Question for providers as well as gents.

    Hello Ms. Leyla. I have to admit that when I read reviews that state cbj only, it does tend to steer me in the other direction also.
  3. Funny Though for today

    Rather than dealing with all the jack wagons on gunbroker and others, I would consider it. The price would have to be more than fair though. And I would never sell off ALL of my little buddies.
  4. Stood Up

    Absolutely nothing against the "visiting" ladies out there, but especially just starting off, I would recommend sticking with local talent. There are some phenomenal ladies here. Some of the guys responding to this post (not me) have been around awhile. Look at their profiles and read their reviews of some of their visits. It very well may steer you in a very good direction. They have definitely helped guide me.
  5. Gun Shy after a Bad Experience

    mdallasfun. I would think it took a bit of courage to write this post. It struck me as extremely heartfelt. It reminded me of my very first encounter prior to joining TOB. She was about 20 years younger so I explained my age and description prior and she was very friendly and receptive over text. After meeting, I left feeling very similar to what you described. Part of me was smiling for having the courage to actually go through with it but also very discouraging. Very rushed. Immediately getting dressed and on her phone. All I can say is I'm glad I shook it off and tried again. Since then I've tried to choose ladied at least close to my age. 5 years later I'm happy to say I've never left an appointment feeling that way. Some better than others but nothing like that shitty feeling. Shake it off brother and get back out there.
  6. Anyone ever fall for a provider?

    Yeah. New to the hobby a few years back this happened to me. I was told that I was so much more than just a client, I was her best friend, she would never charge to see her, etc... etc. After trying to keep things in perspective I let my guard down a little and then pretty much got ghosted. It left me feeling pretty stupid. Just be careful
  7. Introduction

    Welcome aboard Jim. I'm no pro here but I will say just be yourself, be genuine and good things will fall into place.
  8. Is there a "Short notice" thread here in Denver?

    Loved your response. Like all communication, its all in the wording. I've done it a few times but always with someone I've seen at least twice or more. Something like... "Hi L***. This is Joe. Hope you're doing good. I hate to be "that guy" but just wondering if....". I've never felt scolded and sometimes, not always, it works for both parties.
  9. A fuckwaffle I need to report

    Well I know what I'm having for breakfast now.
  10. Come on

    What I don't get is... Why start a thread and then not be part of the conversation?
  11. STG any luck boys?

    Funny this topic came up. Just last week I messaged a provider here on tob about a stg add using her pics. It was obvious. She was thankful and the adds were removed. I did meet one of my first special friends from there a couple years ago. It definitely seems more scammy now. I have also seen post recently that I know to be legit. I think a good rule of thumb is, the more graphic the post is, the more fake it is. Use common sense. Google the phone number being used. Think with the right head
  12. Now make the straps out of licorice.
  13. Admins rejecting my post ??

    I remember posting my first review. It was denied without an explanation why. After a polite email asking what I was doing wrong, this was the response. I just followed it to the letter and all was good The system has flagged your review and it was denied. Please obtain a "TOB REFERENCE" from a provider that already has a review history with us. (3 or more reviews) Once she approves your "TOB REFERENCE" resubmit the review and include a note in the Admin area of the review that you've obtained a TOB REFERENCE. To obtain a tob reference do this, go to the providers page click the blue button that says Request Reference. Once you do that we suggest you immediately follow up with the providers and let them know it is awaiting their approval. NOTE: Always obtain references for any positive reviews you submit. Thank you, TOB REVIEW STAFF
  14. New challenge for the hobby.....

    On a double dose of Viagra maybe. But still temporary