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  1. Time?

    Well, you prematurely busted your nuts. How is this her fault or problem? Shoulda paced yourself. If you can't get that second shot, I suppose you could stick around and play Scrabble 'til the hour is done.
  2. Hypothetical

    Let me get this straight: dudes hires two hookers for a trip/vacation. The two women apparently don't know each other. Predictably, things don't go as planned. Color me surprised.
  3. Grab 'Em By The P*ssy

    No kids. No problems. Try harder.
  4. Treating women nicely doesn't pay off and lands you in the friend zone. Trump is right: Grab 'em by the p*ssy is the way to go. And look where it got him.
  5. Hypothetical

    I'm going to Italy next year. I'll be sure to bring lots of Pasta! Outside of the US you can fuck a ho for under $100. An all-nighter can be had for $200. I'd make an exception for Rihanna, though, take her to Barbados, make her fry me up some fish and plantains while I severely abuse her butthole.
  6. Hypothetical

    Never understood the concept of "traveling dates". I travel, I fuck a local hooker. Bringing a hooker with you on a trip is like bringing feta cheese to Greece.
  7. Hypothetical

    You got paid. So just keep those legs spread and do your thing.
  8. hotel wi-fi

    I'll just throw my phone into wifi hotspot mode, and there you go, I'll watch Gianna Michaels get rambonered by 12 inch dick all night long.
  9. Moves your soul.

    Nowadays I mostly listen to Reggaeton. Would love to have a Latin hottie like this one bob up and down Big Spanky....
  10. Strippers make lousy escorts.

    The truth. Just know what you're getting into. Plus, all hookers hustle. Nothing wrong with that.
  11. A sentence of mind-boggling stupidity.
  12. So you're saying you'd fuck the Hippo in the first picture?
  13. No, it doesn't say he's from Venezuela, it says he has Venezuelan ancestry. Clearly, he's a mix of black and whatever White, Indian, etc. So, in your wronkled logic "being from Venezuela" doesn't make you Latino. Last time I checked, Venezuela was in South America. You must be referring to a different Venezuela.....
  14. Don't get me wrong, though, I'd still screw her big fat azz, then pull it out, turn her over and splatter my nut all over her big tits and face.