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  1. Where to start?

    That's exactly who mine are (and before they were Thelma and Louise, they were "the Raisinets" LOL )
  2. Hotel

    Yes the Comfort inn and also the Econo Lodge which is approx one block away has jacuzzi suites for under $100 The hotel is kinda run down and old but the hot tub is nice LOL The Quality Inn off of Tower Road and Chambers also has jacuzzi suites and lastly the Comfort Inn at Iliff and 225
  3. Why do guys keep ignoring bad reviews?

    I wouldn't go as far as to literally "blacklist" him - but he is definitely going on my personal '"Do-NOT-See List."
  4. 411

    I don't get what the major problem is here. These women apparently look alike - they use photos that are representative of what they look like (not the first to have used 'representative photos" in this business) and they have been reviewed as being legit. What am I missing - what's the problem? Who cares whether they are twins/fraternal/identical/etc. They look alike and according to the gent who reviewed them - they provide good service. Next?
  5. Refrence checks

    For what it's worth, there are other reasons for not promptly responding to a reference request. Speaking for myself , for example, I dont keep information and im pretty sure i have early onset dementia - I can't tell you for certain who I met with 3 days ago let alone 3 wks/months ago! I always tell my guys that if they plan to use me as a reference they MUST provide enough detail to spark my memory or I will not be able to confirm that we've ever met. additionally, I recently changed phones and numbers so even a simple search of his number requires my pulling out the old phone to do so. Im sorry but I have a hectic and demanding life outside of TOB and I can't drop everything every time I get a reference request - especially when the gent doesn't provide the requested info to begin with. I would say less than 5 percent of the reference requests I get include anything other then a name and number. For this reason I may just take myself off the reference friendly list. Its just a waste of everyone's time ..
  6. Conflicted

    I disagree and would guess that plenty of providers work despite pain. There are so many who are in financial crisis; single mothers, etc. etc. This is another example where "one size doesn't fit all." We don't know her situation nor is it any of our business. What we do know is the OP has had 6+ satisfying encounters with her and therefore IMO he should not post a bad review over this.
  7. Conflicted

    Come on folks! This is not rocket science and there are no "absolute rules/methods/steps/etc.!" Providers are human beings not robots - and believe it or not - not one of us is PERFECT 100% 24/7 ! There is no "Rule" requiring you to post a bad review based upon your 'opinions.' There are also no "Rules" that make one Provider's screening method's better than another's. There is no "Rule" requiring you to do something just because you heard someone else does it that way... We are all adults here and common sense goes along way...
  8. Screening Question

    Years ago when I was using long-term stay hotels, I would oftentimes ask what type of car/color he would be arriving in for the simple fact that I didn't want him to have to knock on the door (especially if it was a late night appt) and would rather prop the door open once I saw him parking etc. I didn't ask for anything other than the make/model and color of his car and it wasn't any big deal.
  9. Screening Question

    I was merely saying that there could be logical reasons why she was wanting to see what type of car he would be arriving in. The bottom line is we are all taking "risks" in this hobby and for that reason, we all need to respect the fact that not everyone is going to have the same screening methods, comfort levels, etc. etc. But to blatantly say "Oh absolutely not - don't give her that info because there is no good reason for her to be asking for it!" is not cool IMO. We don't know the specifics of the situation (i.e, is he arriving at her private incall; is it a hotel; has he had trouble speaking to her directly leading him to question whether or not it is really her etc etc.) Frankly, it would seem to me that if he already knows this provider and has met with her on prior occasions - the most logical thing to do would be to communicate directly with her about it!
  10. Screening Question

    I don't see anything wrong with her asking for this info. She isn't asking for his plate number. She isn't asking for his driver's license. She simply wants to know what kind of car he will be arriving in. Maybe she has had some strange things happen lately (guys getting her address but then not showing up - or maybe she has a stalker she is trying to avoid) So she wants to know what this guy will be arriving in. Logical. No biggie IMO. Providers have different comfort zones; different screening methods, etc.
  11. Dirty Talk---yes, no?

    Me too! Same with Role Playing - I -more often than not- ruin it by laughing my ass off!
  12. Who would you bring back?

    I also never personally met Beverly but she was truly an awesome, smart and very funny lady! I really enjoyed her contributions on the forum too!
  13. Fort Collins sting

    Nothin is "bullet-proof" and I wouldn't go as far as saying stings NEVER occur in private residences - they are very less likely to occur however.
  14. Cheating

    To those who have suggested that I find another line of work simply because of my opinion; as well as to those who see me as a hypocrite, I will say that my role as a provider is not effected by the choices of others, the service I provide is just that a service. I am not lying or betraying anyone. I have not made a commitment to my client's spouses. The fact that I am a provider does not make me any less entitled to an opinion. Does it?
  15. Cheating

    I’m going to give it one more shot and try to clarify my position on this subject. I am not and do not judge anyone in particular – well I take that back. The gentleman who felt the need to share with us just how proud he is of his cheating ways and went so far as to compare himself to Jesus - yes, I will admit I view him as a self-absorbed, morally- bankrupt, immature jackass. And that is exactly how he wants to be portrayed as far as I can tell - so good for him. However, beyond that - my comments and my opinions on this thread were not meant to judge anyone. And the fact that I am a provider doesn’t make me a hypocrite. Just because I am a provider doesn’t mean that I must condone, understand and/or justify the hurting of an unsuspecting SO who is doing his/her part in what is understood to be a monogamous relationship. And it is those situations (where the man is getting sex from his spouse but is still making the conscious repeated choice to lie, sneak and cheat for no other reason than ‘because he wants variety and can get away with it’) that I have stated my opinion about. That doesn’t make me a villain. It doesn’t make me a hypocrite. I am a provider and I am also a human being with the same emotions as any other woman. I believe the majority of hobbyists here are men with a conscious and can understand what I am trying to say. Do I think all cheaters are morally bankrupt? Absolutely not and I never said anything remotely to that effect. But just because the wife who is otherwise fulfilling her side of the marriage yet cannot fulfill his “desire for strange” doesn’t know he is lying and betraying her and sleeping around behind her back – does not make it okay. It does not lessen the selfishness of his actions nor does it make the disrespect somehow respectful. If those men would take a minute and honestly put themselves on the other side of the situation and realize just how painful, emotionally scarring and truly damaging it is to be on the other side of his actions, I don’t see how anyone can truly say with an honest heart that is “okay.” That’s all. Does that make me better than anyone else? No. I am far from perfect. But I do my best to treat people the way I would like to be treated. Especially the people I love. Good night TOB. Xoxo