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  1. Ladies preference – session length?

    I don't consider the hobbyists who pay $120 for 15 min of my time cheap at all. Like I said, there are many whose schedules do not accommodate 60+ min rendezvous. To each their own.
  2. Question for providers....

    Honestly, I don't care if he has only seen me once and uses me as a reference a dozen times. The reference system isn't about whether or not you formed a "connection" with the gent but rather its about confirming for the other providers that he is safe and not LE. If I've met with him, he's paid my donation and didn't cause me any harm, I have no problem confirming his legitimacy ---even if I never see him again. We are providing a service - an expensive service. This isn't a competition to see who can convince their clients to be "monogamous." Further, IMHO putting all kinds of "extra rules" and "stipulations" into the mix isn't going to attract much business. If they wanted the hoops to jump through, they'd stick to the dating scene.
  3. Ladies preference – session length?

    Ya know in my opinion, the length of the session is not as important as the chemistry between the two of us. I have had great experiences with 15 min sessions as well as 60 min ones. The reality is that many men do not have 60-90 minutes to sneak away. For some, a 15 min quickie fits perfectly within their schedule. Also, there are those times where 60 min seemed like an eternity to spend with someone who just didn't "click" with me LOL. So I think a shorter session is great to start with - see if we "click" and perhaps schedule a longer visit the next time. xoxo
  4. off the clock time and extended dates

    C'mon folks - let's play nice! This is getting a bit nasty and mean. Let's all take a step away from our keyboards, find our happy place and return with better vibes please. xoxo
  5. Funky Spunk

    While a "fishy smell" may very well require medical attention, it can also be caused by a simple pH imbalance of the vagina, in which case no doctor or medical treatment is necessary - it can be easily remedied via an OTC product available at most drug stores including Wal-Mart, Walgreens, RiteAid, and even some grocery stores. The product is called "repHresh" and it provides instant and immediate resolution to correct and balance the woman's pH. Many things can cause an imbalanced pH of the vagina, including but not limited to: a heavy period; semen; certain soaps and bubble baths, sensitivity to latex condoms, etc. When the pH is off the smell is strong and fishy. Sometimes the smell is not "activated" until sex is underway then it becomes very noticeable and unpleasant. Oh the joys of being a woman! LOL
  6. "A little goes a long way!"

    This is one of the big reasons I have never used references in my "screening" methods. First, I've always found it odd to ask a complete stranger to vouch for another complete stranger. Second, speaking for myself only, I do not save the names and/or numbers of the men I meet with - that is unless I DO NOT want to see him again for any particular reason - in that case, I do make a note of his name/number/ and reason why I want to avoid. I call this very short list my "Shit List" So when I provider contacts me for a reference for some guy who claims to have met with me, I ask for more specifics such as when and where he claims to have seen me to provide me with some sort of assurance that we've actually met and I check to see if he's on my shit list. If he is not on the shit list, I provide the reference but obviously, it's not a fail-proof system and I can't be 100% certain that I actually met with him. I have a hard time recalling what I ate for dinner last night, I am not gonna recall who I met with for a 30 min appt 4 months ago. Those are my primary reasons for not using references in my own screening methods. I'll gladly provide them but do so with the understanding that I make no guarantees that I have actually seen him.
  7. Heads Up

    Well for what its worth, a decade or two ago (alright it was 22 years ago LOL) my pic was in the Oyster and it looked just like me It's funny looking back at those days, I couldn't wait for the LQ store to open so I could see myself in print for the first time LMAO. Oh to be young and dumb again... ha!
  8. Strangest Request

    OMG I do remember him(her)! LOL
  9. P411, Reviews & References Oh My!

    Just noticed that my response earlier somehow omitted half of a sentence LOL. Oops. The second sentence should read I simply don't see the logic in asking a complete stranger to vouch for another stranger - and I know that a 411 membership does not necessarily = safe and/or legit. There now my comment hopefully makes some sense LOL xo
  10. P411, Reviews & References Oh My!

    I have been an independent provider here in Denver for over 9 years and my 'screening' has never involved asking for references or P411 info. I simply does not necessarily = safe and/or legit. Some may assume I am one of those "dumb providers" because I don't ask for those things and that's okay with me. I'm not hurting for business and I've never had any legal trouble thus far. Everyone operates their business the way they feel comfortable. I rely on common sense and so far it's proven to work just fine.
  11. Heterosexual women have fewer orgasms.

    I, personally, don't partake in the DATY simply because it makes me itch like a crazy person for about 4-6 hrs afterwards. The mouth is a very dirty place and I guess I am just super sensitive - "Angry Beaver" would be putting it mildly LOL
  12. Heterosexual women have fewer orgasms.

    This is yet another use for Apple Cider Vinegar - believe it or not! Using distilled water-fill up douche bottle 3/4 with water and 1/4 with raw Apple Cider Vinegar (w the mother) and the ph factor is back on track and you're smelling good as new! It's amazing how many uses this stuff comes in handy for! LOL
  13. Overflowed with bullshit

    I frequently need to remind guys to click on the "title of the ad" instead of my name - so that they can see the donation information, etc. If they only click on your name, they only see your profile which does not show your rates. FYI Still no excuse for them to short you - they should have clarified up front. xox
  14. FYI: My Phone was Stolen Last Night

    Phone has been replaced. Same # fyi thanks
  15. Shared Incall Question.

    I mean no disrespect but in my opinion its an invitation for trouble. Women in general - but even more so in this industry - seem to eventually run into some sort of drama / conflict. I can't tell you how many horror stories I've read over the years involving providers sharing incalls, sharing drivers, etc. In my opinion, women are just too much drama to gamble taking the risk. xoxo