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  1. Fort Collins sting

    Nothin is "bullet-proof" and I wouldn't go as far as saying stings NEVER occur in private residences - they are very less likely to occur however.
  2. Cheating

    To those who have suggested that I find another line of work simply because of my opinion; as well as to those who see me as a hypocrite, I will say that my role as a provider is not effected by the choices of others, the service I provide is just that a service. I am not lying or betraying anyone. I have not made a commitment to my client's spouses. The fact that I am a provider does not make me any less entitled to an opinion. Does it?
  3. Cheating

    I’m going to give it one more shot and try to clarify my position on this subject. I am not and do not judge anyone in particular – well I take that back. The gentleman who felt the need to share with us just how proud he is of his cheating ways and went so far as to compare himself to Jesus - yes, I will admit I view him as a self-absorbed, morally- bankrupt, immature jackass. And that is exactly how he wants to be portrayed as far as I can tell - so good for him. However, beyond that - my comments and my opinions on this thread were not meant to judge anyone. And the fact that I am a provider doesn’t make me a hypocrite. Just because I am a provider doesn’t mean that I must condone, understand and/or justify the hurting of an unsuspecting SO who is doing his/her part in what is understood to be a monogamous relationship. And it is those situations (where the man is getting sex from his spouse but is still making the conscious repeated choice to lie, sneak and cheat for no other reason than ‘because he wants variety and can get away with it’) that I have stated my opinion about. That doesn’t make me a villain. It doesn’t make me a hypocrite. I am a provider and I am also a human being with the same emotions as any other woman. I believe the majority of hobbyists here are men with a conscious and can understand what I am trying to say. Do I think all cheaters are morally bankrupt? Absolutely not and I never said anything remotely to that effect. But just because the wife who is otherwise fulfilling her side of the marriage yet cannot fulfill his “desire for strange” doesn’t know he is lying and betraying her and sleeping around behind her back – does not make it okay. It does not lessen the selfishness of his actions nor does it make the disrespect somehow respectful. If those men would take a minute and honestly put themselves on the other side of the situation and realize just how painful, emotionally scarring and truly damaging it is to be on the other side of his actions, I don’t see how anyone can truly say with an honest heart that is “okay.” That’s all. Does that make me better than anyone else? No. I am far from perfect. But I do my best to treat people the way I would like to be treated. Especially the people I love. Good night TOB. Xoxo
  4. Cheating

    I'm sorry if you think my responses are hypocritical. I am not in a relationship. I am not lying or sneaking behind the back of another. I have always been the type of person who puts herself in the other's shoes. I can't help it - it's who I am. And having experienced first-hand just how devastating it is to learn that you've been living a lie for years, I cannot pretend to justify hurting someone you are supposed to care about more than anyone else for no other reason than a "desire for variety." That is simply cruel and lacking of even a basic level of respect. That's my opinion. I wouldn't want it done to me and therefore, I can't honestly justify doing it to someone else. That's all.
  5. Cheating

    Wow. You are a real prize - Al Bundy, Rodney Dangerfield, and Andrew Dice Clay wrapped into one!. Your response shows an emotional maturity level of a toddler. You do what you do because you want to and because you can. Period. Similar to a 4 year old who can't see beyond themselves or their immediate wants. Frankly, all of your reasons for cheating are actually the very reasons you should remain single and avoid commitment. If you don't agree with the concept of marriage as it is then why in the world would you agree to partake in it? You want the freedoms that single men have and she wants a commitment - so your answer is screw it, I'll just marry her and let her believe that's what she is getting but in reality, I'll be lying my way through it for as long as I can get away with it? And that's okay? That is just plain sad. Extremely selfish and disrespectful all the way around. And if after four (4) years, you are already bored with sitting across the table from the same person...nevermind. Your response proves every point I have. Clearly, you are thinking about yourself and only yourself. You have zero regard for the other person involved. Let me guess, you're also one of guys pushing for 'BB services' and "a discounted rate for being so good looking?" smh
  6. Cheating

