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  1. What's your experience with LE and STD?

    dear penthouse forum.......
  2. Prepping For an AM Appt My Crib…

    seems like a lot of trouble for a minute of work.
  3. People that waste your time!

    i don't see any ads posted by you.
  4. Provider In Search of Denver Rental

    in this market, good luck....
  5. Any you nerds going to ComicCon?

    i was being facetious, i'am sure i'd be promptly 86'd outta the building.
  6. Any you nerds going to ComicCon?

    i was interested in mercedes mcnab......doya think she'll sign my copy of playboy.
  7. New to the board and the hobby

    make sure to haggle & ask for bareback, the ladies will love you.
  8. Any you nerds going to ComicCon?

    that's nuts, i'am not paying anywhere near $100 for a d-list actors autograph.... william shanter yes.....sulu, no....
  9. Weiner - The Documentary

    that humma is not the best looking lady tbh....
  10. Any you nerds going to ComicCon?

    much like the porn conventions i imagine....
  11. Any you nerds going to ComicCon?

    So what's the protocol for getting an i have to buy the signer's merchandise, or can i bring my own stuff for them to sign? Any ladies wearing their sexy cosplay outfits?
  12. what pray tell is temple space? are you gonna hold bar mitzvahs?