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    I found 2Bigs posts entertaining, ecspecially when him and Jennifer of Denver used to have a battle of wits. JRWolfe is an old school guy I respect....who else remembers they used to have escort listings in the Rocky mountain news.
  2. AA Men

    also finding a pay phone that accepted incoming calls.
  3. Best Cities To Tour

    I'mma go out on a limb and say Detroit.
  4. Next time book a 30 minute session, problem solved
  5. AA Men

    Personal preference.
  6. Apology

    Spend a little more and stay at a better quality hotel.
  7. Holly20000

    I can't understand why this fraudster is allowed to post with these fake pics.
  8. Disgruntled Client

    Tell him to grow the fuck up.
  9. Holly20000

    Holly20000 (415)573-9640 Colorado Companion me: hi, are you on p411? her: yup me: what's your id? her: suckitandfuckit me: thank you.
  10. Careful with screening boys.

    sounds like a bullshit story.
  11. Weird Week

    You already show your face which is crazy in itself, idk what more they want.
  12. Mon Chalet Guest?

    Take a UV light to inspect the bed and other things. LMAO
  13. Hotels with in-room Jacuzzi?

    Notell motel on federal?
  14. Dolores O'Riordan

    That's really reaching.
  15. Dolores O'Riordan

    you need your own blog.