    Furthermore, my personal opinion is just that - my personal opinion. It doesn't affect my role as a provider. I provide a service and that service is not influenced by my personal opinion. The personal lives of my clientelle are none of my business. Rather, my personal opinions have influenced my personal choice to not be in a relationship. Think about it - if providers' personal opinions influenced their work - they wouldn't be intimate with a great percentage of their clients. And that is not said to be nasty or cruel - I am simply being real.
  7. Cheating

    I don't recall ever passing judgment - perhaps you should read my comments again. I merely stated that I personally have a hard time understanding the level of deception in situations involving an otherwise "healthy" relationship; wherein the man (or woman if tables were turned) is making the choice to repeatedly lie, deceive, sneak around and betray his SO simply to satisfy his desire for "variety;" or his unwillingness to wait for her body to heal after giving birth to his child; or his inability to resist while out of town on business. Ask any of these men to put themselves in their wive's shoes - would they be okay with her keeping a hidden burner phone, a secret credit card or bank account, various email addresses and forum handles to hide her secret sexual relations with numerous male prostitutes? Ironically, 95% will answer "HELL NO!" I'm sorry if that strikes a cord with you. Contrary to your abrasive assumption, my opinion is not "guided by emotional baggage." Rather, it stems from my understanding of what honesty, promise, trust and commitment mean. A lie doesn't become truth, wrong doesn't become right, and bad doesn't become good just because it's accepted by the majority. Again, that is not said in judgment. It is my opinion. My life is not directed by "emotional scarring." Is yours?
  8. Cheating

    I really don't see where all the anger and nastiness is coming from? People have opinions. So what? Lighten up folks.
  9. Cheating

    It is what it is. Carry on folks
  10. Cheating

    And it's not so much the "emotionless roll in the hay with a hooker" that I find offensive but rather the blatant deception, dishonesty, sneaky games a..d all the other fuckery that it entails. Speaking for myself, if I were in a relationship and my SO was hiring hookers simply because he "wanted variety," he should be man enough to say so and give me the choice that I am entitled to make as to whether or not I want to be in a relationship with him. That's all. xoxo
  11. Cheating

    Ha ha funny! No, of course, it isn't. The less I know, the better - I'm jaded enough as it is. I probably should have clarified myself a bit. I have empathy and can understand when the situation is that he isn't getting any from his wife due to her health or her disinterest or her flat out cruel refusal. I get it. Unfortunately, however, there are a significant number of men who are newly engaged; men who admit to having an attractive and participating SO but simply desire 'variety'; men who have a healthy sex life with their wives but hire escorts on their business trips away from home; men whose wive's just gave birth, etc etc. In those situations, the deception is not something I can say I understand. Sorry.
  12. Cheating

    I didn't find his comment to be judgmental. I also didn't find it to be demeaning or deserving of the nasty responses. It's his opinion and frankly, as ironic/hipocritical as it may sound - I actually agree with him. When I first started in this business, I was deeply disturbed when I realized the lengths so many married men go to deceive their SOs. It made me question "love" and relationships as a whole. Trust is a huge element of a marriage/relationship. Over the years, I have somewhat began to understand it a little better but still think it sucks. I have experienced first hand the absolute heartache of realizing the person you trusted the most, the person who is supposed to love you, respect you and share your life with has been lying, cheating, deceiving you and going to great lengths to cover his tracks. It is devastating.
  13. Where is best Burger in east Denver/Aurora

    Freddy's is my personal favorite (Mississippi and Havana)
  14. Ladies we have to do better

    I beg to differ. Maybe they are moderated from present day forward but there are several graphic and detailed ones showing up from the past. I don't want to get "booted" again by providing specifics but they are there. I agree TER was certainly worse (not to mention a good percentage of reviews on that site were BS all the way around).
  15. Ladies we have to do better

    Thanks babe but I'm just picking up.