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  1. Advice for new gentlemen?

    That link helped me my first time. I'm relatively new as well, little under a year of active hobbying. Geecue2 is right, the first one is the most nerve wracking but it's exciting as well. There are some great newbie friendly ladies out there though. If they have a website, it almost holds your hand usually and helps you get through screening. The biggest things I've learned so far is research is key like others have said and be patient when you contact someone. Some of the people I see have responses set on their phone so you know they got your message and can't get back to you right away. I've always gotten a response, but sometimes ladies are in session or are doing RL things and can't immediately get back to you. Good luck and have fun!
  2. Brand new to the board

    Hey, welcome aboard!
  3. Time online

    Once or twice a day if I'm trying to do research usually more time than I meant to spend, otherwise a few times a week for a few minutes just to read posts and see what people are talking about.
  4. Hi and thanks for this great community

    Hi everyone, I've been a lurker since 2014 and have found these boards to be immensely helpful. I figured since I'm active now I should stop lurking in the shadows. This community really helped me get my feet wet without having to ask a lot of dumb questions. So thanks to all the great providers and clients here. Have a great day everyone.