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  1. Help about losing the erection

    This is more common then we think there are lots of medication, pills, sublingules, and many other options if your plan on having some fun just prepare first...idk
  2. BB

    That's funny way to bring some levity to a very scary it!
  3. Loose 1-3" of fat in 32min.

    so excited did my second week of Red Light Therapy at Absolute Beauty and OMG my skin is tighter and more radiant I saw amazing results both times and will continue going. All the girls were great and i was very comfortable. this was just what I needed and i would recommend it to everyone working on weight loss, skin tightening, or just the appearance of lines and cellulite... PM me for details on them
  4. Loose 1-3" of fat in 32min.

    Absolutely, I feel like these sexy little dimples are even sexier because of red light therapy. I did it at Absolute Beauty Solutions off like Ward Rd. and I-70!!! Love Love it im going to get another treatment today and will report the results or check them out for your
  5. BB

    Yeah no shame in your game...however I feel this request has been made way more frequently then I'm comfortable for me it's requests like this on the ruse that re-enforce the need for protection. Hey thanks for all the comments was curious what other providers thought!
  6. BB

    I'm always surprised at the men calling, looking to leave out protection...anyone else blown away by this, or is it just me?
  7. Loose 1-3" of fat in 32min.

    Yeah so I'm in great shape. I'm a colorado native who loves all outdoor sports, I bike, climb, kayak, fly fish... I'm also very familiar with physics I received my B.S. from Regis University... that being said I was a skeptic about body contouring; however, I did my research and decided to give it a try! There has been a significant amount of scholarly research published over the last 15 years on the benefits of light therapy. I have found it's used in physical therapy a great deal after injuries and that there is very little if any negative impact if administered correctly. Anyways I won't science you to death however the largest of the visible light wave lengths worked wonders on my body I feel great my skin is tighter and my curves are sexier-plain and simplly this is amazing if your trying to tone up and get sexy for that sexy little suit girls I absolutely recommend it!!! Oh and guys too don't mean to sound sexist and also congrats to everyone who posted about their positive lifestyle changes more power to you!!! I just had to share cuz this is so exciting for me I love love love it it's painless quick even relaxing and has made a huge difference in just my first treatment i have 5 more to go I'll keep everyone posted!!!
  8. Loose 1-3" of fat in 32min.

    Has anyone done red light therapy? Does it work and is it worth it?
  9. Mile High Exxxotica 2018 Schedule Released

    This sounds like some sexy adult fun it will be my first time attending the event.
  10. After a long break I'm back....

    I have the same issues
  11. Do you ladies read reviews too?

    I read teviews to get good ideas and to avoid horrible experiences!
  12. New to TOB

    I descided it was probobly easier to go with the flow and pretend I knew what it was! Good thing I'm a get it kinda girl, trying new things!