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  1. Ladies!! Why is this month slow?

    in pueblo there's a ton of clients and money ladies!!' just left there and did very well.
  2. odd.... for some reason when clients google my # something pops up about escorts being busted. these damned sites are killing me!!!!
  3. And on the Sugar Baby front

    never twisted. I've had a house. Just prefer to kkee it in my name. Hate being at someone else's mercy.
  4. Cancelations & ncns

    i love this idea!!!
  5. agreed! People really suck nowadays
  6. that's awful!! Is it just one lady?
  7. calls from the wife/girlfriend

    yes you may. I guess maybe I'm taking on more responsibility than I should be. I just hate to see another woman hurt because of me. I hate people being hurt in general
  8. I don't take it personally. As long as I know you're leaving me satisfied...
  9. calls from the wife/girlfriend

    I just don't want to be the reason for issues, even if he's the idiot. Idk ...
  10. Kegel exerciser for men

    I do then every time I talk on the phone. I think a doctor told me that once when I was young and its stuck with me
  11. calls from the wife/girlfriend

    I never keep a clients data. And especially don't call asking for a return visit. Shit sounds desperate
  12. calls from the wife/girlfriend

    i just say something llike idk who you or he is! Maybe you should ask him
  13. calls from the wife/girlfriend

    except I don't sound like jake!!!!
  14. calls from the wife/girlfriend

    I use google voice. it's free and it helps me differentiate between work calls and normal everyday stuff