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  1. References, Reviews

    I swear some folks are as sharp as a marble
  2. Similar Names

    I haven't been around long, but have been around long enough to know who the matriarch ladies are. no fake ass add is going to convince me there is another Kandi or Laci etc.
  3. P411 profile update

    I was thinking the same thing I had to update my info also.
  4. Walk me through the ideal client

    I have always used an envelope, and place it in plain sight or if there where directions stated during the research process then excuse my self to the restroom to wash my hands with the understanding the envelope will be checked, and then every one is on the same page, and off to a drink convo etc.
  5. How busy are you????

    Dam dude two threads on trying to get a lower rate for their time. Maybe work a little over time at the ol job
  6. Dinner and some s...

    I'm not up to date on all the symbols meaning, but if $$$$ mean what I think it does you better eat fast and finish fast
  7. The happy thread

    Bass Fishing is my happy place, and finding great places to eat
  8. Vent...blow off that steam of negativity

    I hate that I cant enjoy a traditional Ruben Sammy because I hate sauerkraut. man they look so good on every ones else plate. oh I hate beets also. outside of that every thing else I just shrug my shoulders at
  9. am I black listed on p411

    P411 has always worked for me, and i use just like Kandi suggested, I use that approach even with TOB I kinda always thought that how it worked, I did my research here is the time frame and day I'm looking for and go from there. Shoot all this time I didn't know chit chat was a thing. I guess when I get there we have plenty of time to chat, I think I fall into the Dear Fifi thread
  10. I grew up in Vegas, and when it dropped below 100 it was awesome.m however I'm glad i don't live there any more
  11. Pool hall

    Kandi is correct that's the closet place. not a straight up pool hall but if you are just looking to hit a few racks it should do. if you are a stick Badboys recommendation is spot on. kandi, I bet you had to put up with a bunch of bad pick up lines in the minutes you where there. you probably temped to hit a few with a pool cue
  12. Pony Up or Not…

    I'm in the same boat, but don't have to renew for a few more months. I do like they way P411 works as of now, and I'm comfortable with it. If it stays some what similar to what it is I might re up if not it will be time to decide, and in my case I don't think it would make life to difficult since I only see ladies from TOB, and cross them through 411
  13. Liar liar pants on fire

    Now hold on there one minute as and avid angler I very rarely stretch the truth, if you don't believe me ask my wife Morgan Fairchild yeah that's the ticket
  14. Gone Fishin

    Man the high country sounds so nice right about now , I had a turny last weekend on Pueblo man it was hot, but cashed a check, I'll be heading up to the hills the 1st week of August for some camping and fishing with my girls I cant wait
  15. Take a shower, it's summer!

    I never have understood how any one can show up that way. I treat every meeting likes it's a 1st date