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  1. Use your real first name. There, I solved your problem. You're welcome.
  2. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/j5v3g4/behind-the-scenes-of-romanias-booming-sexcam-industry Quote: " an abundance of underemployed beautiful women who speak English
  3. Most newbies are trolls or former members "reborn". You're not gonna tell me that in 2018 some dude never banged a hooker, finds this board, and then starts banging hookers, ... asking questions about how to bang hookers. Yarite. I'd implement a simple requirement: post 3 verifiable reviews, then you get access to this board in the form of membership.
  4. He Ladies, stop complaining when a guy blasts a load out of his protein cannon on your goldilocks. Think of it as a nice Vidal shampoo and conditioner all-in-one treatment.
  5. pictures

    Yeah, their names are Mrs. Palmer and her four daughters. Lol. Victoria Secrets-type models yanking your crank. Yarite. Keep dreamin'
  6. pictures

    I see no reason, other than to deceive the buyer, for an escort to post "different looks" on her website. After all, you're hiring a hooker not an actress. Well, she may be acting, but you know what I mean.... Just do the following experiment. Send an E-Mail asking her to post an unretouched selfie on her website, then wait for the reaction which is going to be....nada, zilch, nothing, crickets...
  7. Greek.... I don't get it.

    If you're pounding her shitter like a roll of Luigi's pizza dough, ya gotta prepare yourself for shitcock. No worries, though, I'm just gonna wipe it off on her 900 thread count bedcover.
  8. pictures

    When was the last time you opened the door and said: you're prettier than your pics!
  9. Porn Star deaths - Why?

    Nowadays these girls burn out faster than a Korean one-hit-wonder boy band. I mean, it used to be that girls ended their porn career by doing "the World's biggest gang bang". Now everyone is starting their careers with "the World's biggest gang bang and......three donkeys."
  10. Porn Star deaths - Why?

    Quote from the article: "Ela Darling, an eight-year veteran of the porn industry and past president of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, said actresses are paid between $500 to $700 to have sex with another girl and up to $1,000 to get down with a guy." Cry me a river. Seems like good pay. Put the money aside instead of snorting it up your nose, or buying useless shit, like fast cars, tvs, and iphones. If the work in porn dries up, start escorting. It's not rocket science.
  11. Newbie needs help

    "Credentials", "references", "verifiable personal information! - for seeing a hooker????? Are you fucking kidding me????? Before you travel, put an ad up on CL - takes time, but it works.
  12. Ha, ha, ha, you guys crack me up. How you gonna explain to your wife your second phone?
  13. Greek.... I don't get it.

    Probably applies to a lot of pornstars who starred in films like "Help, my azz is on fire" and "The Gape Gatsby".
  14. Someone I Used To Know

    I once screwed a hooker who looked like Ivanka Trump. Does that count?
  15. Anyone been to Kiev, Ukraine?