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  1. Don't be that guy.....

  2. In-Call ???

    The good ones, are good and sucessful for a reason, they listen to their gut feelings. That, and these are intelligent, and savvy women. They know how to research (unbelievably so), insist on screening, and listen to first conversations. I have heard many stories from these ladies about how a first conversation didn't feel right, turned down the appointment, and another girl got hurt.
  3. Rather disappointed

    Thanks for sticking up for us Chrissy. I'll put our boys and ASps up against anyone, literally, in the world.
  4. Wierd review terminology

    Yep, your reviews are epic. Thanks weasel!
  5. Wierd review terminology

    Dude, that was the greatest review of literature, or music or doctoral thesis or cock sucking I have ever read. Well done, very well done, you sick and beautifully contemplative bastard. Well done.
  6. 21 grams Naomi Watts

    Jesus dude, now I'm gonna have a hard time sleeping. That was a haunting narrative on humanity and being human. Shiver!!! Also a great post, you demented beautiful bastard.
  7. Do you ever go over your budget

    Ya, I spent $7500 at Sheri's Ranch, when I was 23, which blew my gambling, asp and bail budget. I have no regrets!! Yeah, I always have a set aside for bail...
  8. Best Hobby Handle...

    Hahaha, fantastic handle.
  9. Lurked Here but Always Chickened Out

    Really nice, professional reply. Loved it!
  10. Wierd review terminology

    I was a lurker for many years, even before I called my first provider many many... many years ago. I always found certain terminology, funny. "all activities were preformed with enthusiasm"... I just think that, verbiage, is very funny to me. I know that our providers still want reviews, so I expect no response from the ladies (love you girls), but, gents... doesn't that type of language remind you of some sort of middle management second quarter performance evaluation? "All activities preformed with enthusiasm" ... Jesus! Maybe I'm still a bit of a newbie.
  11. Pestering Prospective Providers

    I always blame the architect!
  12. Really???

    Hahahha, you nailed it.
  13. Counterfeit $100.00 Out There

    Go get em Nikki!
  14. Would you rather...

    Got any new ones? Would you rather have your mother walk in on you masturbating with her underwear... or Walk in on her, using yours?
  15. New To TOB.

    How u duin