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  1. Texts via VIP for Provider Verification

    A lot of providers I know, do not like google voice or text app numbers because it is to easy to get burned by someone with a disposable number. Maybe if you offered a deposit the women would feel more comfortable?
  2. Enhanced vs natural

    I love the way that enhanced breasts look and sometimes I am a bit jealous that boobs that size can stand up on their own lol. I have very huge natural breasts that I love and find beautiful but they don't stand up on their own! Having said that I have felt fake boobs on other women and they do tend to feel a bit harder than natural ones, but they sure look nice!
  3. References

    lol not everyone uses this system, although it would be nice if we all did so we have some form of reviewing. I'm sure you were number one in someone's book or maybe you made an appt for 1? But I know you and you're awesome
  4. References

    Love this!!
  5. References

    What I mean by that is if I do not have a phone number or email or something to go off of how can I possibly know who you are to give a reference to another provider, especially if all the info you give me is I saw you a few months ago. Also nearly every provider will have some kind of info on a client they have seen wether its just a phone number, an email or a username. This does not mean that providers are saving your personal info you send to them, but most will at least save your contact info so that the next time you contact them, they can say oh I've already seen him before hes good to go or whatever the case may be. So im curious, how do you suggest providers give references to other providers for clients if they have no information on the client?
  6. Cash App Tutorial

    Hello, a lot of people are struggling with cryptocurrency involving cash app to get to buy bitcoin. Follow these steps and it will help you!
  7. Providers for older dudes

    Please don't take offense to this, but if you know you need a certain amount of time for a session you need to book it. You can't expect a provider to just give you more time because you need it and did not book more. Im sure there are tons of providers who see older gentlemen but they will expect to be compensated for their time based on their rates.
  8. Milking table?

    Lmfao!! 😂😂
  9. Milking table?

    My thoughts on milking tables is, a guy has to have at least an average to above average size dick for one of these to even work well. If not I cant even imagine how uncomfortable it would be for both the client and provider, so keep that in mind when your searching for this service!
  10. References

    Just so everyone knows, I am reference friendly, HOWEVER, if a client asks me for a reference and all they can tell me is, I saw you three months ago, and I do not have any information saved for them, I will not give a reference. I am absolutely not comfortable providing a reference for someone who "claims" I saw them. I am typically very good about that thing, so if I don't have any info on a client, there is a 99.9% chance I never saw them... I am sure this is the same for most other providers as well.
  11. Just Had My First Palisade Peach

    I made homemade peach cobbler for the first time ever last night! It was so good but more work than I anticipated!
  12. Hello To Colorado

    Hello, enjoy Colorado!
  13. Faces - natural? Or makeup?

    When I had a couple professional photo shoots for my ads, I did more dramatic makeup. When I had my face pictures posted almost every single client I would see said that I was much prettier in person and that my pictures did not do me justice. The funny thing is in person, I do not wear a lot of makeup and sometimes none at all, so that made me realize that a majority of guys prefer a natural look, which seems to be the case by your poll.
  14. Asian Massage for Two

    I know a place that does rub and tug for both male and female friend or partner. Not an AMP though, more of couples sensual massage
  15. STG any luck boys?

    Eww most providers I know would never use that site. Lots of shitty clients come from that site, or so I have been told.