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  1. Careful with screening boys.

    I banish thee troll!
  2. Looking to prevent chafing?

    I'm not a lover, I'm a customer. Not spending half hour of my precious time trying to get her wet, while she fake moans. Out comes the lube, and it's in.
  3. Talk Is Expensive

    Well, you know the saying: The cock starts now!
  4. Talk Is Expensive

    A lot of hookers will spend a considerable amount of time at the beginning of the session with conversation, while the clock is ticking away. If she manages to talk for half an hour, she's effectively doubled her rate. For me, the session begins as soon as she's through the door, hand over the cash, and the clothes come off. Never understoold what the point of this is. If I wanted to talk, I'd hire a therapist. I'll let this great philosopher have the last word:
  5. As I've said, OKCupid is completely useless for quick hook ups. POF is mostly frequented by trashy suburban women.
  6. What do you enjoy with FBSM?

    A nice "finish", if you catch my drift. Btw, congrats for spamming the board with two concurrent ad posts.
  7. Craigslist Personals was for me my main source of pussy over the past 8 years or so, paid and unpaid. I had several ads up, catering to ladies who wanted to fulfill their chocolate addiction. Sadly, the CL Personals section is no more. I'm trying otherCL sections - small jobs, creative gigs, modeling, etc. - sadly, the feedback has been lackluster. OKCupid and Tinder don't really cater to my tastes and interests. I usually get matched up with divorced fatties or crazy women, who spend the entire date bitching about their husbands.
  8. BYOK - Bring Your Own Kit

    A provider struggling to apply some mini-me sized condom to a dick is an exercise in frustration and kills the mood. Or do you see Christo trying to wrap the Eiffel Tower in a plastic bag from Walmart?
  9. When I go somewhere to fuck a girl, civilian, hooker, I always bring my own kit. Condoms, lube, and baby wipes. Most girls don't have my size of condoms, buy cheap lube, or want to use a "wash cloth" on me. Nope, not happening, no idea where that "wash cloth" has been before.
  10. A Shameless Plug

    Maybe it'll result in an unexpected bowel movement. Wouldn't want to be the kind standing behind her.
  11. A Shameless Plug

    You can actually buy this plug on Amazon. Now I know what I'm bringing to my next Tinder date.
  12. A Shameless Plug

    I think I'll buy one of those, stick it up a girl's ass and have her walk around the mall or something. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1944490084
  13. True, a lot of Asian girls aren't that hairy to begin with. Plus, this Korean chick told me that Asian men prefer bush. Whatever.
  14. Marie Antoinette

    "... there is no evidence that Queen Marie Antoinette ever uttered this phrase." See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Let_them_eat_cake
  15. BB

    The likelihood of contracting the HIV-Virus from a hooker who isn't an intravenous drug user is probably fairly low. The problem I see is that you don't know who else she is banging or what her "boyfriend" is up to. For all I know, her partner Brian is "bisexual" and likes to get his knob polished sans cover at some weird bathhouse.