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  1. 411 on Everest from Tryst

    Then there's the fact I've seen her on list crawler a bit, but the same number doesn't seem to be used more than a few days. . . Big pass for me. . . That ad, and ads under that number, will probably be taken down soon, if it hasn't already.
  2. 411 on STG girl

    Yep. That's her. Another thread already started. Those are her pictures, but she is not showing teeth in her smile for a reason. Hot body, not so hot smile. She is flakey and hard to get a hold one. But, for the price, I think patience is a virtue. Just don't jump too much when she smiles
  3. How about this gem?

    I think all this "banned" stuff and not telling us is BS!!! I will say this in a way the mods can't take this down against their BS policy. I have talked to 2 girls who were 'banned' and in my eyes for pretty petty stuff. One advertised for 2 women (this is a "bannable" offense), and the other I believe mentioned her rates. So, just because someone is banned, DON'T ASSUME IT IS SOMETHING YOU THINK IS TERRIBLE!!! If you ask me, some of what the mods ban for can be quite trivial (at least seemingly trivial compared to a huge BANNED stamp next to their name). So, if Gitsie was banned for advertising 2 women, do you think that's terrible enough to Ban her? Well the mods do, so just keep that in mind when you see "banned." Also, since the mods of the site make it impossible to give a review of "Gitsie" or anyone banned, all one can do is give a thumbs up or thumbs down in this forum. Even if someone is banned, I think its BS we can't give a review. As for me, I've seen Gitsie/Twiggie and THUMBS UP!
  4. 411 on Abby

    Ummmmm. . . I'm going to go out on a profiling limb and say any provider than expects any money before you even meet them is a scammer. Yeah, any one. I'll happily pay electronically, but only if I'm physically in front of them. Any money up front from someone you haven't met before=SCAM!!!
  5. 411 Gabriellie

    Didn't recognize until the harlothub page. But I could almost gaurantee these are part of the "Denver Ladies" self service only crew. If you text them, you'll likely get a response of "you are now chatting with xXxX". The girl might show up. But doubt any clothes will come off, and if they do it's for eyes only. Research Denver Ladies and you'll get more input
  6. Yeah, that's the feeling I had, a no go!!! Seems you found a lot more than I did. I'll definitely pass. Thanks!
  7. 411 BanginBritt

    That first photo most definitely is stolen, as the other pictures don't look like the same person in that photo. Maybe she's calling that first one a 'fair representation" of her. Which, I guess kind of by a long stretch it could be. The other pictures are likely her or more what she looks like today, if the other photo is her, but "back in the day."
  8. LilyLove 503-462-9144 Colorado Companion Any info on this lady LilyLove? She responds quickly via text, says she is well reviewed on TNA but I'm not a member. I don't like anything I see on my search. Thoughts???
  9. 411 Lyndzi

    Thumbs up. Nothing to worry about. Feel free to PM for more
  10. Sweet Candy Rose 720-477-5660 Colorado Companion Any info on this girl? Her forum Status say she was last Active Aug 7th, 3 days after her join date of Aug 4. But, she seems to repost a lot through the night and at different times (so not auto posts) but her last visit date doesn't change(08/07). I have tried calling, texting and PM on TOB and no response! Any insight from anyone here????
  11. 411 on Lovely Lily

    Bottom line, thumbs down. PM for more details.
  12. Reposting professionalism

    Thank you Megan. To me it screams management/pimp more than anything. I hate seeing women getting the money they earn taken from them that they earn and sometimes can be taken advantage of. I think a lot of guys don't like seeing prividere they know have "management." To me there is a very fine line between trafficking and "management." As to the people who say I'm butt hurt. No, its more like when you go to a tourist spot and people keep asking you to try a time share sales presentation every 20 seconds as you walk around. To me, reposting every 20 seconds is as annoying and low class as that. To me. Sure, it probably works or they wouldn't do it. But you cant say you don't get annoyed when you are somewhere and pushy sales people keep bothering you with what you (if you do) consider low class sales tactics. But yes, I just skip over it. I also feel bad for ladies that don't on top for more than 20 seconds, but they still get seen.
  13. Reposting professionalism

    I won't name names, but is it just me that finds it tacky when a provider reposts every 10 seconds or less. Literally, no joke. Seems at evening hours if you refresh, a certain lady is always at the top. Occasionally you'll see someone else on top, but if you refresh immediately this, 1 provider will be back on top. Is it just me that finds this unprofessional? Its like she isn't busy at all for jobs or people contacting her. That, or she has an "assistant?"
  14. 411 on Bunny_Lovee

    She's real. Not LE, but nothing spectacular either. What's the expression? You get what you _______ for.
  15. 411 on SamanthaSex-FAKE

    From the ad and pictures, it sounds to me like the basement troll in California who sets up appointments for ladies. I don't know for certain but looks like it to me! Just don't expect the lady behind the door to be who you think you are getting and likely bad service and bait and switch. I'd stear clear!