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  1. Hello Denver

    Posting what an ad for Denver?
  2. Protocol?

    Also never okay to arrive late either it’s okay to arrive early as long he doesn’t call her when he gets their can hang out near by till the appointed time
  3. Don’t blame you dude I would’ve done the same she might of changed in the 3 years but at least you know now she just a flake
  4. Top 10 Must Have vinyl albums to own

    Jimmy Hendrix are you experienced I trade my quite riot lp to my friend for jimmy Hendrix album found out it was his parents album they were pissed 😂
  5. Top 10 Must Have vinyl albums to own

    The wall was better that’s my opinion
  6. Too many bp are coming to tob

    Sorry to burst your bubble but a lot of us clients used Bp and I bet you seen a lot of clients that has used Bp!
  7. Tattoos.......

    I personally don't care for them but it's your body do what you want. Besides it won't stop me from seeing a provider that has them
  8. I think it's a ghost 👻 ! Looks like a man behind her
  9. boys&layout=gallery
  10. Jerica?

    What's wrong with that I do all the time and most of the time it works out
  11. Backpage escort section gone

    Go to the section above called dating I notice under woman for men some providers are already posting in that section
  12. Backpage escort section gone

    North of the boarder!
  13. How long have you been a hobbyists?

    lol! and the rest is history
  14. small world....

    You jump the gun he said he message her private message her did not post on her time line! And yes it's our private lives up their I don't think he that dumb enough to do that as for me I'm like Laplace don't say a anything!
  15. How long have you been a hobbyists?

    26 years ago! Off the rockie mountain oyster