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  1. Do the ladies mind ?

    Lol, these threads crack me up. Bunch of John Waynes acting tough. The, when push comes to shove, they run away like girly-men. Or, by the time they fumble for their gun, the bad guy's already beat them over the head with a 2X4. I guess you gotta pack something...
  2. Cutting The Cord!!!

    Leaving aside the piss poor financial skills of the OP, I don't own a TV anymore. I sometimes subscribe to Netflix and/or Amazon Prime, depending on what shows I'm interested in. Generally, I find I get bored quickly by most TV shows - I think the last show I binge watched was Breaking Bad.
  3. I got a wierd request!!

  4. A lot of these girls look extremely busted.
  5. I feel unworthy…

    You could look like an Ogre, and the girls would still be saying: uh, ah, you're such a stud. Then, again, Benjamin Franklin has been winning beauty contests since whenever....
  6. Late starting appts

    Let's be honest, if hookers were on-time, etc. they wouldn't be hookers, they'd be workin' a corporate job! Lol
  7. Late starting appts

    P-funk, clueless as usual. More likely, their manager runs a tight ship and doesn't put up with the kind of bullshit that a lot of American hookers seem to think is normal - running late, not showing up, showing up 3 hours later, dirty and messy incalls.
  8. Late starting appts

    Sounds familiar.
  9. Phone/Text - what is this 2004?
  10. Down the Rabbit Hole

    I'm getting the milk. Let someone else take care of the cow.
  11. Drop the Attitudes

    Fixed it for ya.
  12. Reference aging

    Never understood the concept of "references". When I go buy a milk shake from McDonald's, do I need to show them a reference from Burger King? I started banging hookers roughly in 1984, stopped seeing commercial girls in 2007. After that I used Craigslist's Casual Encounter annd Escort section, now I got various ads running on the CL "modeling" section. I've never been asked for or have provided a "reference". Must be some newfangled thingie.
  13. SW Photography Book

    Exactly. I bet these girls catered to every fetish under the sun.
  14. SW Photography Book

    Brothels provide frictionless whoreing. Outcalls/Incalls not so much. Basically a royal pain in the azz.