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  1. STD’s on the rise in Colorado

    Does this mean BBATC is out of the question? I keed, I keed..... you can always go down to Denver General and get checked out for free.
  2. What? Hmm??

    Let me boil it down for you, NO LAST MINUTE APPOINTMENTS. 💋
  3. Football season is here

    From Prime to Subprime, I am glad Deon he had to eat some humble pie.
  4. I checked it out, but the profiles take to long to load, has anyone had any success with the site?
  5. Is there any action at Sturgis?

    Are there any fun things to do up there during the motorcycle rally?
  6. The juice isn't worth the squeeze.
  7. Tiffany Bella 786-408-3473 Colorado Companion Has anyone seen this lady?
  8. Happy Mother’s Day!

    Happy Mother's day from Mr T.
  9. I've noticed a lady I subscribed to when I log in, she's not logged in, but after a minute, she is logged in, and while chatting with the lady, some of her grammar doesn't quite make sense. 🤔
  10. Just trying to help

    Never give a sucker an even break.
  11. Ironic Topics About Getting Screwed!

    I hate thieves.
  12. Is Tryst taking over?

    Seems like that's what the majority of the 411s are for that site.