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  1. Olympics...

    Knuckle headery
  2. MILF Status?

    Agree 100%. The cougar thing is harder to define like Bravo 1 said I think if you are over 40 Cougar status applies, under 40 your a Puma ( Cougar in training)
  3. What’s your favorite season and why

    Spring and Summer love the warm weather and my turny season starts, but love the colors of Fall
  4. Is this even possible!!?

    WOW every other day, I want to be you when I grow up. I'm more active in the winter months starting in spring through the summer I'm busy chasing my other hobby
  5. TOB for male providers

    Who is TOFTT
  6. Way to see referral status

    I kinda have always wondered what the ladies see when a referral is given by a provider. i wonder if it's a thumbs up or down type of thing, or in more detail like the reviews we read, if it's that I'm not sure I would want to read a review on me. I would hope it would read like, hot dam that man is more than handsome for being in his fifties he looks 40 and preformed all activities with enthusiasm, and was dam good at them all I wished he booked 2hrs i think I found my ATF a real gem treat him right ladies. but in reality it would read like. he said he is 50 but his pics are old, as for looks he is not no Sean Connery, but not Pee Wee Herman either, I would say a 5, as for his Pee Wee (meh) he booked an hr glad it only took 30 min
  7. I think they are good even for FBSM, it gives the clients and idea about your personality, do's, dont's etc. There are a few threads running right now about reviews, and it seems most if not all clients review them before making a decision . I know that's part of my check list
  8. My BP Experience

    It's stories like this that give me the creeps about BP. Every time I check out the 411 section it just seems like every gal that some that is looking for info on she is from BP, and the replies come back that she is fake, fraud, pic's are stolen etc. There are more than enough lovely gals right here on TOB for me
  9. Juan, just gave you some good advice check the adds plenty of lovely ladies who are newbie friendly follow their protocol and be gentleman and you will be good to go. Also if you have a P411 account you can search by newbie friendly
  10. Outcall Fails

    I can understand the 2nd being uncomfortable for the lady, but Melissa has the best idea meet the lady 1st build some rapport, and go from there
  11. Question for the gents.....

    I do the same introduce my self on her preferred media provide my board name, and the appointment request and follow her lead from their.
  12. How do you answer the question..

    I brought enough for every one
  13. What does being respectful mean to you?

    I go into a meeting like its a first date, crisp, clean, smell good etc, and be a gentleman.
  14. meaningful quotes are they accurate

    If you fail to plan, plan to fail