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  1. Pony Up or Not…

    I'm in the same boat, but don't have to renew for a few more months. I do like they way P411 works as of now, and I'm comfortable with it. If it stays some what similar to what it is I might re up if not it will be time to decide, and in my case I don't think it would make life to difficult since I only see ladies from TOB, and cross them through 411
  2. Liar liar pants on fire

    Now hold on there one minute as and avid angler I very rarely stretch the truth, if you don't believe me ask my wife Morgan Fairchild yeah that's the ticket
  3. Gone Fishin

    Man the high country sounds so nice right about now , I had a turny last weekend on Pueblo man it was hot, but cashed a check, I'll be heading up to the hills the 1st week of August for some camping and fishing with my girls I cant wait
  4. Take a shower, it's summer!

    I never have understood how any one can show up that way. I treat every meeting likes it's a 1st date
  5. Gentlemen please clean up after yourselves

    God I love being single
  6. Music makes the world better 🎷🎸

    ooooooh, Ear Candy love it. its one of those subjects that just about any one will discuss their likes and dislikes openly. I love just about any thing from then 50's to current. right now I have been running a lot of 21 pilots, Ghost, black keys, and Joe Bonamassa mixed in with all the other mentioned in the other post
  7. Discretion is paramount

    Wow, I'm not a long time hobbyist, but common sense kinda tells you that. I guess common sense is going out the window every where nowadays
  8. Favorite summertime beverage

    Vodka & Ginger Ale
  9. It's A Hot One

    Being in commission sales for a beverage company I'm working my ass of with the 4th coming. I'm hoping to have enough energy to give my self a early birthday gift this weekend, or a late one once the holiday is over
  10. Olympics...

    Knuckle headery
  11. MILF Status?

    Agree 100%. The cougar thing is harder to define like Bravo 1 said I think if you are over 40 Cougar status applies, under 40 your a Puma ( Cougar in training)
  12. What’s your favorite season and why

    Spring and Summer love the warm weather and my turny season starts, but love the colors of Fall
  13. Is this even possible!!?

    WOW every other day, I want to be you when I grow up. I'm more active in the winter months starting in spring through the summer I'm busy chasing my other hobby
  14. TOB for male providers

    Who is TOFTT
  15. Way to see referral status

    I kinda have always wondered what the ladies see when a referral is given by a provider. i wonder if it's a thumbs up or down type of thing, or in more detail like the reviews we read, if it's that I'm not sure I would want to read a review on me. I would hope it would read like, hot dam that man is more than handsome for being in his fifties he looks 40 and preformed all activities with enthusiasm, and was dam good at them all I wished he booked 2hrs i think I found my ATF a real gem treat him right ladies. but in reality it would read like. he said he is 50 but his pics are old, as for looks he is not no Sean Connery, but not Pee Wee Herman either, I would say a 5, as for his Pee Wee (meh) he booked an hr glad it only took 30 min