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  1. Where is best Burger in east Denver/Aurora

    Freddy's is my personal favorite (Mississippi and Havana)
  2. Ladies we have to do better

    I beg to differ. Maybe they are moderated from present day forward but there are several graphic and detailed ones showing up from the past. I don't want to get "booted" again by providing specifics but they are there. I agree TER was certainly worse (not to mention a good percentage of reviews on that site were BS all the way around).
  3. Ladies we have to do better

    Thanks babe but I'm just picking up.
  4. Ladies we have to do better

    I have to go to the airport and I'm late but I will just say that it really isn't rocket science and in my opinion the site was much better off and a hell of lot less risky with the changes made as they were. The guys have been spoiled with all the details for years and the providers have been carrying the brunt of the reckless exposure. I don't recall the laws changing recently and therefore, these changes make no logical sense to me.
  5. Ladies we have to do better

    No disrespect Laci, but with the play by play pornographic detailed reviews being back up - it's the protection of the providers living in the USA that's seriously compromised.
  6. Ladies we have to do better

    Frankly, with the play by play reviews back on the same site as our ads, it really doesn't matter what the ads say. Not a wise direction to take if you ask me...
  7. Length of Time to wait

    LOL Really? She's 5 min late and you assume it's because she's with another man?
  8. How do you typically handle negative reviews

    aha! Thank you for the clarification xoxo
  9. How do you typically handle negative reviews

    You could very well be correct.
  10. How do you typically handle negative reviews

    It was my understanding that a review can only be done if a meeting actually took place? I could be wrong and that could be a rule that has since changed perhaps.??? That's prob why she questioned it.
  11. Careful with screening boys.

    Yes, of course, he could. And as mentioned in another thread, there are actually cops that are looking for a legit appointment and not trying to bust anyone. My advice is to utilize realistic logic in your screening to avoid getting overly paranoid. Common sense is my #1 screening tool and it has worked flawlessly for me for nearly a decade. Feel free to PM me or shoot me an email if you have specific questions. xoxo
  12. Careful with screening boys.

    No prob xoxo It's funny how many still believe that LE needs to answer truthfully if asked "Are you LE?" They don't. Yep they use hotels, apts, etc. However, 9 of 10 stings are set up with LE in hotels and either the providers coming to them or the hobbyists going to them thinking they are meeting a Provider (Female LE) If both sides - Providers and clients - would utilize a tad bit of common sense it's really not that complicated. No screening method is bullet-proof of course. xox
  13. Careful with screening boys.

    Sorry I hit "enter" prematurely... Anyway, with his real name, I can more effectively determine whether or not he his LE. Also, if he is asking me to come to a hotel, I can verify that the room is booked in his name (most stings are not gonna be in a officer's individual name). That's the only way I will do outcall for someone I haven't met before and it is IMO the only logical method to reasonably be certain it isn't a sting. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Careful with screening boys.

    As many of you know, I am one of the few providers who do not partake in the typical "screening" methods (references, etc) However, when someone that I've never seen before contacts me requesting outcall (me travel to them) I do require a pic of their I.D. I tell them they can black out or redact the number, the DOB and their address - all I care to see is the photo and their name. The reason for this is quite simple = 95% of busts/stings are outcalls (because LE has control of the surroundings in an outcall set up vs them showing up to the provider's location where they have no idea who is under the bed, in the closet, etc.) I don't accept references because they are not reliable and I don't understand the logic in asking a complete stranger to vouch for another. That is the only scenario wherein I do ask for ID.
  15. Careful with screening boys.

    and if you PM'd her from your TOB account, I'm pretty sure the mods can identify who she is and at least remove her from this community?