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Found 2 results

  1. Gun Shy after a Bad Experience

    I've been in the hobby for almost 10 years now and in the past have been very active. Nowadays it's very few and far between and have always done plenty of research and chosen well reviewed providers but recently had a terrible experience. Read enough reviews and you'll see it's kind of common-place, even for well established providers: the rushed 1/2 hour when you donated for an hour. This is truly one of the worst things a provider can do to a client. Most of the time, the actual main-event is secondary to the experience as a whole. As a client and as a man, we want to feel desired and attractive and feel worth the providers time. Many men don't have that validation at home and spend several $$$ in donations to feel that from a beautiful, sexy and kind woman. So for a provider to rush through 1/2 hour of companionship when the donation was paid for an hour, goes beyond feeling ripped-off money-wise, but is quite the blow to confidence and ego (the very thing we want to help by spending time w/ a hot companion). Figured since I don't like to write negative reviews, I'll ask the forum for advice. Like I said I did my research and the provider was well-established with only one negative review and most hour reviews specified msog. I was kind and respectful upon entering but got rushed vibes 5-10 minutes in. She explained that there would only be one round and as disappointed as I was, I didn't argue or put up a fuss. I tried to last longer than I normally would in a msog environment, but was quickly told to stop slowing myself down and to just finish. Afterwards she handed me towel, put on clothes and lied on the other bed and played with her phone. I felt so low, like I was nothing - and on top of that, ended up paying more than her advertised 1/2 an hour. I wasn't rude at any point and not sure if she was having an off-day or what ... Instead of being on Cloud 9 on my drive home, I felt like shit. Like some desperate creep who couldn't even get the attention when paying for it ... and then you feel distrustful and angry. I've had many amazing experiences with amazing women and I'm telling myself that not everyone is like that ... but so hard to get it out of your head. Makes me hesitant to see other providers. And of course today, a provider I tried to initially contact texted me telling me she was coming into town and on top of that sent me a couple of unsolicited photos of herself. Of course I want to see her but after getting my wallet and ego bruised so recently, I'm gun-shy to see someone else so quickly. Have you had this happen to you? What do you do to get yourself back on the horse? I know I could always see a provider I've already had a great experience with, but my favorites have mostly retired (that and I love new girls and new experiences, just not bad ones) Any advice?
  2. So I have a question. When meeting a provider for the first time, I am unsure where to put the donation. In the bathroom? On the night stand? And should it be in an envelope or No? I know most frown upon direct questions over the phone ...And most ads do not specify this So I'm always a bit unsure ?