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  1. RIP: August Ames

    Like I said, degenerates and low lives.
  2. "Embellishing" Providers?

    I guess we can always count on your "fairly accurate" advice.
  3. RIP: August Ames

    Correlation doesn't necessarily mean causation. Articles clearly state that she suffered from depression. That said, it's tragic. But: 1) She posted something dumb ass on twitter. This should have been handled internally. Maybe Dm'ing the girls, talking to the agents instead of just blasting it out there. 2) The porn industry needs to start using condoms for every form of azz in pussy, ass in ass. I regularly watch French porn. There's always a condom, and it doesn't diminish my viewing experience a bit. 3) Is there more than anecdotal evidence that having unprotected sex with a cross-over actor significantly increases your risk of contracting STDs. If there is, I'd like to see this data. 4) I suppose all the actresses who were blasted by Peter North's cum cannon are now gonna start #metoo hashtags? 5) Porn "stars" need social media managers before they run their mouths off on twitter. I mean, what do you expect: you do porn, you constantly flog your website and your cam site.....and you starred in "I need some black in my crack" and "Help, my azz is on fire!!!" That's bound to attract degenerates and low lives.
  4. "Embellishing" Providers?

    This is exactly the kind of mindset that perpetuates the kind of fraud the OP talks about. There are lots of guys who simply don't care, or maybe they are legally blind. I've long given up on seeing "regular providers" - now I get all my pussy off of CL or when I travel in Europe.
  5. Giving It Away For Free!!!!!

    You can't be seriously looking for financial advice on a john/hooker board. Google "financial adviser denver", and I'm sure all the necessary information is going to pop up. True, but you don't see me hanging out a "dis pussy for sale" shingle.
  6. Giving It Away For Free!!!!!

    Show me a financially savvy hooker, and I'll show you four-leaf clover with a winning lottery ticket stuck to it in a field full of unicorns. The ones who are got out a long time ago. What I see here and on other boards are girls who've been around since the late 90s, still claiming they're in their "30s" And as for working girls paying taxes....yeah, sure, my doorbell just rang, it's Gianna Michaels, Sasha Gray, and Monica Sweetheart offering me three-way atm.
  7. The Horse That Just Won't Die

    Then why did you start this wack thread?
  8. The Horse That Just Won't Die

    Most of you ladies should have stopped whoreing yourselves out as soon as you hit 30. Now you girls are pushing 40, 50 and, in some cases, 60, and whining about why guys don't want to pay overinflated rates for pussy that's more beat up than Charlie Watts' snare drums. Get an education and some marketing skills and get yourselves real jobs. Amazon's fulfillment centers are always hiring, and the pay ain't half bad, or so I've heard. As for the comment that "guys have it good here" - man, I'm laughing harder than I would at a Chris Rock special on HBO.
  9. "Bidness" must be slowing down.
  10. The real Belle de Jour is an ugly as fuck scientist. I'd throw 3 Jacksons at her, tops, and I'd have to be drunk.
  11. Wanna set yourself apart from the crowd? Do these three things: 1. Lickin' out her asshole Trust me, 99.9% of guys have hang-ups about this, so instant win. 2. Sex on her period She: I'm so sorry, I think I just got my period. You: No worries. Where the plastic sheets at? No sheets? No problem! Where's the Saran wrap? 3. Golden showers (passive) Gives her a feeling of power and control over you.
  12. Geez, Can't Handle Rejection?

    Rejected by a hooker....Cry me a river....
  13. Selective Providing....

    Man, there's so many white knights in this thread, looks like Camelot just opened its American branch.
  14. The importance of TOUCH

    I didn't know Harvey Weinstein had an account here.
  15. Question for the gents.....

    I used to offer some other TOB's handle. Fun times......