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  1. Trapped is Arizona

    Oh dude there are so many hot girls in Phoenix on Private Delights! Like I would travel there just to see some! Plus you just missed Shelby Creams from TOB who was just visiting the area
  2. Mulani Butterfly

    Just for reference her TOB profile link is here:
  3. Ayana contact information

    I'm sorry about the confusion. Her email is listed publicly on TER and ECCIE.
  4. Ayana contact information [snip]
  5. Mulani Butterfly

    I actually submitted the review on TER first since she has no TER reviews, I needed it to be approved first for her to get a TER#. When writing a new review here on TOB it askes for P411, ECCIE and TER. She does have a review already on ECCIE. I did submit the review here and it is currently pending. went this route non-member-profile-question So now she is one of the cool ones with all the links on her profile, lol... . We will see how this goes because she does want a TOB profile.
  6. non-member profile question?

    You click under the reviews tab and then the write review button. Have her phone number, email and her physical attributes and measurements ready as well as your review. I've also heard you need 10+ reviews for it to be accepted for a new provider, may be worth a try anyway?
  7. Mulani Butterfly

    My understanding is that you can submit a review and fill out all of her profile information, then she can claim the profile. I heard you have to have 10+ reviews here on TOB for it to be accepted.
  8. Mulani Butterfly

    Hey thank you for looking into it. I also asked her for her TOB handle and P411 ID yesterday and still have not heard back. I will let you know if that changes, otherwise a definite pass.
  9. Mulani Butterfly

    Mulani Butterfly 405-501-4026 Colorado Companion Found Mulani Butterfly on adultsearch. I texted her and she said she is in Denver. Her website says she is on TOB and P411. Can someone help find her TOB profile for me?
  10. Squirting

    LOVE IT!!! That is some real shit, even though not the best experience it makes for an interesting story, thanks for sharing! I have a similar memory of popping a girls cherry for her first time when I was in grade school. Totally stopped our fun, she had no idea why she was bleeding at first, but luckily didn't end the relationship. I've personally always wanted to get some super soaking squirting action. That is a special talent for sure. My all time favorite porn video is this chick Scarlet (Secret Crush) gets creampied and right after rubs her clit and squirts it all out. I give her props for those skills, that's the best in contraception!
  11. Bunny

    Got it. Thank you for the info. So she is real, but the experience is not top notch. She was banned from TOB and had some no show reviews here, so not a good bet. On a side note, is there any way to find out why a provider was banned or is that private? I saw one provider a year or so ago that was my first reference for TOB, but then shortly after her profile said banned and she never posted ads anywhere again. I'm just curious what went wrong.
  12. Bunny

    Bunny 407-881-0659 Colorado Companion Has anyone seen this cute chick Bunny? Says she is still in town and she has some TER reviews, so I think she is real and real damn hot. Can anyone here recommend her, or is she worth a gamble?
  13. changes to make to our forums If you had one wish...

    I would want to add some more organization to the topics. There is a lot of interesting and useful content, but it gets chronologically ordered. Though this is cool to see which topics are "hot" the only way to search through it is by tags, unless I'm missing something. Sometimes if I think of something, it would be good to be able to search through it somehow.
  14. 411 request on Malena

    She does have a Private Delights profile with 3 reviews and a verified P411 P341492 that she is 22. Sounds like she is new. Keep me updated if you see her, she looks lovely.
  15. Nuru

    I have found that once you get to know a provider, they are ecstatic about nuru, even if they have never tried it. It works great when it plays out to be so much more.