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  1. Not feeling it.

    Not sure I understand your question... is it common to not hit it off with every single person, every single time? I'd say yes - we are all human. You indicate she was nice and very easy to talk to but you just 'weren't feeling it' so it kinda seems like the issue was yours - maybe you were having an 'off' night? It's nice to find a "favorite" or "regular" but you can't realistically expect every other experience with different people to be similar. xoxo xo Danielle Rae
  2. Ladies FYI...looks like a scam...

    What a crock of crap!
  3. Contributions

    I generally don't need to ask for the donation up front. 95% of my guests simply place it within my sight and we proceed without the need to mention it further. I definitely wouldn't be comfortable handling it after the fact, however. Unfortunately, seen one too many hustles to take those chances.
  4. pictures

    Honestly, I change my hair color sometimes more frequently then I change my sheets. And my gallery has pics of several diff colors and even a few that I'm sporting a wig! Has nothin to do w trying to be deceptive. My different looks reflect who i am and if a gent is so critical that he finds disappointment in my unpainted fingernails then frankly he's wound too tight for me. This is supposed to be about having fun and lately these threads are anything but. Lighten up folks!
  5. Screening

  6. Greek.... I don't get it.

    Honestly, it's all in the "prep." If a woman is not adequately 'prepared', she is likely to find the experience less than enjoyable.
  7. Greek.... I don't get it.

  8. Compassion in this life

    I've always said "Ugly people, say Ugly things." Sometimes words can be far more damaging than fists. It's important that we all recognize that we "don't know another's pain and/or struggles in life" before we attempt to judge them, label them, bad - mouth them. Love Love Love xoxo
  9. RIP: August Ames

    That poor girl (August) hung herself from a tree in a public park! Terribly sad to think how tormented she must have been. Cruel world we live in...
  10. msog in an hour

    Of course, you still have the remainder of your 60 minutes - if you can go again, by all means GO! On the flip side, however, if you scheduled an hour and find yourself "done" in half the time, please don't ask to change your donation from the hour to the 30 min rate. Regardless of how soon you "pop" - we still scheduled our day/night based on your 60 minute reservation (meaning we turned down other appointment requests etc to commit to the agreed upon 1 hour appointment with you.) xoxo
  11. Monthly Incall avail Dec 1st

    The extra room in my private upscale apartment will soon be available for a monthly incall (Dec. 1st) Please direct any interest or inquiry via PM only. Thanks. xoxo Danielle Rae
  12. Lilly Taylor

    Ohhhhh! ISAI (I'm such an idiot!) LOL Thanks! xox
  13. Lilly Taylor

    What does FTF mean?
  14. Should I leave a bad review?

    In my opinion, this depends on a few things. First, is this a provider who has other reviews stating the same type of things? Or is this a provider with mostly favorable reviews who just happened to have had an "off night.?" Also, you mentioned "personal issues." The depth of those personal issues would also play a factor into whether a bad review is warranted. My point being if this provider has prior similar bad reviews then yes, I would say a review is warranted. On the other hand, if this a provider with good review history who simply had a "bad night" then I would give her a break. But that is just my opinion. We are human beings and can't always be perfect.
  15. Geez, Can't Handle Rejection?

    ..." Trust me when I say this : there are some people you just shouldn't go near. Not some, actually, but plenty. I don't want to be at the mercy of someone who truly feels that I am less of a life form than him just cause I'm not a breeder and provide this service. He called ME, yet wasn't friendly enough to even make up a name because he really believed he was above it. Nah thanks! " Amen, Sister! Some people are truly "ugly" from deep within. Sorry you dealt with that - but glad it was only over text messaging vs. in person. xoxo