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  1. I am a Golden God

    Look at the way I have been treated sense I signed up last week...that is my axe...
  2. I am a Golden God

    You pussies will be to afraid to post this anyways
  3. I am a Golden God

    Yeah this has to be the most corrupt one sided forum that I have ever visited....ladies its just a pussy nothing more nothing less....get off your golden dildos....the back page girls have more class...oh wait most of you came from there , or still there
  4. Super new here.

    After all they're going to teach us how to knit
  5. Super new here.

    Yeah but don't forget the ladies in that welcome
  6. Do you think?

    Aaah...that's ok ...we have the quality ladies here..
  7. Twins?

    Sign me up....but I think dopelgangers might be might turn me off if I started thinking about incence
  8. What is your life philosophy?

    Most of the time it's " live hard play hard" and sometimes its "ride me like a .50 horse "
  9. Super new here.

    This isn't knitting 101? Wow did I make a wrong turn. Welcome
  10. fresh meat

    Oh ok I just saw that you are a administrator so I wasn't sure..thank you for your advice I will adhear to the rules.
  11. fresh meat

    Am I in trouble?. Did I miss something?
  12. fresh meat

    I'll do my best to uphold the rules
  13. fresh meat

    I'm really looking forward to being a part of this community...I do have some experience in the field..through back page...and Craig's list as well. There are a few familure faces as I browse through the ad"s. With a great many new faces as well. This will be a fun time to be had by all. Thanks for the start up advice , and we will be talking soon .
  14. fresh meat

    I will take that advice to heart ,thank you. ❤
  15. fresh meat

    I will keep that in mind..thank you