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  1. Monthly Incall avail Dec 1st

    The extra room in my private upscale apartment will soon be available for a monthly incall (Dec. 1st) Please direct any interest or inquiry via PM only. Thanks. xoxo Danielle Rae
  2. Lilly Taylor

    Ohhhhh! ISAI (I'm such an idiot!) LOL Thanks! xox
  3. Lilly Taylor

    What does FTF mean?
  4. Should I leave a bad review?

    In my opinion, this depends on a few things. First, is this a provider who has other reviews stating the same type of things? Or is this a provider with mostly favorable reviews who just happened to have had an "off night.?" Also, you mentioned "personal issues." The depth of those personal issues would also play a factor into whether a bad review is warranted. My point being if this provider has prior similar bad reviews then yes, I would say a review is warranted. On the other hand, if this a provider with good review history who simply had a "bad night" then I would give her a break. But that is just my opinion. We are human beings and can't always be perfect.
  5. Geez, Can't Handle Rejection?

    ..." Trust me when I say this : there are some people you just shouldn't go near. Not some, actually, but plenty. I don't want to be at the mercy of someone who truly feels that I am less of a life form than him just cause I'm not a breeder and provide this service. He called ME, yet wasn't friendly enough to even make up a name because he really believed he was above it. Nah thanks! " Amen, Sister! Some people are truly "ugly" from deep within. Sorry you dealt with that - but glad it was only over text messaging vs. in person. xoxo
  6. How do you answer the question..

    A few years ago, someone texted asking if he could have bb service. I responded, "Sure and when we are done, we can share needles and get high!" He must have gotten my point as he didn't reply. LOL
  7. This week's game

    Chris Cornell...
  8. Really B!#$&.. You just logged in!

    Ohhh Okay. But what if a person simply never logs off. I rarely log out.
  9. Really B!#$&.. You just logged in!

    Damnit...I'm still trying to figure out wth y'all are talking about with the "seeing you log in" "reading our messages" etc. Is this a p411 thing or wth are you referring to? It's driving me nuts LOL Somebody fill me in plzzz xoxo
  10. Really B!#$&.. You just logged in!

    I've said it before and I will say it again... if a gent is wanting me to provide a reference for him, he MUST do one of two things: 1. Contact me FIRST and remind me who he is, where we met, etc. and let me know to be expecting "so and so" to contact me for a reference. OR 2. Provide enough details to the other provider so that she can let me know same when she contacts me. OTHERWISE, I have no way of knowing whether or not I have actually met with him. I don't save names, I don't save numbers (Unless they are bad guys who I don't want to see again).
  11. Really B!#$&.. You just logged in!

    "quit logging in and reading our messages!!! What is worse, is you do not want to reply to us, but then contact our reference request and not giving us the request yet offering a lower discount special!! Don't even bother opening up messages from another provider. Stop reading them and mention. You are a SOLO type provider. this is almost 2018 and we can see damn near every activity performed on almost all accounts !! Guess what ladies??? they tell on you !! trying to get us to beat your new recruited special and believe it or not most ladies these days can read.. " Ok, what am I missin here? Who is loggin in (and logging into where?) and reading what messages? And what activity on what accounts are you referring to? I am so confused...
  12. 411 on summer?

    LMAO! Just spewed my coffee out my nose! xox
  13. I shaved my balls for this!?!

    "Life" happens folks!
  14. Ladies preference – session length?

    I don't consider the hobbyists who pay $120 for 15 min of my time cheap at all. Like I said, there are many whose schedules do not accommodate 60+ min rendezvous. To each their own.
  15. Question for providers....

    Honestly, I don't care if he has only seen me once and uses me as a reference a dozen times. The reference system isn't about whether or not you formed a "connection" with the gent but rather its about confirming for the other providers that he is safe and not LE. If I've met with him, he's paid my donation and didn't cause me any harm, I have no problem confirming his legitimacy ---even if I never see him again. We are providing a service - an expensive service. This isn't a competition to see who can convince their clients to be "monogamous." Further, IMHO putting all kinds of "extra rules" and "stipulations" into the mix isn't going to attract much business. If they wanted the hoops to jump through, they'd stick to the dating scene.