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  1. 411 on Kali2000

    I'am shocked.
  2. Lexi Maserati banned??

    as long as they didn't lexi ferrari.
  3. I missed everyone

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww, group hug.
  4. Go Topless Day

    whatever happened to having a sense of decorum? sure people have their preferences, but at least i have the common decency not to show my fat gut in public sans a t-shirt.
  5. Go Topless Day

    You do realize that you're on a site dedicated to prurient interests. Who the hell wants to see some 400lbs wildebeest unfurl her juggs in public.
  6. Go Topless Day

    There's gonna be a lot of National Geographic titties on display.
  7. Go Topless Day

    IDK if i want to see some of flapjacks.
  8. Just the Little Things in Life...

    I don't wipe my ass on the sheets.
  9. I’m new to this site

    No, we're all flakes.
  10. Meteors Stare show all weekend!

    My basement.
  11. 411 on Kali2000

    Kali2000 720-789-9668 Colorado Companion Looks like your typical stolen Instagram pics.
  12. Looking for feedback:: Cali Luca

    Looks like she likes waterfalls.
  13. Should we give second chances.

    The OP never mentioned you by name, or left a negative review, why would you out yourself? Glad you are ok BTW.
  14. Ultimate Fantasy

    Seems pretty unsanitary.