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  1. Anal

    I'm certainly a fan!
  2. Be Safe, Be responsible!!!

    Just another note... Tri County health is offering free testing and treatment. I payed out of pocket for my HIV and Trichinosis testing, that's it! And that only came to 30 something dollars. So there's no excuse to not go in. It's free!!! And please remember that this is not only passed through regular intercourse. It can also be passed through oral and anal and there have even been studies showing that it can be passed through French kissing as well. Xoxo Bettie
  3. Be Safe, Be responsible!!!

    I have contacted the necessary folks through pm. I posted to make everyone aware seeing how it's inevitable that usproviders will see some of the same clients. All it takes is one person to ignore this or not follow treatment orders properly and as a result puts everyone at risk for reinfection. This has really put me in a tough spot. I set aside my fear about exposing myself and how it would hurt my pockets and potentially my reputation, because I care about peoples well being. I'd never want to be the cause for someones poor health as a result of something that's suppose to bring pleasure. I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing that I didn't do the right thing, regardless of how it might come back on me. Thankyou for all the kind words, I really needed some positive reinforcement. I know I did right by posting this, I know that something like this goes beyond just the folks I've been in contact with. Again, sorry for the added stress, last thing any of us needs in our already crazy life's, but maybe an eye opener we all needed. Xoxo Bettie
  4. Be Safe, Be responsible!!!

    Again Please know how difficult it was for me to post this.
  5. Be Safe, Be responsible!!!

    Hi everybody. I figured it was important that everyone be aware of this information so that the proper follow up can be done and hopefully this won't continue to be an issue. I don't know how else to start this, other than say that I have tested positive for a STD. I know that when I was married, I got checked once a year until it was discovered that my ex was not being faithful so I upped my exams to 2times a year, unless an incident arose and I felt the need for more. Once I was divorced and started dating again, I would get checked every 6 months, even if I knew I had been using protection, just to be on the safe side. Since I have been providing this kind of service, I've again upped my visits to quarterly. I'm fortunate my diagnosis is easily treated. However I also know that I wouldn't have caught it seeing how I never showed any symptoms. Which is very common in Men and women. That's why it's best for everyone to get checked regularly. If we want to continue to have fun, please be safe, please get tested, and please communicate to those you've been in contact with so they can do the same before things get worse and we have an eppidemic! This was not easy to put out for all to see, but it's the only way we can stop this. Please, please, please, everyone needs to gets checked immediately or we won't stop this! Please know how difficult it was for me to post this. So please be kind in your reactions and replies.