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  1. What happened to the BDSM sites?

    S0, I was thinking of offering a 30 min introductory session. I have been watching videos and reading up on what to wear, techniques, styles and so forth. I certainly want to make sure I follow and respect all rules and comfort levels of me and my client. I would prefer to start with a client I know and we are both comfortable with one another. I have ordered some supplies via Amazon and will start creating my massage room into a dom masterpiece! I would like to make it easy for me to switch from BDSM back to massage. I am still trying to find a website that will let me and my girlfriend post our services. So far I have only seen hook up sites. Email me when you have time if you can lend more information. Thank you, T
  2. What happened to the BDSM sites?

    Its been quite the challenge. Ive joined Tryst, as they have a BDSM section where providers can post an ad. It takes up to 45 days to be approved on Tryst......I'm still waiting.
  3. What happened to the BDSM sites?

    Thank you. So much research to do!!
  4. What happened to the BDSM sites?

    I appreciate you. I'll reach out.
  5. What happened to the BDSM sites?

    Thank you. I've been looking around and all I see is dating or hookups for BDSM.
  6. What happened to the BDSM sites?

  7. What happened to the BDSM sites?

    I have had many inquiries about this service, and I was thinking of trying it. Any thoughts anyone??
  8. 30 minute or less appointments

    Negotiating at ALL is a way to get blacklisted with me! I get what you are putting down Caressa.
  9. 30 minute or less appointments

    LOL like they actually READ your website!! I ignore a dozen guys a day because they go straight to my contact page and skip over ALL my crucial information and requirements!
  10. Etiquette for meetups

    Ehhh maybe not, I would ask the lady first. I do not drink, so if a new friend brought me would be wasted. I love flowers, some ladies don't. So I would ask before you spend your money. Instead of spending your money on a gift, give her a tip. That is always appreciated!
  11. Come on

  12. How to deal with threats! need support.

    Oh I know! They prey on new ladies. They usually stay away from the OG's (original gangstas) like us! I laugh at them and say....bring it on 🤣
  13. How to deal with threats! need support.

    Yes, there are still a few trolls out there who get a kick out of scaring providers! It's sad, and can be very scary for new ladies. I would just ignore them and make sure to add them to all blacklists. Changing rooms and your roommate is a good idea too!
  14. Anyone else here been screwed with nonstop lately?

    Deposits girl! I won't book ANY appointment without one! If you think they won't pay one.....think again! if they want to see you, they will give you the world! Take the advice of a mature provider who has been around for a long time and has been drug through the mud until I realized years ago that I deserve better! After I started requiring deposits, the quality of my clients have changed from average to absolutely outstanding! . The respect, kindness, generosity. No more " oh sorry something came up" or " Uh I got called into work....sorry" or simply NCNS . I never worry again and it is wonderful! PM me if you would like to know how I do it. Taylor xoxo
  15. TOB Pet Peeves

    I hate that too! It is just laziness on their part . It's like get off your ass and do your research if you are interested. READ our sites, ads reviews ect.