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  1. Stacy 970-999-6045 Colorado Companion I was wondering if anyone has seen Stacy in the Springs? I've been in this area for a while now and have seen her ads for years at this point. I think, if memory serves correctly, this provider used to go by Scarlett back in the day. Her ads make me curious, but the Springs are also loaded with disappointment in many days. Wondering if any of you long term guys or gals have any input. Can't find any reviews anywhere. Number: 970-999-6045 Alt number: 719-418-7750
  2. Piper COS 411

    Piper 719-494-3491 Colorado Companion Curious if anyone has info on this lass? Seen a lot of listings, no reviews. Legit? Thanks!
  3. Lovely Luxxx COS

    Lovely Luxxx 719-496-0278 Colorado Companion Was wondering if anyone has had the pleasure of meeting her?
  4. 411 Liz COS

    Thank you for that. Appreciated.
  5. 411 Liz COS

    Thanks mod. I think she mentioned in another recent ad that the old phone number was gone. I'm just curious about whether anyone has seen her. STG is pretty hit or miss, in my experience.
  6. 411 Liz COS

    Liz 719-246-2048 Colorado Companion Wondering if anyone has met Liz? I've seen her ad, but no reviews anywhere. Interested.
  7. Anyone have info?

    Ann (Colorado Springs) 719-203-2544 Colorado Companion She has a couple of different ads. Just wondering if anyone has experience with her?
  8. 411 South Florida

    only to note> Florida Companion Kind of off topic, but I love They are a great resource if you're ever in South Florida. Been a member of that board for about ten years, never had a bad experience going through them for reviews/companions. Awesome site with a great community of hobbyists and providers. They are, essentially, what ToB is here but for South Florida. I am known as interestedinwpb on indygirls. Kind of nostalgic to see you reference them, even though it probably want the aim of your post.
  9. Exotik Eve...... Anyone?

    Isn't 90% of this hobby fetishistic? I'm not sure I fully get what you're saying.
  10. Exotik Eve...... Anyone?

    Exotik Eve 661-381-8270 Colorado Escort Very nice body, lots of ink. Anyone seen her or know about her?
  11. Curious about this girl....

    Vivi COS 719-766-1226 Colorado Escort Very cute girl. Wondering if anyone has met her or has info? High on the consideration list.