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  1. Enjoy Your VD

    Thank you!! Here is hoping that the day gets better than it started!
  2. WWIII?

    Awesome thank you!
  3. WWIII?

    I don't believe it will be WWIII either, at least I hope not!
  4. WWIII?

    This is an excellent idea and I appreciate your input! My question for you is, how do we get in contact with families to help support them? I am guessing look up support groups online or something else? I dont imagine this information is readily available?
  5. WWIII?

    As I sit here eating my lunch alone, I cant help but get emotional for our country and our troops. Although I dont have any friends or family in the military I do have many military clients, as I am in a military town. To all those who serve or have served you are in my thoughts!
  6. Transitioning into 2020

    I was hugging the porcelain throne shortly after midnight for about 12 hours afterwards. Totally awful, but I'm a lightweight lol! Def one of those "I'm never drinking again" moments.
  7. Tell me about your sex life

    Lucifer 😈
  8. has anyone tried these?

    Wtf owwww
  9. TER

    I have no interest in being on TER and being rated like I'm some product on Amazon. No Thank You! But to each their own!
  10. Christmas Day activities

    I hope you are able to find someone to spend the day with!! I myself don't ever do Christmas dinner because I don't have family who live in the state, but nevertheless, I can still enjoy the day with my kiddos! Last year our Christmas dinner was IHOP! Anyway have a Merry Christmas!
  11. Need a hand getting back in the saddle

    Sorry but your likely going to have to travel. Pueblo is not a SW friendly city!
  12. Need a hand getting back in the saddle

    She is not in Pueblo.......
  13. Not so random sex

    Ian Somerhalder off of The Vampire Diaries, and I would start slow and sensual, but get a little more rough later on!
  14. Still Christmas shopping?

    Hahaha, I do have one more gift to buy but for the most part I am done with christmas shopping. Now that I am older I just prefer to be straight to the point about what I want. it makes it a whole lot easier!
  15. Text message Response Etiquette

    If I cant reply to someone right away or at least within a couple of hours, I generally just don't reply back at all, I have had also had gentlemen who have text me and said please don't call or text after a certain time, which helps me to know if I should even respond. As far as pet names go, I hardly ever use them unless I am in a back and forth convo with someone. I certainly wouldn't text someone out of the blue using a pet name. As others have said, maybe get a hobby phone or let the person you are contacting know not to contact you after a certain time etc.